Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blood Test Results

I am happy and mad all at the same time. I am soooo very happy about my results. My blood tests results were PERFECT. My iron level was in the center of normal, which is PERFECTly normal! And, my blood cell things that indicate heading toward hyper-thyroidism were fine! There is nothing wrong with me at all, except that I'm normally aging and evidently losing muscle mass. (Sorry ladies!) For the record, I have absolutely NO intention of going anywhere for at least another 10 years! ( =^;^=) Mom was so excited she acted the fool, which, btw, is nothing unusal...MOL!! Mom was so excited she thought I deserved a celebration treat so, when she went to PetSmart, she bought me a can of Blue Buffalo chicken stinky goodness! I was so excited I got twitchy, but in perfect cat snarkiness I only hate a few bites and then turned up my nose at it. Hey, if I'm going to get the primo high-octane stuff I might as well make it last!
Now, for the flip side, I am very angry at mom for putting me through all this. I TOLD her I was fine and nothing was wrong with me. But, did she listen, NOOOOO. She put me through being put in my PTU, going out in the cool, damp air; riding in the big metal rolling machine, dealing with seeing a bunch of freaked out woofies and another cat, seeing an almost dead dog brought in (traumatic), then having to breath funny, sleepy stuff, getting poked, prodded, and stuck, blood stolen, having a picture of my insides taken (invading my privacy), and then everything in reverse. Also, because we had to wait to see the vet who was running very late, I was stuck in the PTU for what seemed like FOR-EV-ER. Mom kept reaching in and loved on me, but I finally moved in my ptu to where I had my back to her, and it wasn't so she could rub it either! I was so very glad to get home and be in my own space again! And, mom said she will now try to relax and not worry so much about me. We'll see......! Love, Beau


ML said...

:: Dancing Happy Dance ::
We are so glad, Beau.
You know how our Mommies worry about us... ours sure does. It would be so much easier and cheaper if they'd just believe us, but you know moms!!!!
So good to know for certain you is 100% okay.
Love & Purrs,

The Lee County Clowder said...

All grab paws and yell ALL RIGHT!!

At least now your Mom knows you OK. Maybe she'll let you relax for a while.

Forty Paws said...

Whoo hoo! You are perfectly normal! That is great news! Sorry about the v-e-t visit though.

Luf, Us

Karen Jo said...

I am so very glad that everything is normal, Beau. I'm sorry that you had to go to the vet for your Mom to find that out, but now everyone can relax and have a good time.


Hannah and Lucy said...

We are so pleased that everything went well at the v-e-t office (apart from those pesky dogs!!).
We recommend being aloof for a few days - we find it means extra treats and scritches!!
luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Everycat said...

What wonderful results Beau. We can understand you having a bit of a moan about going to the vet, but your Mom loves you very much and wanted to know for sure that you are well!

Whicky Wuudler

The Meezers or Billy said...

YAY!!! Nip cigars and niptinis all around for you!!!

pee ess - tell your the mom that our the mom will call her this weekend - she's been werking late efurry night and has not had time to call her back!

The Crew said...

Hey Beau, we're glad to hear you're feeling better.

The Island Cats said...

Beau, we're so happy you got a good report from your vet!! But maybe you should cut your mom a little slack...moms worry a whole lot about us and only want to keep us around for as long as she put you through all of that because she loves you so much.

Sweet Praline said...

I am so glad things went well at the Vet! It looks like the two of us are just getting old, but we'll go down fighting, won't we?

caspersmom said...

Moms worry about us cats for nothing but we are so glad everything is O.K. for you Beau. I am getting old too and Mom has noticed it. She thinks I'm getting boneyer although I weigh the same. Oh well Beau it's better than being ignored.


Wendy said...

Sometimes a kitty has to do, what a kitty has to do and that means putting up with our mommy and daddie's worries, sigh...We's SO glad that you're o.k. though, now you can purr at home, Beau.

Miss Bella and Sele

The Year of the Cats