Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Friends,
We are sorry we have not been posting in a long time. Mom and I want to share a little that has been going on with us. Mom has been struggling with LOTS of health issues, including a bad shoulder which will eventually need to be cleaned out with ortho Scotty. Mom's hurty foot is now hopefully all well. All this medical has caused a lot to deal with, including financial struggles. Plus, then there was the "Great Tennessee Flood of 2010," as it's now referred to. We had no damage, but it bad one street over in EVERY direction (no joke!). We did have friends who lost most everything, and Granpa knew a man who died. Cleanup is going well so far, but water restrictions will be a while. Oh, and Nashville is open for tourists, so please feel free to visit! As for me, I'm doing well and have been busy taking care of mom, and our home when mom's been at the human v-e-t. We do try to post some on Facebook, as it reaches the most friends in one place. We love and miss you so please chat us on Facebook, when you can. We hope to eventually be posting again regularly, but we don't yet know when with mom's bad shoulder. Please keep us, and all of Tennessee, in your thoughts and prayers. We love and miss you please keep in touch! Love, Beau and mom


Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Hi Beau,

We're sorry to hear that your Mom has been so hurty of late. You're a good kitty to look after her so well.

We're purring for all of the people and animals in Tennessee - we hope that things get better soon.

Sorry - we're not on Facebook, so we can't keep up with you there, but know that we'll check your blog every so often.

Charlemagne and Tamar

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We rarely get on Facebook so .... actually, we don't even think we know you there. But we do think of you and hope your mom gets to feeling better.

caspersmom said...

So sorry to hear your Mom is having problems. Purrs and prayers for her. So glad to hear that Nashville is bouncing back from that horrible flood you had. Mom has distant relatives there but don't know where they are anymore. Well Beau keep up the good work on watching over your Mom. Take care O.K.