Saturday, October 01, 2005


Saturday, October 1, 2005
I decided to try a new way of getting up on the couch to my spot. I climbed up the side of the sofa to the "arm" of it. Then I put my paws over the top of it and instead of pulling myself up and over, or climbing over, I FLIPPED myself over like a somersault onto the sofa. It was great fun! Mom was so amused she started laughing and had to tell Granpa and Momma S. about it. I think humans are easily amused. By the way, why do they call the ends of sofas "arms" when they aren't really arms? Something to think about! Love, Beau

Sunday, October 2, 2005
What the...?
Mom has been reading The Holy Bible to me lately and I thought it was supposed to be the best thing to know. But do you know what kind of stuff is in there? Do you? Let me put it this way, some of that stuff should be on late night TV or on a cable channel. I couldn't believe my poor kitty ears! And do you know what God did to some of those people?! Well, that right there was enough to make me want to be as good as possible! I also REALLLY know now NOT to go against God! It's not a pretty picture. Not at all! Now I know where people get some of their ideas for TV and movies! I won't give away the details because I wouldn't want to ruin things for people, but you can read the details in The Holy Bible book. It's got EVERYTHING in it! I think I need to go step up my kitty prayers. Love, Beau (note: I did get some comments today so it's presently working. If you leave a comment and don't see on the CAT TALK page within a few days, PLEASE let me know. You can also email me through the CONTACT ME page. And I'm sorry about the inconvenience. Thanks!--Beau)

Monday, October 3, 2005
News Update
Remember when I told you about mom's hurty elbow. Well, it never quit so the doctor finally said she go to the big hospital place this Wednesday and have pictures taken of it to see if they can find what's wrong. They're also going to take pictures of her hands and shoulders. The doctors want to see if she is getting something called arthritis (which is common among people with her handicap) or bone loss. Mom just wants to be able to find out what's wrong so it can be fixed. The new sun room at Grandpa and Momma S.'s house came to a halt this past week because of some problems. I am hoping they get it finished by the end of the month so I can have my birthday party there when the new month comes. I will be 6! AND, I have entered my devil horns picture in Calvin and Hobbes Halloween photo contest. Here is the link to vote for whomever you want:
Halloween Photo Contest. Have a good day and have FUN this week! Love, Beau

Tuesday, October 4, 2005
In the Bag!
One of my most favorite toys right now is a big paper bag with rope handles. It is in our bedroom next to the big clean air blower that is on the floor. Because it blows air onto the bag, it makes the bag move like it's alive. So, I like to pounce on it to kill it, being the great cat warrior that I am! I also like to peak and go inside it to make sure there are no mousies, or anything, hiding inside to make it move. I wouldn't want something to get us in the middle of the night! I am also the great protector and defender of our home! The bag also makes a nice place to hide and or take a nap, especially with the air blowing on me. I love feeling wind in my fur (especially when I'm running)! I hope you have a favorite play toy! I'd love to hear about it! Remember to take time to have fun and play today! Love, Beau

Wednesday, October 5, 2005
And in the news today...
Mom went to get pictures taken of her hurty elbow (shoulder and hands) taken this morning. They wouldn't tell her anything except a report would be sent to her doctor by Friday. That means she won't know anything until she goes back to her follow-up appointment. I think they should tell the patient while there. When I go to the get stuck place, they always tell mom stuff before we leave, even if they have to get pictures taken of me. Animal doctors must be smarter than humans' doctors. After mom finished there she and Grandpa went to the Red Crossed place here and town and mom got an emergency kit backpack. (They were out of the disaster ones.) They also had animal first aid kits for $20 so she got one of those too! (She's always thinking of me!) She said that got everyone talking about THEIR animals, pet insurance, etc.. Mom said she can just add to these to really make them a disaster kit. I'm glad we're prepared. I feel better now. I hope you're prepared too! (How many of you are?) Love, Beau

Thursday, October 6, 2005
In my never ending quest to "break out" of our place and explore on my own, I once again attempted to remove the rubber thingy at the bottom of the door in hopes of then digging out under the door. And once again, mom thwarted my attempts. I did manage to get it 3/4 of the way off before mom realized what I was doing. She then proceeded to tape everything back up until she can get it properly fixed. It is very frustrating to do that much work and then have to start over. I am glad mom is protective of me, but it is equally frustrating to have her be so observant! (hehe) But, I like challenges and I will eventually get it off! That is my goal. I hope everyone has a goal and is determined as I am to reach it. What is your goal? I would be interested to know! Love, Beau

Friday, October 7, 2005
"Rainy Days and Mondays..."
Okay, so it's not Monday, but it IS very drizzly...and it's COLD! And since I'm not getting to go outside today because of the yucky, bad weather, someone's (my) energy is going to get built up and this tazmanian kitty is going to let loose in here and there WILL be a mess to clean up afterwards! (hehe) The scratchy board will be everywhere, the fake tree will go timber, my bed will be overturned, the rubber thingy at the door bottom WILL be finally yanked off, and fur will fly! Whew! That makes me tired just thinking about it and it's so cold ... suddenly ... getting ... very ... sleepy ... must ... take ... nap ... first. yawn (Hope YOU've been able to get outside today!) Love, Beau

Saturday, October 8, 2005
"Get UP!"
Okay, woman (..uhh, mom), I haven't kept coming into the bedroom, jumping on the bed, and walking all over you just for the excercise. Although those 3 long tummy rubs you gave me were nice! Anyway, back on subject, I NEED you to get up! MY FOOD BOWL IS ALMOST EMPTY! You know how that annoys me. I'm hungry and I do not NOT want to stoop to having to eat "bottom of the barrell" food. I expect better than that! So you need to get yourself out of bed and FEED me. I also do not want to feel the need to have this conversation again. I know you're capable of doing better and I love you. =sigh= Good help is so hard to come by anymore! I hope your help does well! Love, Beau

Sunday, October 9, 2005
The Gift of Giving
I'm very impressed with how the world has stepped up and helped the people in the gulf, affected by the hurricanes, and in so many ways. Now another disaster has occurred in earthquake. Thousands again are expected to be found dead. This is getting kind of spooky. But, what I want to know is this: Why do we not step up to the plate like this ALL the time. There are humans and animals without shelter, starving, and dying even in our own backyards. I believe all this could be a wake-up call l from God. (You may or may not agree.) Animals have a tendency to travel in groups, which is safety in numbers. It is also that we have each other's backs ALL the time. We're there to fight with and for each other if need be. Humans shoud learn from this. There is a movie mom and I watched called Paying It Forward. The idea was instead of paying back the person who did something nice for you (paying it back), to do something nice for someone else (paying forward) and ask them to do the same. This created a huge chain of people helping one another and caring about them. I think it's a wonderful idea! So this week, I would like to encourage everyone to "Pay it forward" when someone does something nice for you. Giving is a blessing, not a chore, and it feels REALLY good. (If you tell me about it, I will post it on the CAT TALK page and we can share ideas.) Love, Beau

Monday, October 10, 2005
Top coat
Mom went to PetSmart to buy litter. That may sound like a good thing, but I think the cold and the drizzly rain have gotten to her brain. Not only did she buy me litter, she bought me some other weird stuff. She bought me some more cat shampoo called Infusion. What the heck is infusion? Mom said it means it puts good stuff into my skin and fur to make it healthier and shinier. Excuuuse me. I do NOT need anything put into my fur and skin. They are both fine, but thank you for the thought. (Not only that it smells a little girly to me!) Here's the weirdest: mom bought me a coat. A COAT? Can you believe it?? I also do NOT need a coat. I already have a fur one that adds a layer in the winter. Mom said she thought she would try it as she can't put a blanket over my carrier and carry me both. As cool as it is the trip next month to the vet might be real chilly, and she doesn't want me to get sick. Nice thought mom, but do you REALLY think it necessary? I don't. Besides, it might be amusing to get sick going to the VET. It would give me a reason to bite and scratch someone! hehe! Hope our craziness doesn't spread to YOUR house! Love, Beau

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Now that the seasons are changing, and the weather is cooler and damp, I was so looking forward to the multi-colored leaves, to cheer me up. Alas, I heard on the picture box the other day we have not had enough rain here for that to probably happen. And it does appear to be true. I have seen brown falling leaves as I did my bird and squirrel watching. I find this lack of color and brightness to be sad. But, I will console myself with the chasing of said fallen leaves in our breezeway, and feeling the crispness of the fresh air. In this gloomier season, I hope that you also find something to enjoy. Love, Beau

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Being flexible
Edsel said it sounded like I was very flexible with some of the stunts I do. Well, I'm not as flexible as I used to be, but I can do some interesting maneuvers! I wanted to share the picture below of when I was a kitten. It shows just how flexible I was. I can no longer get in that position and I don't even want to try! hehe! That is for kittens! You have to stare at the picture sort of sideways, upside down, and for a few minutes to get the full effect of it. And no, I don't know how I got myself in that knot, nor do I especially know how I got myself out! hehe! I do know that is what started mom taking LOTS of pictures of me. I know this because mom told me so. This will give you something to think about all day (hehe)! I hope you enjoy it! Love, Beau

Thursday, October 13, 2005
A hairy situation
Before I even start, I must warn you this is going to get a little gross. So the weak of stomach may not want to read this, even though if you're a cat person you most likely deal with this anyway. Now that I'm becoming a middle-aged cat I'm developing not so nice problems. I'm getting hiarballs. Yep, hairballs! I NEVER had hairballs when I was youinger but I guess as I'm getting older my insides can't handle hair as well. I really think it's disgusting and gross to cough up a hairball, not to mention how much it takes out of me! I have asked mom to get me something to help with this problem. After much thought I decided taking something for it was better than the other. Mom has assured me she is on top of the problem and will get me something and also mix some hairball formula food into my meals. (Thanks, mom!) On a funny note, when mom got ready to get on the computer today to type what I dictated to her, I was still wanting her attention and not her working so I sat on the mouse, no bite, just sat! hehe! Love, Beau

Friday, October 14, 2005
Squirrels are like cats
I know you're thinking, "Say whaaaat??" But, I have been doing much squirrel and bird watching lately and have made several observations. Hear me out! First of all, squirrels like to chase each other, run and romp. They also dart up trees. Squirrels also like to hang together, and are entertaining. They even like to bury stuff, even though it may not necessarily be the same things. AND, if you think about it, they're fur is similar to some cats' fur. One more thing, they also use their tails for balance (and stuff). Wouldn't it be interesting if it was eventually found out that somehow, waaaaay back when, squirrels and cats are very distantly related! (Just a thought.) Think about it! Love, Beau

Saturday, October 15, 2005
What happened when...
Mom found flea dirt on me last night. Then she started getting upset. She hates fleas. I mean, she REALLY hates fleas. The cat that lived with her prior to me got flas real bad because they moved into a house not knowing it was already flea infested. Mom said it took a long time to get rid of them. (She also works very hard to keep fleas off me.) So she grabbed me and started going through every bit of my fur. And yes, she found a flea. I was immediately taken into the bathroom and given a bath. It was not a pretty sight! I HATE baths, and being bothered. What's worse is I had a bath earlier in the week. Two baths in one week is too much. After my bath, she then proceeds to spray the entire place. The last thing she did was put more of that smelly liquid stuff on my neck. I'd had it at that point and I put scratches on her, including one good one to the jaw. (That backfired. She's taking me to the vet on Friday to have my nails clipped and I'm getting sticks then too. HELLLP!) Hope you don't get fleas. They're BAD! Love, Beau

Sunday, October 16, 2005
Well, last night I went whirling through our place again while mom slept! It was SOOO much fun! I scattered some of my kibble, knocked over a trash can, and flipped the living room light switch to the off position so it wouldn't come on in the morning! (It's on a timer.) hehe! That's just what mom has discovered so far. Oh, I also kept walking across mom off and on all night just for fun! I'll never tell whether or not I did anything else! hehe! I love being mischevious and active. It brings so much joy and fun into my life. Not to mention the physical excercise keeps me healthy and feels good. Gets my heart going! It's good to find what brings joy and fun into your life and keep doing those things. It makes life enjoyable! I hope YOU have fun and joy in your life. I would love to hear about it! Have an enjoyable day, and don't forget to thank God for having good things in your life! Love, Beau

Monday, October 17, 2005
Super busy
Mom and I are so busy this week we have stuff stacked on top of each other almost. What I want to know is when I'm going to get attention during all this. Thursday mom finally gets her x-ray results on her hurty places. I have been told Friday I get sticks and nail clippings, but I think I've shared that already. I don't remember mom asking if it was okay with ME to get sticks and nail clippings on Friday, or ANY time for that matter. It's MY body and I think I should have a say in what happens to it. Don't ya' think?? (Even if it's supposedly for my own good.) I suddenly feel so out of control of my life. =sigh= I think I need another nap. Today's been a great day for napping. It started out today in the 40's and felt rather chilly. However, it's gone up to the 60's I think! I hope you've had a pleasant day as well! Love, Beau

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
beep! beep!
Usually mom beats the noise part of the clock so that it gets shut off before it makes noise. Not the last few days! That constant beep beep beep beep has been driving me NUTS! I hate that noise! Mom says it will probably do it again tomorrow as well. Oh great. Something to look forward to...NOT! Uh...can somebody get me some earplugs? Not only is it annoying, but it also interrups me peacefully sleeping. And that makes for one irritated, cranky cat! You ever have that problem? One of these days I'm going to swat that thing so hard it will go flying across the room, hit the wall, and break. I'll just give a smug smile and hold my tail straight up! I wonder if there are headphones for beeps yet, and if not WHY not??? Something to think about! Love, Beau

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Weird stuff
I saw something on the picture box yesterday that was stange and interesting. It was this man who "worked" with cats. (More like they worked with him!) They supposedly did amazing tricks. Most of the stuff was totally boring and unimpressive: cats walking across a metal pole, cat walking across 2 metal poles a lttle apart (any cat I know can do these), and a cat "riding" a couple of things. All the cat was doing was sitting on the seat and holding onto the bars for balance while the guy pushed it around (DUH!!) However, the thing I found most impressive, strange and interesting was the cat that did what the human called a handstand. First, let me correct one thing. Cats do NOT have hands they have paws. It was a FRONT PAW stand...and it was cool! THAT was...well different! That cat had to have good balance and strength, not to mention guts (for lots of reasons)! I'll be thinking about that for a while! Love, Beau

Thursday, October 20, 2005
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
I go to the vet tomorrow for my annual sticks and check-up. So, I thought it would be the perfect time to share these particular photos with you. These 2 pictures were taken a while back when I went to the vet. To answer Mia and Ghost's question, my ears were so flattened in the top picture, it made me look earless. In the second picture, the vet made the mistake of trying to get close to me before I was ready, and I was snapping at him and showing him my teeth. To quote a singer, "Can't touch this!" I was letting him know that if he came any closer, I would put the bite on him! If you notice, I'm still in the bottom of my old carrier. (Before I got my cooler new one!) They quit trying to force me out of it and just starting taking off the lid to it! These pictures show just how much I hate vet visits. On a positive note, mom gets the results of her hurty place pictures today. Tomorrow we will share that information. (We thought about letting you know today, but I wanted to keep you in suspense one day longer! hehe! I will aslo share my vet results.) Have a wonderful day! Love, Beau

Friday, October 21, 2005
Results ("The Big Reveal")
This morning I went to the vet as you know. Before I went, mom and I had to drop Momma S. off at an appointment. Then we had a little time to kill before my appointment. By the time I got there I had already been in the riding thing way too long and around too many strangers. Therefore I was in a VERY hissy mood when I got there. But, this kept me from having to go through a lot! hehe! I got my 2 annual shots, fought through nail clipping, and they listened to my heart. (The vet said he could barely hear it for all the hissing, growling, and spatting. hehe!) He said from what he could tell I seemed to be healthy and not overweight. However, my exact present weight is unknown as I didn't allow them to weigh me. (It's none of their business!) Mom brought home a small bag of hairball food and Frontline. The vet also combed me with a flea comb and couldn't find anything! As for mom, the body pictures didn't show much. It didn't show anything wrong with her hurty elbow so they're guessing tendonitis or an imflamed nerve. However, the did say her left wrist and hand has thickening bone and bone callouses, which is a precusor to arthritis. Other than that all was good. So basically we both got good reports! Thanks for caring! Love, Beau

Saturday, October 22, 2005
Have you thanked anyone this week for something they did? Seriously. Did you thank the letter carrier when he brought the mail, or the garbage man for taking away the smelly stuff? The food store people? the money givers? My great grandpa always thanked people for every little thing. Mom said she learned a lot from watching his example and has tried passing that on to me. I try to remember to thank mom when she puts out a new bowl of food, brings me gifts, takes care of my litter box, makes sure I receive good care (even when I don't like it), and even thank her (later) for making me feel good after a bath (which is stretching it). Today when you get that can of Stinky Goodness or some catnip, or whatever, I encourage you to be sure to thank the human. And I encourage the humans to thank those that help them that they don't normally thank! It will make the world a better place. Love, Beau

Sunday, October 23, 2005
Fall is in the air
It is ssso cccold and yucky looking outside. Mom said that even a few water drops hit her windshield coming home from church. I am definitely NOT going to get to go outside today. Nor do I want to! It is perfect napping weather. There are no birds to watch, and it seems even the squirrels have taken the day off from food storing. I have taken to snuggling and napping in mom's bed covers where it is warmer. Mom also has turned on the heat (FINALLY). My favorite spot is between the blankets made of wool and cotton fleece. (Poor sheep--aren't THEY cold now?!) I AM thankful, that unlike a lot of people right now, we have shelter from the cold, and heat to keep us warm. I also have a good mom that makes sure I am protected from the yucky outdoors and works hard to make sure I don't get sick (even if she does). I hope you stay warm and cozy too! Love, Beau

Monday, October 24, 2005
Colour my world!
Well, the leaves on the trees are FINALLY turning to pretty orange golds, and reds. It's starting to glow a little outside! I like the pretty colors on the trees! I found out this morning, the sun can be very deceiving. Since the sun was out for a brief time, I thought it was going to be a nice day and I might get to go out! But, when mom opened the door to go food shopping, a blast of cold air hit me and I curled into the smallest ball I possibly could, as quicky as I could. It was CCollld out there! Even some body parts went into rapid hibernation! I'm happy just to be staying inside now, even though there's not as much to do. Like I've been saying, great napping weather...and =yawn= I feel another nap coming on. Stay warm! Love, Beau

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Cat vs. Dog game
I have a question. As you know, I decided the human golf game was actually cat-like. What I'm trying to decide now is whether the human game football is actually a cat game, or dog. Lots of qualities are cat-like in this game as well. For instance, chasing a ball, pouncing, jumping in the air and catching it, pouncing on and chasing the others. However, this could also be said of dogs, plus they also seem to fetch the ball and grunt. I feel these are more dog-like traits. So, the question remains...Is the human footbal game more of a cat or dog sport. I would like your opinion and some feedback on this. I will try keeping track and let you know the results in a few days. So, tell your dog friends also to respond. It would be nice to know what they also think. Love, Beau

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
"I feel GOOOOD!!!!!"
Today has been a very good day. This morning I had a wonderful play time with mom! Then after she left to go to an appointment I actually got to watch a few birds outside, then take a nice long nap. When mom got home she had bought me some small terry (cloth) towels because I like laying on them so much. (She said she got them for $1 and she needed her human size towels back, so she bought me my own. Thanks mom!) I have been laying on them and they feel SOOO good! Mom said the weather was even nice enough I could go outside for a little while on my leash. Yeaaaa! So, I had lots of nice things happen today. I hope all of you have also had a day just as good, if not better. I thank God especially for days like this! Love, Beau

Thursday, October 27, 2005
Why not?
Sunday is just around the corner and that means church for humans. I have noticed a lot of us cat bloggers (and probably dog bloggers) are Christian animals. So, my question is this: Why are there not more services that include animals and or that are animal friendly? Do humans not realize that we are God's creatures too and therefore also want to be a part of things? I feel it is very discrimatory. I, myself, have to resort to watching church services on the picture box on Sunday mornings. If animals weren't so important to God, then how come there were a LOT more animals than people on the ark? I encourage everyone to talk to their preachers about this matter, and even encourage them to read this. I am emailing our preachers and asking them to read this TODAY. It may not do any good, for positive change usually is slow, but at least our voice WILL be heard. Fight for our rights! Love, Beau

Friday, October 28, 2005
It's in the bag!
Well, actually it's ME in the bag, and more than one for that matter. That is what my newly posted pictures are about this week. Since there have been several discussions lately about bags and boxes, I decided to share some of my photos on that subject. I will later be display my box pictures, but that is for another time. I would like to mention that, even though these are plastic bags in the picture, no cat (me) was hurt in the taking of these pictures or at any other time. When playing with plastic bags, mom closely monitors the situation. I love playing with bags. I love pouncing on them, sliding on them, climbing inside, peeking inside, and even sleeping in and on them. I love the noise they make as well! And, they reflect indoor tempertures. They keep me warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Another fun thing I like to do in that area is put my paw inside and then shake the bag to listen to it's noise. So much fun! (It also poofs it up! How cool is THAT!) Yes, bags are definitely fun! Love, Beau

Saturday, October 29, 2005
Say Cheese!
I have been thinking about cheese. It's not that I really like it a lot. Milk products are not especially good for grown cats. This is an interesting fact in itself. Baby cats need milk but once they're grown they're discouraged from drinking much of it, and or eating much milky stuff. I do like a little now and then though, and it's good! Humans must really like it too because there was even a book about it. Someone got mad because their cheese was stolen. I think the book was called "Who Took My Cheese." I hear it was a very good and funny book. Up North, there are supposedly even "cheeseheads." If true, that must be interesting to see! AND, I wonder if a cheese nip is anything like catnip. I would hope so! Oh! It's supposedly also good for catching mice! There seems to be lots of positive things about cheese. This could go on and on, so I will stop here. What are your thoughts about cheese? Let me know! Love, Beau

Sunday, October 30, 2005
This and that
Mom forgot to leave the computer on for me again and she had a meeting this afternoon. So, I'm very late blogging today. We will have a discussion about that later! Anyway, her meeting was about that church group she's in to help hurricane people and animals. She said she's got people caring more about the displaced animals now. I'm glad about that! I actually got to go outside yesterday it was so nice, and I really enjoyed my time out. I especially liked the fresh air smell! Well, this week is a special week for me. SATURDAY is my 6th birthday! YEAAAA! (Save the birthday greeting until then.) I was hoping to have a birthday party in Grandpa and Momma S.'s new sunny room, but they BOTH said no. Can you believe that?? It would have been the perfect place for feline festivities with all the windows! Someone just won't get any headbutts, purrs, and rubs when they come over here next time! I was asked what my birthday wish is. This is what I said: world peace, all animals find loving and caring homes, to be able to see ALL my friends, a bigger place with a big window, a big play and excercise window, and to someday go to Heaven and see God face to face. What would be YOUR birthday wishes on your birthday? Love, Beau

Monday, October 31, 2005
FUN, FUN, FUN (and Happy Halloween) !!
I had SO much fun last night! I had been just quietly laying in mom's company...until she went to bed. hehe! About the time she was falling asleep, I suddenly came "alive." I started walking all over her, taking big jumps onto her and pouncing on her, and I even laid across her while I played the game of "attacking the hand under the covers." It was so much fun. I had a great time, and mom seemed okay about it. (I think she's used to it by now. Besides, she just wants me to be happy!) I hope to do that again. I love spending quality time with mom (even if she is half asleep)! I hope you enjoy nighttime games with your humans and do lots of fun things ALL the time! And speaking of fun, be sure to stay inside and stay safe tonight while the Halloweeners are out! I would hate for something bad to happen to a friend. Instead, let me know about all YOUR fun things! Love, Beau

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