Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Madness

Mom is very sad and stressed right now. She's always thinking about, and praying for my lost friends. Also, grandpa is having a base uhl cell cars uh no ma removed from the back of an ear on Oct 22. (Mom saw it and said it was yucky looking.) Plus, she is stressed over the upcoming major bill for my annual vet appointment on Nov 2. And, she got some upsetting news over the weekend she's not sharing. She's having a very rough and tough time right now so please keep her in your purrrrayers. On a positive note, she saw boyfriend Saturday and he's doing well. All defib restrictions will be removed by Wednesday. Keep him also in your purrayers because he's extremely stressed as he had a physics test today and has mid term tests next week. This is very important. On October 31, I am having a birthday and everyone is invited. I will be 10!! On November 1, starting at 3 pm (Central, USA) I am having a guy's only party (and guys it will be sooooo cool...that's all I'm saying for now...heehee). Please put these on your calendar!!

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The Island Cats said...

Beau, we're sorry your mom is so stressed right now. We're purring for her...and we're purring for your grandpa too...hope he is okay...

We can't wait for your guys only party!