Friday, October 16, 2009

Protective Fur Needed

It's a good thing that my fur repels water fairly well. Mom keeps erupting into major water leaks. This has been going on all day, and night, since the weekend. Now, we read that Sassy's blog is being "retired" tomorrow, which is just making mom worse. (I put it in " marks because I refuse to believe this is permament.) It also doesn't help that we haven't yet heard that Tigger's home. Just when I think that mom is calming down, she leaks again...and if she happens to be leaning over me petting me I get leaked on. :::siiiigh::: If any cat knows how to turn mom's faucet off PLEEEEEASE let me know....and let us all take a moment today to purrray for Sassy, Tigger, and Little Catzee (and mom's heart). Love, Beau


Freya's Staff said...

Sta woth it Beau, it'll come good with time. Every day it will get less. And she'll become happier and happier as time goes by

Freya's Staff said...

I just thought.. Could you give a link to Sassy's blog? I only know Derby, the Sassy cat, and I don't think it's that one?

hugz to you at this difficlt time..


The Crew said...

Yes Beau, there has been so much sadness recently. You just have to work extra hard to help your Mom.

The Island Cats said...

Beau, it seems like there's been so much sadness in the CB lately...what is going on with all the cats going missing??? We hope they all come home soon...and we're purring for your mom too.