Monday, August 29, 2011

ER Trips and More!

As you know, mom got real sick. The last 2 weekends she had to spend time at the humans emergency place. This is what happened (in order). First, her temperature shot up to 101.3 and the home health peoples told her go to the hos pit tul ER and get checked out. They stole lots of mom's blood and pee, and made her spend the night so they had time to study them to make sure she was okay. The whole time she was there her temperature stayed down so they let her go home the next evening (and her temperature went back up, but not as high). Then she got a severe allergic reaction to her IV anti bio tics. She turned into one huge red itchy rash ALL OVER. It took all the doctor persons 2 weeks to figure this out. They immediately stopped those meds and put her on something new. However, the old bad meds were still in mom making her itchy rash get worse, and at the same time the new medicine made mom's stomach all sicky and puky on top of the itchy rash. So, mom ended up back in the ER place again for a few hours. Mom got so sick we thought she might be dying (for real). The good news is that now mom has had 2 shots that helped the itching and got 2 weeks of medicine to help the itching, PLUS 2 more kinds of medicine to help mom's stomach feel better. As of today, mom is finally starting to feel better and more like herself again. Another problem has been mom's foot has not wanted to heal much but we hope now that the rest of mom is better her foot will start healing faster. UPDATE: NOW MOM HAS DIARRHEA FOR 2 NIGHTS NOW AND WE DON'T KNOW WHAT'S CAUSING THIS.
Mom did read all your kind thoughts and well wishes (the only thing she had done on the computer), and wants to thank each and everyone for their kindness and caring. We love you all! Love, Beau (and mom)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mom's In The Hospital

Please pray and purr for Mom! She is in the hospital!
Will let you know more when they tell us what is wrong!
UPDATE: Mom is Home!!
Thanks for the purrs and prayers!PS: More new pictures of me coming!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mom Update

First, let me state in a very cat way that this is MY blog about ME and I will be SOOOO glad when mom gets well so she will no longer be hijacking my blog. Now that I got that off my chest, I will tell you about mom's two follow-up doctor appointments this past week. This past Monday she found out that her butt wound was much worse than anyone expected. The infection in it was also down to the bone, so instead of having one major and one minor wound, she had two major wounds. Mom also realized Monday, upon seeing how deep the foot wound now was, that it is, based on her past experience, going to take 3 months to fill in and finish healing, not 6 weeks as hoped. This also means by the time she finishes healing it will have been a whole year. All this has made mom even more depressed and frustrated. However, on Tuesday mom found out when they tested the infected fluids on both against her present anti bio tics, the doctor found that the infection did respond to the anti bio tics. This means she is on the right anti bio tics so hopefully she will get well now. This is good news! Mom did ask the doctor about "mainlining" chocolate, and although the doctor liked the idea, said it might set up another very bad idea. Then this morning when mom woke up she found a weird unknow rash on 3 of her fingers on her right that was more drama and more calls to doctors. We still don't know what it is and or why it's there. But, no one seems overly concerned about it so that's good. Mom has been feeling very tired with no energy since the surgery. That is why we haven't been posting much, also we are trying not to overwhelm with updates, and only do updates after all doctor appointments for the week.
As for me, nursing is hard work. I have to make sure mom takes naps (so I can), make sure she eats enough healthy stuff (so she will remember to feed me and give me fresh water), bathe (so she will see my litterbox to clean), and snoopervise the shooting of meds. I think the hardest part for me is having more humans invading our (my) space. And, they don't bring me gifts to make up for it either. They only bring mom stuff. This is NOT fair or right!! This didn't just happen to mom. This happened to me too because it affects me as well. At least when the humans visit they can take watch mom for a while and let me get a nap in. That is, if they don't expect me to socialize as well.
We appreciate your continuing support, concern, and caring. You are our extended family and we love you very much! BTW, the best news of the week was finding out Moki walked on tiled floor!! WOOHOO!! You rock, Moki! We also want to remind everyone to continue to purrray for all our other friends who are sick, missing, and for those who've gone to the bridge. Take care and we will update again after the beginning of next week. Love, Beau (and mom)

Friday, August 05, 2011

Post Surgery Day 1 - Beau's POV

Taking care of mom right now is very hard work. I am taking more naps. I am such a tired mancat right now! What you don't know is that the day BEFORE surgery mom had very bad diarrhea ALL DAY. She was very sick (and stunk up our litterbox room, so I had to hold my nose just to use mine). I was very apprehensive when mom left yesterday. I hid under her wheelchair, which is something I NEVER do. (Last time I did that I was at the v-e-t.) But, when mom got home I was SO excited I couldn't stop talking for the first 5 minutes! It was so good to see her and see that she was okay! Mom was fine when she got home, but about an hour ater she got home, she felt VERY tired, so she took a very long nap and all us furries (and not so furries) nap piled on top of her. She really did seem to love that very much! Today she hasn't felt as good. She was dizzy and nauseous this morning, but seems some better now. We want to remind everyone to keep Mrs. Peach, and all our other friends and their humans, in your purrrrayers as well. Mom wants to thank everyone for their support and caring through all this. Mom says she really feels your love! And, we also want to send a special thanks to Ms. Ann for my blog's new look, and for finding me a clerical collar to look official on my Sunday Sermons blog. You're an angel!! Love to all!! Beau (and mom)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Surgery Schedule

For those teleporting early to sleep over, mom said it was okay to start arriving at 8 pm (Central, USA). We will have several kinds of pizza including catnip and anchovy, and ham. Temptations will be served for snacks. Drinks include catnip beer, catnip tea, bottled and fresh water. This is the surgery schedule for Thursday morning:
arrive 6:45 am
surgery begins 7-7:30 am
approx 2-3 hours later mom should be out of surgery and in recovery.
after that she will hopefully be out of recovery within an hour.
Mom will try to post an update after she gets home (and feels up to it).
** Mom found out she will be coming home with BOTH a pic line AND her wound vac thingy, so she will need LOTS of kitty love and purrs when she gets home. I could also use help watching her at first! Love, Beau