Monday, August 01, 2005


Monday, August 1, 2005
double talk
Momma S. was over the other day helping mom change bed linens. She put this super soft, warm, cushy blanket on the top. I was sleeping in my round pet bed, but I have taken to sleeping on top of this blanket at mom's feet. I love this blanket! It is SOOO soft and warm! It also has pretty pink flowers on it so it's kind of like sleeping in a flower bed. I'm glad Momma S. put this blanket on the bed and made it on top! Thank you Momma S.! I love you!
On another topic, I have been working very hard contacting shelters, rescues, and agencies all across the United States seeing if they would be interested in being listed on my rescue page when I get it done and up. I will also be contacint a few agencies in other countries. I hope to eventually have a big listing so NO ONE will have any excuse of not having a safe place for a pet! If you know of any that are especially good in your area, please e-mail me and let me know. Take care! I'm going to go take a nap on the soft blanket! Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 2, 2005
Love makes the world go 'round!
Mom was supposed to get together today with her best friend who is a foster. But she called and said she was sick with sinus. Sometimes when she sees her friend she sees pictures of her new foster, other times she actually gets to see and hold them. I don't mind if mom comes home smelling like other kitties on those days. I know mom is just being loving on some other kitties that really need the extra love, and she isn't actually bringing any home with her. Her loving other kitties lets me know she is just a very loving person with lots of love to give! That makes me feel good! And, since I'm an only I get most of it! (Purrrrr...) I sometimes feel a little lonely when mom is gone most of the day, but that also means I get the whole place to myself! I can do anything I want without her scolding me and or telling me, "NO!" I can also go through craizies as hard, long, and often as I want (then take a nice, long nap). I can even get on the computer and surf all day! I won't get to do that today, after all, but the next time mom is gone all day, I think I will do a little online shopping. Now where is mom's credit card...? hehe. Reach out to someone who needs a bit of extra love today! Alot of our kitty blogger friends are going through very hard times. Love, Beau

Friday, August 5, 2005
The news weather man
There is a news weather man, named Tim Ross (of the colorful ties) who has been very good about mentioning that both cats and dogs need to be protected from the heat and kept inside, and given LOTS of CLEAN water to drink. He first generally mentioned it so I sent him an email thank you note for doing that for us, and reminding him to make sure he mentions both cats and dogs, because there are some humans who actually put their cats out during the day while they're at work. He obviously got my note because ever since then when he says how hot it's going to be he reminds people to protect BOTH cats and dogs! Tim's a good guy! We like him! Thanks Tim! How about writing YOUR weather person to do the same? Love, Beau

Saturday, August 6, 2005
Extreme Makeover-cat edition
I have been thinking about all these shows of various kinds that do extreme makeovers on people, homes, families, and yards. Why not their pets? Mom read an article to me a while back that said some pets were now having cosmetic type surgeries to fix things. And there are vets out there who do these surgeries. (Probably in the place called Hollywood.) So, what I want to know is if someone can do an extreme makeover on me and give me opposable thumbs?! I don't see why not! It could probably be considered a handicapping condition (at least to us)! And while they are at it I would like them to give me a tummy tuck for that fat pocket caused by my neutering. A permament teeth whitening would also be nice! But they never better even think about declawing me! I think it would be a grand idea! What about you? Love, Beau

Sunday, August 7, 2005
Have you hugged your human today???
"Love makes the world go 'round." "Have you hugged your kid today?" Jesus said, "Love one another even as I have loved you." "Reach out and touch someone!" All of these I have heard either from the picture box or from humans. They all sound like a good idea. A friend of mom's told her once that they had read a person needs 3 hugs a day. Whether or not that'ts true, it also sounds good! (Cats, and dogs, do too!) Right now several of our friends' humans are going through a lot and we need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers...and send them virtual hugs! In the meantime, I think we should wrap our paws around our human and give them a kitty hug (and a nice added touch would be to add a headbutt, purr, and kitty smile to it)! C,mon, do it! It will feel GOOD! (And, for those who live with 2 other felines, the quota would be met!) Have you hugged your human today?? "Just do it!" Love, Beau

Monday, August 8, 2005
Scaring mom!
I have been reading about how other cat friends meow real loud just to get the human's attention. That gave me an idea! This morning while mom was in the human bath place, I went out into the hall and cried MROWR very loudly like I was upset, in pain, or something! Next thing I heard was the water off and mom was yelling at me to find out whether or not I was okay. When she said, "Beau?," I came into the bathroom crying loudly again. She looked as if she was going to come vaulting out of the bath area! Then I just calmly looked at her like, "Sucker!" and turned around and walked out. (I got a lecture about some small boy human who kept crying wolf for no reason and why that was a bad thing.) I still thought it was funny! Have a good day, and be careful not to give your humans a heart attack with your tricks! Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 9, 2005
Mean mom!
Last night mom and I had been playing and, as always, I got too carried away and I scratched mom and I tried biting her elbow. Well, mom was NOT very happy with me. She got very upset with me and yelled me...REALLY BAD! And she put me into a submissive position and told me I was BAD for biting, She seemed really mean to me and I got very upset and it hurt my feelings. I started crying and crouched down in the corner of the hall and just looked at her. What if mom has decided she doesn't love me anymore? A lot of the cats they were around her she took away to go to new homes. What if she's thinking about doing that to me? I don't understand. She usually doesn't yell at me like that, even when I do bad things. She knows I didn't mean to. (Doesn't she??) I love mom lots! I would NEVER purposely do anything to hurt her. I'm SORRY mom! Please don't yell at me like that! I love you! I need a hug! I hope you have a better day than me. Love, Beau

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
mom's apology
Mom said she was sorry for being so mean to me. Although I'm still not sure whether or not she would give me away. Mom did play with me some today. She even bought me a new toy today when she went to PetSmart for more litter and waterer filters. It's this small springy, tunnel that's real crinkly sounding! I like it okay. I like the crinkly sound and I love tunnels. However, I am a BOY kitty and this tunnel is made out of green print cloth with LACE on the edge. It looks frilly and girly! I do NOT like that! I want something in denim or leather, or at least in a more boyish color like red, blue, or brown ... and ditch the lace...PLEASE! I guess I shouldn't complain too much. It IS a new play toy! I will have mom take a picture of it and post it in the future. I just hope Dee and William are right that mom would never give me away like she says. (And if they do, I hope it's to grandpa's and Momma S.'s because they're building a sun room onto their house!) I love you mom! I'm sorry! Remember to forgive those who have hurt you. Love, Beau

Thursday, August 11, 2005
Hyper kitty
Mom is always talking about how I'm always in full speed, I constantly go, and that I can be "a hand full." You would think that would be enough for her! Noooo...not MY mom! What do you think she does? She buys me VITALITY formula Purina Cat Chow! I guess I'm not fast ENOUGH for her! As it is that formuala is designed for cats at least 7 years old, and I'm only 5 1/2, going on 6. What is she doing? Secretly trying to kill me?! Give me a heart attack or a stroke? Wear me down? I do have to admit she mixes it in with other food. (Yes, I'm so spoiled she buys more than one formula and mixes them together so no two bowls are ever exactly the same.) What she TELLS me is that she is just trying to get a slight jump on things and help keep me as active as possible for as long as possible. I personally don't think there's THAT big of rush! I need--we ALL need--to slow down and stop and smell the catnip sometimes! Slow down and ENJOY life! Don't go so fast it passes you by!! Love, Beau

Friday, August 12, 200
spider whiskers
Mom was playing octopus attacking the face with me (yes, she has forgiven me for the other night), and she noticed that I was so into it that my whiskers had become very alert and very spread out and wide. She said it looked liked spider legs. She said even my eye whisker were "at attention!" (I do have very long whiskers!) She wanted to get a picture of it to show everyone. However, I wouldn't let her because, at that particular moment, I felt like how my whisker were was my own personal business and I did not wish to share it with the rest of the world. Besides, it's no big deal as all cats do this. So, why bother? What's the big deal?! At a later time I might share the status of my whiskers but being the finicky cat I am, I was not in the mood! Know your limits and stick to them! Love, Beau

Saturday, August 13, 2005
too much love?
Sometimes I think mom can love me TOO much (which is a very different attitude from the other day). She has these days when it seems like all she wants to do is pick me up and love on me! Like, when I'm trying to get a nice LONG nap in, she starts patting and rubbing me. (So much for MY nap!) And, if you see me waiting outside the bath for you, please don't feel obligated to reach out and pet me. I love you, too, but the splashing of water on me is NOT appreciated! I can wait until you're dry! Don't get me wrong, I feel very blessed and glad I live with a mom that loves me so much. But, jeez, there is such a thing is too much and suffocating! No wonder cats like to sleep in high places. We can see you coming on days like that and run and hide!! Everything in moderation! Love the one your with, just not too much! Love, Beau

Sunday, August 14, 2005
forgiveness (part deux-?)
Yes, mom has forgiven me for trying to bite her elbow. But, I wanted to add that forgiveness works TWO ways. She wanted me, and I needed to, forgive her for being overly upset and mean to me. Forgiveness is a two-way street. We must not only seek forgiveness for those we have wronged, which is extremely important, but we must also forgive those who seek our forgiveness for any wrongs they have done. This is equally important! God says, "Forgive ONE ANOTHER, even as I have forgiven you." We must not hold grudges, but forgive and let go. I just wanted everyone to know I forgave mom too and all is well with us! Love, Beau

Monday, August 15, 2005
A Grim Fairy Tale
Once upon a time there was a fierce (albeit small) black and white beast. He liked to stalk his prey, especially at night! One night as he perched high above his prey watching...waiting...for his change to attack he knew this would be the night. He could feel it! He sat there patiently, quietly waiting for the perfect opportunity. The female finally fell asleep in her covered perch unbeknownst to the danger that was about to become her. Once he was pretty sure she was asleep, he prepared himself for the attack. He got in the crouched leap position then BOI-NG, he lunged himself onto the sleeping human with full force. Startled, the female human awoken looking at him very cross, then amused! And he just looked back at her like, "Got 'ya!" And they both lived happily ever after! Moral of story: make sure you know where we felines are before you go to sleep! hehehe! Have a fun day! Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
"It was a dark and stormy night...!"
Yesterday and last night we had the worst thunder boomers and rain in areas surrounding us. It got VERY scary! And what was worse was mom was out for a while yesterday, so I was all alone. I did NOT like it one bit! It got so dark yesterday it almost looked liked the early night! I was wondering if the world was coming to an end! (hehe) If so, I surely wanted mom to be with me when it happened so I could snuggle close to her. Seriously, it did get very dark and scary, and there were lots of thunder boomers off and on. We were fortunately on the edge of the rain and didn't get much, but some areas nearby had storm damage. I still don't like storms and I was glad when mom got home. We are getting some more bad storms today. We need the rain, and mom is home, so let the rains begin!! Stay cool, stay dry, and stay safe! (And remember to drink LOTS of water!) Take care! Love, Beau

Wednesday, August 17, 2005
There was a fly--oh my!
Today while it was raining mom stuck her head outside the door to look at it and a fly flew in. I guess he didn't like all the thunder boomers, rain, and wind either and wanted out of it. After all, a fly is very tiny and much smaller than me and I don't like it so it must really be bad for the tiny fly! So, I started chasing it around the place and acting like I was going to catch it. I didn't really want to catch it then because then the fun would be over! I was having a great time running after and swatting at it! It provided a fun afternoon noon for me on an otherwise yucky day! So, thank you fly for that! We should all find pleasure, and thanks, for the tiniest things in life. Love, Beau

Thursday, August 18, 2005
Vet appointments
Mom has to go to her vet today, but nothing is serious wrong. It's a follow up about her allergies. She has bad ones! Also, she has a hurty elbow. Her foster friend told her it was called tennis elbow. I don't think that's right because mom never has played tennis before. And her elbow looks nothing like anything related to that game. I hope her vet can fix it for her though because it makes her arm feel funny when she bends it. (I keep telling her, well then DON'T bend it!) I'm a little nervous because mom's talking about taking ME to MY vet to get my teeth cleaned. She doesn't like the way my teeth look. Not YOUR problem mom. They're MY teeth! (She disagress because of dental health issue and she pays my bills for me.) I don't want to go! They will put me in a glass box and make me go to sleep. (The sleep part is okay.) When I wake up, I walk funny and keep falling down for a while! So NOT cool! Fortunately, mom keeps forgetting to call before they close. Now if I can only keep her mind off of it for a while! hehe! Take care and keep your teeth clean so you won't have to go to the vet like me! Love, Beau

Friday, August 19, 2005
vet appointments--follow up
Mom went to her human vet and she gave mom some chunks to take for her hurty elbow. She has to go back in a month. Mom said the doctor had a weird frown on her face when she told her about her hurty elbow. That didn't seem good to mom. Oh, and mom said there was a student doctor there that also saw her, but she didn't like her too much because when she talked to mom she got too close to her face. I wouldn't like it either if someone got too close to my face. I would spat at them and then swat them with my claw if necessary! Anyway, maybe we'll know more in a month. Hopefully, the hurty elbow will be well by then! As for me, mom finally made MY appointment for my teeth cleaning. It's next week on Thursday. She also arranged for a nail clipping while I was asleep so I wouldn't have to be bothered, while I was awake, with this clipping. I appreciate that! Mom may take her picture box with her to document anything special (or more like when I have a hissy fit)! Take care of yourselves! Love, Beau (special note: I have added a pet tip of the day to the home page and consequently moved the age chart to the about me page. If that is unacceptable, you can let me know!-Beau)

Saturday, August 20, 2005
The dark side of the silver lined cloud
Not much happened today, except mom had more bad luck. I guess we have joined the crowd of those going through tough times, just not as bad. She was fixing lunch and was taking something something out of the microwave called beef au jus and some of the liquid spilled onto her leg and burnt her fairly bad. She got a red spot with a blister. She said it hurt real bad, but she's okay. She put something real cold on it from the freezer. Grandpa is coming over to help her with some stuff and he's supposed to be bringing some bandages that won't stick to THAT hurty place. I'm getting a little worried about mom right now. I don't want something bad happening to her because I need her to take care of me and love me, and I would miss her! Anyway, on a positive note we know this bad stuff won't last and mom did get good news about her medicine coverage so we're real happy about that. It was also nice enough I got to go outside on my leash for a while today! Yeaaa! (By the way, I got to taste the beef au jus and it was REAL good! Mom's a good cook!) Have a great weekend and don't let your humans get hurt! Love, Beau

Sunday, August 21, 2005
feeling blessed
I have been thinking a lot about how lucky and blessed I am (mom too)! So many people I know are going through so much that it just reminds me of what good things I DO have! Mom and I don't have much by a lot of people's standards, and most of what we do have was previously used and then given to us (but we do don't care). However, we have each other and love, and we have food, clothing, shelter, electricity and a phone. We also have friends and family. That's all we need! Despite hurty elbows, burns, and such, we feel we're doing good, which is NOT to minimize everyone else's stuff. We're just feeling grateful for the things we DO have. Mom told someone last night she thinks a good thing to do is find 5 things good in a day, even if one of them is just getting through the day. I think it's a good idea too! If you look at my picture (below right) you will see I'm thinking about this! TRY and find something good today, despite really bad stuff, and remeber to thank God for the small things in life! Love, Beau

Monday, August 22, 2005
Guess what I did last night? I knocked over mom's big fake tree in our living area!! I made mom's tree go boom! AND, I did it while mom was sleeping! hehe! Mom sais she heard soemthing but decided she would deal with it in the morning when she was more awake. However, she did get a picture of it before she put it back up. I thought for a small kitty I did a good job of knocking over the big tree! I must be stronger than I thought! hehe! You know what else I did? I scratched so well and hard on my round scratchy board that I got pieces of it all over the floor! Mom got a picture of that, too! I hope to have these, and other, pictures ready by next week. (By the way, mom is going to her vet this morning about her burn place.) I hope you find lots of fun things to do toay! It looks like rain here! Take care! Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
the burning question!
Mom's vet appointment went well yesterday. Between just having been to her vet about her hurty shoulder and now her burn, mom said her vet laughed and asked her what she was trying to do to herself! (I don't get it.) Anyway, it is officially a second degree burn, but her vet said it didn't look that bad to HER. She gsve mom some white cream to put on it called Silva Dean (whoever that is--and when did they start giving medicine human names???). They also gave mom some big chunks called Back Trim. Mom said that was to keep bad germs away, but I think it was because they saw she needed a haircut! She has to go back in 3 weeks so her vet can look at it again. (Does her vet like looking at GROSS stuff?!) Tomorrow morning I go get my teeth cleaned! I am looking forward to having nice looking, and feeling, teeth again, and to a nice long nap, but NOT the vet or walking funny afterward...and mom is just SO looking forward to embarassing and humiliating me by getting pictures! Jeez--what's a guy to do! Hope YOU don't have to go to the vet anytime soon! Love, Beau

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
the devil made her do it!
This morning and part of the afternoon I will be at my vet's having my teeth and nails done. Mom has also decided to have me microchipped as I have a tendency to sometimes escape and she is not able to really chase after me. Since I also don't like getting stuck, and rebel very well, they decided to also do my bloodwork eary, while I was napping. Mom will let you know when I'll be done when she finds out. Okay, mom is REALLLLY going to pay BIG time for THIS one...and for a LONNNNG time! She thought if I was going to act possessed at the vet I should dress the part, so she got me some devil horms to wear to the vet today! What's worse is that they even light up! I am SOOO not amused! Oh, AND she's planning on getting a picture of it to post on the web soon! Mom better be watching her back from now on! I suggest you all look around your homes to check for any little evil surprise YOUR humans may be hiding from you! I am NOT amused! Tomorrow, I will tell you how the actual appointment and recovery went! In the meantime, watch for bad surprises! Love, Beau [**Note from mom: they said to call at 2 pm, (CST) to see if he was ready to leave. I dropped him off at 9 am.]

Thursday, August 25, 2005
vet appointment
Well, overall my vet appointment went very well. I was a good boy beforehand, which made two times in a row. I did not even put up a fight getting in my carrier to go. Everyone was amazed! (Don't get too confident, too soon, people! hehe) Of course, I did not appreciate being the target of laughter because mom had cruelly put devil horms, that light up, on me before we went in. That was NOT funny! Anyway, I let them have their fun with thoughts of payback later! Sometime this morning we should hopefully get the results of my blood tests, which should show that I am holding my own. I got my nails trimmed so I'm not getting stuck in anything for the moment. While there, I also became high tech and I am now microchipped! I think that's cool! Mom thought this would be a good idea since she can't run after me. If anyone wants more info. on that, please write. I did not get to go home until 3 pm so I was really glad to see mom! I was in a VERY hissy mood by then so they made mom move me from the cell box I was in to the carrier. For MOM, I did it! I was so glad to be going home I wasn't even hissy riding home. The good news was I was there so long I didn't embarass myself in front of mom by walking funny. I just! (hehe) Mom said my eyes looked like I had way too much kitty crack (hehe). The one thing that really upset me was having my food taken away from me for so long. The stupid vet maade mom keep it from me from Tuesday night to this morning. I was STARVING! A guy's gotta eat, ya' know! I'll probably eat like Buddah all day today! I hope your day goes well and YOU have a good next vet appointment! Love, Beau

Friday, August 26, 2005
Some of you may have noticed already that several days ago I received TWO new awards from Calvin and Hobbes: the Grreat Site award and Animal Welfare award. I am SOOO excited! I feel very honored to have received these awards. I am proud of both of them, but especially the Animal Welfare award. I work hard at providing information that would help save the lives of animals. My goal is to save as many lives as possible, and like the saying, try "leaving no one behind." I would like to thank Calvin and Hobbes for these awards, and thanks for visiting my site! I think all of my friends have great sites and help to promote animal welfare so I accept these awards on behalf of ALL of us! These awards are for ALL of us! So, I would like to say congratulations to EVERYbody for doing such a great job and helping the animals. Thanks! Love, Beau

Saturday, August 27, 2005
escape artist?
I did it again! First, I knocked over the tree, and made a mess all over the floor with my scractchy board. This time I almost succeeded in pulling off the rubber thingy at the bottom of the door to outside! hehe I would have made it if mom hadn't caught me! Now it's all taped up until Grandpa, or someone, can fix it. (What mom doesn't know is I CAN pull off the tape and finish the job! I'm just waiting for the right moment. hehe) I thought if I pulled that rubber thingy off it would make a nice play toy! With it off I could also see under the door, look outside, and sniff the outside smells! AND, I could put my paw under the door to where it could be seen on the outside, and maybe someone would see it and find a way to let me out while mom is gone! hehe! Hopefully someday I will have a secret tunnel out! Maybe you, too, can create something today! Love, Beau

Sunday, August 28, 2005
Well, while mom was in the living area last night I started working on the loosening of a corner of the tape over the rubber thingy at the bottom of the door. I did it just as a tease...for now. (hehe!) Mom would turn and look at me, and ask me what I was doing. I would just sit there and look at her like, "Nothing, mom!" (We both know better than that!) Eventually, when she least expects it and while she's gone, I'm going to grab that loose corner and rip it off then I"m going to finish pulling off the rubber thingy! I want that rubber thingy and I'm going to GET that rubber thingy! On a more serious note, mom and I have been concerned about how many of our blogging friends have been going through rough times lately. We have "chatting" with some of you through email. Mom and I have put together a list of Bible verses that we feel are helpful for these times. If anyone would like a copy, please email us or send us a comment with your email address and we will email you a copy. We hope everything is better soon! Have a blessed Sunday! Love, Beau

Monday, August 29, 2005
Where Is Noah when you need him???
For the first time ever, we are under a tropical storm watch in Tennessee. The weather human said that somewhere between 10 pm-midnight it would change to a tropical storm warning. Mom said that we are going to get a big bad storm with lots and LOTS of rain! OOOOh...I don't like storms. This can't be good! I think we need to build an ark REAL fast! It is supposedly the fault of some female named Katrina, whom I believe is related to that Dennis guy in the news a while back. (They are obviously a bad bunch!) In the event we lose our electricity, I possibly may not be able to blog (which will be the first time). To my friends farther south affected by Katrina I wish you well! Stay dry and stay safe! Let me know you're okay! Take care! I need to go take a "chill" pill! Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
"The rain in Spain..."
I would like to correct whoever said, "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain." I got news for them! It does NOT! We've got LOTS of rain here, and it's STILL raining. That person didn't know what they were talking about! I think I need to take a picture of the weather here and send it to them. I hate for someone to be misinformed! That person must not have gone anywhere but Spain! Tim, the weather guy, says we're going to have rain all day and all week! We've got so much rain it's staying on top of the ground and jut making lots of huge puddles. Mom says I can't take a drink of those though because the water is too dirty! (But she also said we might have lots of strong wind so I slept against her leg and held on so I wouldn't blow away, but did we?! NO! So, who's to say I can't drink the water??!) Mom and I want to everyone to know we're okay. Please pray for the people who were adversely affected by that Katrina person. Take care, stay safe and dry! Love, Beau

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Wild and crazy boy!
Today is a beautiful sunny day with perfect temperatures, but I have just been stuck inside way too long before now. I have been very busy using all my energy doing interesting things inside. Unfortunately, mom is not too happy about it. In a 24 hour period I knocked the big fake tree over again (hehe), pull the corner of the rubber thingy at the bottom of the door loose again (hehehe), and made enough disturbing racket in the middle of the night mom came to investigate (hehehehe)! When she came in the room I was just sitting there looking at her very innocently like, "Is there a problem, mom?" She never did exactly find anything wrong or out of place. She suspects I tried tipping the coffee table over. I'm not talking! And, if interrogated I'm calling my kitty lawyer and pleading the 5th! Hope you have a mischevious day...but don't get caught and deny EVERYTHING! Love, Beau

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