Monday, January 01, 2001


Cat Dictionary

Catastrophe (Cat-as-trophe) n. --feline award
Cataract (Cat-ar-act) v.--what cats do to get a catastrophe.
Catamaran (Cat-a-maran) n.--IF we have to be on water, this is our boat.
Catgut (cat-gut) n.--bravery; nerve
Catheter (cath-eter) n.--cat counter
Cattle (cat-tle) n.--cat babble
Catskills (cat-skills) n.--climbing, jumping, pouncing, chasing, etc.
Cattails (cat-tails) n.--stories handed down through generations; also what's attached to our butts (DUH).
Cataphoreis (cat-a-fo-reeses) adj.--cat liking chocolate and peanut butter cup. (this could also kill the cat.)
Catacombs (cat-acombs) n.--what cats use to get out matted hair.
Catalexis (cat-a-lexis) n.--feline choice of big riding machine.
Catbird (cat-bird) adj.--feline favoring birds (all cats).
Catbird seat (cat-bird seat) n.--any place where we can see out the window.
Claustrophobic (claws-tro-phobic) adj.--fear of declawing.
Catcall (cat-call) n.--meow (DUH)
CATV (C-A-TV) n.--favorite cat television station.
Catalyst (cat-a-list) n.--what cats take to grocery or PetSmart.
Catalog (cat-a-log) n.--book of cat lists.

History (hiss-tory) n.--tale of why cat upset.
Histamine (hiss-ta-mean) adj.--very upset cat
Hysterectomy (Hiss-te-rectomy) n.--removal of hisser.

Mucilage (mew-si-lodge) n.--cat resort.
Mucous (mew-cuss) n.--cat profanity.
Mutation (mew-tation) n.--the making of our sound; cat speech
Music (mew-sic) n.--what we listen to on the radio thing.
Municipality (mew-nis-apality) n.--cat government.
Muse (mews) n.--multiple cat sounds; what cats watch on picture box at 5, 6, & 10 pm
Mute (mewt) n.--silent cat; could also be cat with stunted growth.
Mutant (mew-tant) n.--kitten that is being taught to speak by an older cat.

Pause (paws) n.--silence between mews/meows; also what's at the end of our legs (DUH
Pawley's Island (paw-lees island) n.--a favorite cat vacation spot.
Purrfect (purr-fect) adj.--ideal
Purrsonality (purr-son-ality) n.--cat traits.
Purrchase (purr-chase) n.--happy cat running after bird/mouse.
Purrple (purr-ple) adj.--some cats' favorite color.
Purrsuit (purr-suit) n.--cat clothes.

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