Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Tuesday, November 1, 2005
As promised...
As promised, I have the results to the question whether football is more a cat or dog-like game. For those who sent a comment, it was a unanimous vote of dog-like sport. Muddy said cats were too dignified to chase after a pig's skin and Hopper's dad said he doubted 11 cats could work together as a team. (Because we're such independent creatures?) I thought all responses had very excellent points and I thank everyone for their input. By the way, swimming is also definitely a dog sport because dogs will jump in the water and swim, and cats hate to be in the water! I trust and hope everyone had a safe Halloween. I have already heard that Timmy would stick his head around the corner and take a peak at the Halloweeners when they came. I thought that was the best way to do it, too! (Except no one came here.) Good day! Love, Beau

Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Yeah, you read it right. Mom actually swatted my bottom HARD last night! ANNND, then she put me in the dark bathroom and closed the door so I couldn't get out for what seemed like a really, really long time. (She said it was only 30 minutes but it felt much longer than that so I'm not sure I believe her.) That's the bad news. The good news (and why I got in such bad trouble) is that I successfully bolted out the door! hehe The mail carrier didn't show up until 5pm so they were talking and while she had the door opened a bit, I bolted! Unfortunately, I didn't get very far because mom, the mail carrier, and one other person had me cornered on the stairwell, and I'm too big to fit between the steps now and jump for it!. Mom says one reason I got into so much trouble was it was almost dark and she said it would have been hard for people to see me and I could have gotten hurt. I'm glad she cares so much about me, but I didn't like being punished so....WHAT-EV-ER! After my punishment was over I headbutted her. She loved on me and all was okay...but I still don't get to go outside today although it's nice! Love, Beau

Thursday, November 3, 2005
latest pictures
I would like to tell you a little about the latest pictures I posted. The bottom one was taken when I was an adolescent, and the top one I am an adult, of course. So, you can see the difference. Also, if you look at the one of me lying down you can see the big black tickle spot on my tummy. This is self-explanatory, but I happen to be ticklish there hence tickle spot. (Thanks a lot, God, for showing mom exactly where I'm ticklish.) You can also see on my foot where it looks like spots. There's actually a white stripe running down the middle of it. Speak of stripes, if you look at my back it looks a little striped I think. I have both stripes and spots! Cool! Changing the subject, I am sorry I have confused everyone with SATURDAY's "chat party." I greatly apologize. Some wishes have already come in. I have saved those to post SATURDAY. Mom and I decided to put a time frame on it to also help everyone so here is the information: Chat Party--SATURDAY--11 am to 9 pm (CST) (Mom will post those already here immediately before 11 am) Be here or be square! Love, Beau

Friday, November 4, 2005
"Who Let the Dog Out...?"
Mom was right. Yesterday morning when it was light, there were TWO big, mean looking dogs just off the wallk in the grass, at the bottom of the stairs I run down. They didn't act mean but they LOOK mean. They could've turned on me had I ran down there, and it might not have turned out well for me. They were twice as big as me and two of them, and only one me. I'm glad I didn't get very far after all! Now for news: Grandpa and Momma S.'s sunny room is finished! Yeaaa! As soon as I can I'm going "on location" and have my photographer get some pictures of me there. I also hear mom is making me a new bandana for my birthday. How cool! Last, and most importantly, there is a new kitten blogging now. His name is
Charlie. Be sure to check out HIS blog! Have a great TGIF day and stay safe! Love, Beau

Saturday, November 5, 2005I
(Later messages after party still added tomorrow.) Today is my 6th birthday and in human years that will make me 40. (Almost as old as mom, but don't tell her I said that! hehe) Mom said 40 is normally a big deal birthday for humans, and since I can't have a real party this year, I had a "chat" party today so I can spend it with my friends! (We thought last night if we had used our Archives site, which is a Blogger site, it would have been much easier but it was too late to change. Oh well!) We hope you enjoyed my party! Thanks to everyone who visited and left a comment (or two or three) today (and always)! I thought it was so much fun and I had a great time! I feel very loved, more so than I ever dreamed. I appreciate the support and friendship you have shown. It has meant a lot to me as deep down I really am a touchy feely cat. Thanks again! Love, Beau

Sunday, November 6, 2005
I am very happy today. I had a great birthday and today is a perfect weather day. Mom even let me go outside and breathe some wonderful fresh air. AAAH! Life is very, very good! Speaking of happiness, would you believe there are actually people who believe that in order to be a good Christian you can't be happy? That simply isn't true! God didn't say, "Make a quiet, serious/sad noise." God said, "Make a JOYful noise unto the Lord." He WANTS us to be happy! So, c'mon get happy (or at least try)! It's a GOOD day! I hope life is kind and good to you, and that you find something to be happy about in ALL circumstances (or at least try)! Love, Beau

Monday, November 7, 2005
"I'm picking up good vibrations..."
Things are good around here today. The sun is out, the air feels nice, I got to go outside for a little while, I've had a good tummy rub and play time today, and I even got a few bites of chicken from mom! Yeah...for real! It was great! Now that I've done and had all that, I'm ready for a nice nap in the sun. I think being a cat is the greatest thing in the world. I wouldn't want to be anything else...which is a good thing, I guess, since that is what God made me and I will never be anything else. Which brings to mind an interesting question: IF you COULD be something else, what would it be? I think I would like to be a butterfly because they're good looking like me, hard to catch (like me), and I could fly everywhere. I hope you're having a day filled with good vibrations and I'd like to hear what you'd like to be! Love, Beau

Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Mom had a bad day!
Mom had a bad day yesterday. Frankly, she was just a little on the klutzy side! First, she burnt some cookies. That's a pretty bad smell if you ask me. Whew! Then she had cleaned my litter box and was pouring some fresh litter into it. Yep--she spilled it...all over the bathroom floor! What a mess. All I could do was just look at her like, "What's your problem, woman?!" I figured once she cleaned it up (and I promptly used it) she needed some good sunggles and headbutts, so when she was done I rubbed up against her and headbutted her a couple of times. The up side to all this is it made ME feel better reminding me she's not perfect and has bad days just like I do. We ALL do! But, I hope YOU have a most excellent day today! Love, Beau

Wednesday, November 9, 2005
Triumph-the story of a special dog
I first must tell you, for the very sensitive, that what first happened to the dog is hard to hear. Anyway,
Triumph lived in the country of Turkey and some evil person there cut off his back legs. Through an international animal advocacy agency, a local woman here heard about Triumph, took him in, then took him to Colorado for state of the art surgery. Now Triumph has state of the art, permament, artificial hind legs! Isn't that awesome?! He is wearing a specail harness right now and has the help of his new owner until he completely heals. Soon, he will be living a normal dog life, with a big back yard, and with a super caring, loving home. I saw him on TV and he is already walking (and almost running) normally. I hope to meeet Triumph some day. It's such a great story, I just had to share it. (Click the link to read the full story). Love, Beau

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Lots going on!
Several things are going on here right now. First of all, mom has started making bead necklaces and bracelets and she sold her first one today! I am so very proud of her! It has also gotten cold her finally so hopefully my winter fur will be grown in soon. Otherwise I'll be c-c-cold! Mom went to pick up her medicine chunks today, and she came home upset about it. I would be upset too if I had to take chunks all the time! But, she said it was because despite her in-sure-ants, it still cost bunch more than she thought it would. I wonder if she could return them and get her money back? Or ask for a discount for her inconvenience? Mom just said no, they don't do that with chunks. I think that bites! Last, Grandpa gave mom a paper eater, except I don't think it likes the paper too much 'cause when mom sticks paper in its mouth it makes a loud rumbling noise, chews it up, then spits it back out into the plastic thing under it! Maybe it's sick or something! Anyway, what's going on in YOUR world today? Love, Beau

Friday, November 11, 2005
The Year of the DOG????
Mom and I were looking at a new 2006 planning calendar, and it stated that 2006 is the year of the dog. The DOG? Greeeat...now when every dog finds this out they are all going to have swell heads. Just what us cats need! But, I would like to remind dogs up front that we were once treated as royalty, and still should be. I want to make sure that, even though there are some wonderful dogs out there, like Indy, your place (compared to us) is still understood.. What's worse in all this is there is NO year of the cat. This is soooo unfair! If you want to read the story about the animal yesr, click on
animals. In the meantime, dogs are going to be hard to live with! Good luck! Love, Beau

Saturday, November 12, 2005
Attack the door no more!
Grandpa is coming over this afternoon to see about fixing the outside door, or at least start to. This is the door where I've pulled the rubber thingy mostly off of the bottom. I've also done a good job of messing up the foamy stuff around the frame to seal the door. I am not overjoyed with excitement about his coming. It means he is undoing and undermining all my efforts and hard work I have put into it. Oh well...I guess I can look at it from the up side. That means I will have new challenges and goals! Nothing can get in my way, nothing is too storng or hard for me! I will succeed one day! (And besides, he IS also bringing some chicken..my favorite!) heeheehee! (evil laugh here!) Love, Beau

Sunday, November 13, 2005
"Love one another..."
Love is supposed to be the greatest thing on earth, and what makes the world go 'round. I think it feels really good. I know (and I've said this lots before) mom and I love each other. Mom has been gone a lot lately. This morning she went to church then ate lunch with Granpa and Momma S. I missed her and got very lonely. So, when she arrived back I gave her lots of snuggles, purrrs, and headbutts. When she got ready to type this for me, I even walked across the keyboard, plopped down in front of her, then rolled over onto her lap (heehee)! Mom said me doing that felt like one of the greatest things in the world! (She actually said that!) I was given a tummy rub that felt soooo good! It was a wondeful (actually sickeningly sweet) touchy-feely moment. Now that my manhood has kicked back in, that was just really too gushy! (heehee) Anyway, since it feels good, I say, "Just Do It!--Show some love today!" Love, Beau

Monday, November 14, 2005
Mom's mean trick
Even though I love mom dearly, she has an evil side. Here's what happened last night. Mom was listening to Tangie's concert, and she turned it up high so I could hear it in the other room. At first I ignored it (she's done this kind of trick before), but then she kept calling me and saying "bird." So, I decided I better get up and come in there. I thought a bird somehow had gotten in, was loose in the other room, and she was wanting me to take care of it. So, I went in already in stalking mode looking everywhere for the loose bird. I couldn't see it down low, so I even got up on top of the computer hutch where I could scan the whole room. I didn't see it but I fell off the box I was sitting on up there and tumbled down. This startled me so I went flying (pardon the pun) out the door. Mom called me back in so reluctantly I came back and gave another look around. Sudddenly, I look up and see Tangie on the computer and it all comes together. I was mad. Woman, quit doing that to me! How many of you thought that was mean, besides me? Love, Beau

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Things that annoy me!
Okay, I'm really in a frustrated mood today, and I need to vent a little. I hope you undertand. I would like to list some things that annoy me: mom trying to mimic me when I speak. (I don't repeat everything SHE says!) Bad, yucky weather where I can't get outside. (WE have a bunch of really bad storms coming, and it's been raining since yesterday, so I'm stuck inside going nuts.) Mom trying to do any of the following> bathe me, clip my nails, and or give me ANY medicine/flea treatments. (I don't like to be bothered.) Being told NO! (self-explanatory) If you KNOW I'm fussing because I'm hungry and my food bowl is almost empty, then why are you still in bed? Shouldn't you be up DOING SOMETHING about it?? (This has now happened twice lately. Need I say more?!) Okay, I feel better now. What annoys YOU? Love, Beau

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
For at least 6 hours yesterday, we had bad storms and multiple tornados go through our area. I wasn't scared because mom was taking very good care of me. What I didn't like was what I had to go through while the tornados were around. (By the way, we're okay and have no damage.) When the tornados were starting to get close to our area mom put me in my old carrier (smaller, harder, and more closed in). Then she put me in the "deep" end of the bathtub where I would be most protected should they hit us. I had to stay in there for several hours. THAT is what I didn't like. Mom never did get in the bathtub with me. She stayed close to the bathroom door listening to weather news and for bad sounds outside. She told me if she needed to she would join me and cover me to protect me. Fortunately it didn't come to that! Mom said I did very well. I didn't even get mad at her for being so confined for a long time! Hope all is okay with YOU! By the way, I couldn't be on the computer either so we're behind and our weekly chnages (thought, Bible verse, facts) will be changed tomorrow probably. Sorry for any inconvenience! Cat Talk IS current as of 6:15pm (cst). Love, Beau

Thursday, November 17, 2005
Smart, funny dog
I saw something very funny on the picture box. It was a small, white Scottie dog in a Christmas sweater who kept watching a man trying to put lights on a Christmas tree. The dog was just sitting there watching the man make a fool of himself, getting tangled in the lights, until the man finally got frustrated and just threw the wad of lights onto the tree in a pile. I loved this dog's reaction! It was perfect and so funny I just belly laughed! This dog was also very smart. He did not offer to help at all. He just sat there and watched with amusement knowing how it would end. The dog also had a look on his face like, "What the heck are you doing???" There are dogs, like cats, that are very smart and also fascinated with the human species. Humans can be very interesting. I hope you enjoyed this too! By the way, it was advertising Christmas trees with lights already on them! Love, Beau

Friday, November 18, 2005
Official twister report
I thought you might be interested in knowing what the offiicial aftermath report was about the tornados from the other night. The news stated that in our general area nine tornados went through. Six of the them were category 1 and the other three were category 2. There was another category 2 tornado farther south of us, but still just this side of the Tennessee border. Kentucky had three tornados, two of which were category 2. The two storm cells that went through produced thirteen total tornados. Ten of which were here. It was a wild night! Fortunately, they went around where we live! We feel bad for those hit and request prayers for those people. A few people died and we pray for their families and for those who lost everything. Love, Beau

Saturday, November 19, 2005
EXTRA Special Backrub!
Oh......my........gosh! I had the most incredible backrub! Mom's toothbrush is called battery operated and it vibrates. I like the vibration so I keep trying to bite the stick end. Because of this, mom decided to let me feel it so she rubbed the stick end against my back. I thought I had gone to kitty heaven! It felt soooo good! I straightened up my back to let her know how much I enjoyed it. She laughed and said, "I think I've started something." Oh YEAH! heehee. It was the best backrub I ever had! And another cool thing was that it rubbed out some of my loose fur. I'm not exactly sure why though. You definitely need to get your moms (and dads) to get you one of those just for you! It's worth it! heehee! (Mom says it's called a "Spin Brush.") Love, Beau

Sunday, November 20, 2005
It's A Scary World
I have come to the conclusion that it is a SCARY world we live in with all the bad things happening to humans and animals, lots of really bad storms, and all sorts of bad things going on in the world. That is why it is so important to keep our friends and family close to us for support. We NEED each other to help us through all the bad stuff. And we need to know we're not alone and it's just not happening to us. We also need to reach out to others to let them know we're there for them. Believe it or not, some don't even realize it unless we do reach out and say so! Mom read somewhere that a human (and probably animals too) need 3 hugs a day. It has also been realized that children need at least 6 people in their lives, other than family, that know more than their names. But, we think the most comforting thought of all is in Matthew 28:20 of The Holy Bible: "... lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen." How is that for an awesome thought?! Think about that today while you're hugging someone. Love, Beau

Monday, November 21, 2005
Not much is going on here today. Outside it is cold and wet. It looks as if the whole world is gray, and feels quiet and still. Mom has her lamp on that mimics sunlight so it is brighter in here. I love laying in this light! I have decided to use today as a mostly napping day with period of eating, playing, and trips to the litter box in between. This always makes mom nervous because she KNOOOOWS I'm storing up energy. (heehee) At some point I WILL release all that built up energy and become Beau TAZ, the wild one, once again. But, for now I would like to conseerve my energy and use it for another day and time when it is much nicer, and more enjoyable, outside. I hope if it's yucky where you are, you are staying in nice and cozy too! Love, Beau

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Mom went foraging for food today. I was glad because SHE was almost out of food and I was not thrilled with the idea of sharing my food with her. I don't think she was too thrilled with that idea either! I still had plenty of food, at least in my big storage container. I still have issues with her keeping my eating bowl full. But, she explained to me now that it's cold some bugs may want to come inside and we don't want to encourage them by leaving food out. I certainly undersood that because I don't want to share MY space with ANYTHING! The sun was out today but it is still very cold. I begged mom to let me out since it was pretty. She first said no way, but then said I could choose between wearing my cat coat (cape) or staying inside. (It's good having choices!) I chose staying in! Hope YOU're staying warm! Love, Beau

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Stay safe
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and many people and animals travel over the holidays to be with friends and family. I would like to wish everyone a safe trip, no matter how far, and remember there are crazies on the road. I am planning a quiet (::ahem:: NOT) day at home while mom and Momma S. go to friends for dinner. Grandpa is very sick with a cold so he probably won't go either. I would stay with him but I think he just wants to be alone to cough and sleep. Be thinking and prayerful about what you are thankful for. I will share what I'm thankful for tomorrow. As rpomised, I have posted one of my birthday pictures below with the bandana on that mom gave me. I found I can wear it 3 different ways so I will show the other 2 ways in the next two weeks. I am saving the best picture for last! (heehee) Take care, BE SAFE, and God bless! Love, Beau

Thursday, November 24, 2005
Happy Thanksgiving!
Today is Thanksgiving, the day we take time to be thankful for what we have. It originallly started when the cowboys and indians (oh mom said pilgrims not cowboys, whatever pilgrims are) got together and had a picnic. What is NOT well known is that they're we're 5 cats and 3 dogs in attendance. (smile) This is what I am thankful for: I am thankful that mom took me in and gave me a good, loving home and family to be a part of; that mom takes such good care of me and usually puts my needs ahead of hers; for tummy rubs and scritches; for cuddling with mom and laying up against her; that she lets me sleep with her; that I am well liked and protected by my family; for my food, treats, toys, my climbing tower, and kitty bed; for the ability to watch birds and squirrels, and for warm sunny days to bask in; to be able to hear birds chirping, squirrels chattering, and my family talking to me; for old and new(er) friends; for good health and humans that help keep me that way; for the ability for us to even have food and shelter, and even transportation; for the air blower thing inside that keeps us cool in summer and warm in winter; for the ability to do a blog despite oppositional thumbs and for those who are interested in what I say; and, most of all I am thankful I live in a free country where we can openly worship God and move about freely, and where animals are mostly treated nice and are cared about and cared for. For all these things, I thank God. (Your turn to list!) Love, Beau

Friday, November 25, 2005
Night fun
Last night I had such a good time. Around midnight I was very much in the mood to play. So I brought one of my toys up on the bed, got up on top of mom, and had a great time playing. It was much warmer playing on mom than it was on the floor. The weather people said it was supposed to be 20 last night! All I know is that it was REALLY cold! Playing on top of mom woke her up (heehee). So, she played with me a minute before going back to sleep. She really doesn't seem to mind too much me playing on her. She says at least she knows where I am and what I'm doing, and that I'm not doing something I shouldn't. And, she says I make a nice leg warmer. She also seems to have a very good ability of sleeping through it. It felt good playing close to mom last night. I want to thank Miss Betty, Clark, and Nikki for the yummy turkey you let mom bring home to me. It was SO good, but then it made me sleepy so I took a nap. Thanks again! Love, Beau

Saturday, November 26, 2005
Going to the V-E-T (again)
This is going to be short because mom has a sick tummy today and I need to go take care of her. I understand that early Monday afternoon I am going to the vet again. I will also probably get a stick and have blood drawn. I have suddenly lost a lot of weight again and last time this happened the vet found out I was anemic. Mom agrees there seems to be nothing else wrong with me but my weight loss, but the possibility of anemia with it has her somewhat concerned. So, she's taking me in to be checked out. I wish I could find what I did with that weight so I wouldn't have to go! It's not my favorite place to go and EVERYBODY knows it! Oh, and I will probably get clipped nails while there. Hope everyone else is doing okay! Love, Beau

Sunday, November 27, 2005
The reason for the season
We are all talking about what we want for Christmas, but what I am wondering is if any of us have yet stopped to think about what we are going to do and or give JESUS for HIS birthday. Isn't that the real reason for celebrating Christmas in the first place? So, while we are all talking about what we want, and wondering what we are going to get, I think we should also be thinking about what we can do and or give in honor of the birthday of Jesus. After all, if it wasn't for His father, none of us would be here in the first place! Mom teaches me it's better to give than to receive anyway, and it just feels good! I'm thinking about giving away all my old toys I don't play with anymore to foster and shelter kitties. And, since Christmas is all about love, I'm going to give mom extra snuggles, purrrrs, and headbutts to show her how much I love her. What are you thinking about doing? (And speaking of mom, she's a little better today.) Love, Beau

Monday, November 28, 2005
No news yet
Well, mom and I did NOT go to the vet today as planned. She still wasn't feeling that well, and also the weather guy said we were to watch for tornadoes. Mom said it would be better to watch from inside than to be like those storm chasers. I'm glad we didn't go because during the time we would have been out LOTS of water was falling from the sky and my fur might have gotten wet. I do not like to get that kind of wet. (Just MY cleaning.) On the other hand, now I have to wait longer to get this over with. I am NOT thrilled about that. I will be sure to let you know what we find out when I go, and thanks for all the wonderful advice and suggestions we've received. Mom and I have noted it all, and will be sure to ask my vet about them. I bet he thinks I'm a real smart kitty to know so much! Hope all is well with YOU! Love, Beau

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
"What's new Pussycat?"
Mom seems to be slowing improving. She's trying to eat a little bit today, and rest, so she can get her strength back and not feel so tired. Depending on how she does, we may try going to the vet tomorrow. Mom and I are both anxious to get this over with! Last night I had fun playing with her. After she tucked herself tightly into bed, I decided to play pounce on mom. It was SO much fun...and I made her laugh! I was glad I was able to make her laugh since she had felt so bad. Then I decided to rest a bit, then I decided to play attack the arm, then rested, then attack the arm, etc. I had a great time! And, now you also know part of the reason mom is still so tired today! heehee! I hope you have a fun time playing with your moms and dads today, too, and I promise I will let everyonee know when we go to the vet and what he said. Take care! Love, Beau

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Today was Vet Day!
Mom took me to the vet this morning and I behaved fairly well, except for the very vocal protest all the way to the vet (especially with cold air), and growling the whole time there. Mom let me stay in her lap most of the time, except while I was napping. For that, I got to be in a quieter back room, which was nice of them. The vet also thought I looked skinner than normal, but when he weighed me I was 11.4 lbs.! I'm a BIG boy! Like I said, I napped part of the time I was there. The vet had given me something that me very sleepy so I took a nap. When I woke up they had stuck me and taken some blood for testing. I get those results tomorrow or Friday. I think they may have even clipped my nails. Oh, and while there I saw a dog that looked like Indy, and also a baby Indy. The baby's name was Natasha and she was SO cute. There was also a cat as furry as Muddy, but it didn't look like Muddy. Overall, I think it went well. I'm glad it's over! Love, Beau

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