Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Wednesday, February 1, 2006
I'm SOOO Confused!
Mom confuses me. She can make purring sounds, hissing, growling, spatting, meowing, and mewing sounds (along with a few other sounds I speak). But she is supposedly a human, and she does only have 2 legs. She also likes taking a bath in water. EWWW Then again, the first few letters of her name spell cat. There's a weird saying, "If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it must be a duck. (substutue diuck for any animal.) I'm confused. Mom's life half and half. I think she must be an alien. What do you think? Love, Beau

Thursday, February 2, 2006
Too Smart
Mom think she can trick me into taking my liquid, iron medicine but she can't. I'm smarter than she thinks. She tried to hide it in the bathroom but I saw it, so I didn't go in there. Then when I didn't see it in there anymore, I CAUTIOUSLY went around there, sniffing and snooping around for it. I knew it was there somewhere. I also know the clink of the bottle when I hear it so I know when it's time to disappear. However, the best trick was the other night. While she was trying to force feed it to me with a syring, I kicked the bottle over spilling some out! That was several days of medicine I don't have to take! heehee! =smug kitty smile= Force medicine in me, will you?! I don't think so! If you ever hear the words PetTinic RUN!!! And, I did make one mistake. Don't hunker down in a sink thinking it's a safe place. It's a trap hole! Love, Beau

Friday, February 3, 2006
Lots to talk about!
After not having much to say lately, I do NOW. First of all, I'm in the best pet's blog contest thanks to Oreo. I'm in 4th place--2 votes behind a bunch of dogs. Are you really going to let dogs beat me again?? VOTE FOR ME! (link on right side). Voting ends at midnight tonight. I've already put in my votes. Also, I got a cat chasing mouse thing from Oreo's site. It is in the top left corner. Click once to have it chase the mouse, once again to stop it, and double click to get your own. (It's fun!) Finally, I've been helping mom try to lose weight. I've been keeping her active and I've been kneading and laying on her a lot trying to push the fat back in, and massage it to hopefully break it loose for her. I always try helping her stay healthy like she helps me. Love, Beau

Saturday, February 4, 2006
Beau's Guide for Anger Management
We all get upset with our humans sometimes, so I created guidelines to help: Beau's Gude for Anger Management
1. If you get declawed, obtain back scratcher. Claw everything to pieces with THAT!
2. If your food is taken away, eat theirs.
3. If they move things around to where you can't find your things, hide their car keys! It will drive them crazy!
4. If they try bathing you, dig nails into them like you're terrified, shake and sneeze often on them. When getting out shake VERY hard next to them before they can dry you. Be sure to splash and drip water everywhere getting out. Finally, poop while they're trying to dry you off.
5. If given yucky medicine throw up on the carpet. ALWAYS throw up on carpet.
6. If they disturb your naps, jump on their bed in middle of night. Insist they play with you.
7. If you don't like their noise, wail above it so they can't hear it (and neither can you)l.
**variations: poop anywhere needed; swat things out of their hands; knock things over, spilling them; and finally, if all else fails, BITE them! (Love, Beau)

Sunday, February 5, 2006
Whose Paw are These?
I have failed to mention that the 2Carolina Cats, Buddy & Finnigan, are having a paw picture contest. You send them a picture of just your paws then once the contest starts you have to guess who's paws they are. Whoeever gets the most right wins. So gets those paw pictures to them! Here's something odd. Mom's computer mouse is actually starting to squeak! Yeah, I didn't believe it either until I heard it. When she slides it back and forth it squeaks! We don't know why it's doing this. Mom thinks it has something to do with it's ball that it holds. I told her maybe it's just real hungry and try feeding it. If any of you know why it might be squeaking, please let us know. It's driving mom crazy! I'm just fascinated by it, but I need mom sane! heehee! Congratulations to Edsel for winning best Pet Blog site and to GK for coming in 2nd! I got honorable mention!! YEAAA! (I came in 4th!!) For those having trouble posting comments, I have help coming tomorrow evening. In the meantime, you can send it via email or go to the Contact Me page (All 3 go through email anyway.) Very sorry for any inconvenience. Seems to be a server problem. Have a blessed Sunday! Love, Beau

Monday, February 6, 2006
Special pressies!
Guess what I got today. I got a special pressie from Boni, Sanjee, and Mini, and they're mom. It was 3 little bags of catnip stash! THREE! I got so excited I was chewing on one of the bags! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! And there were lots of shiny things in the package too that were nice to look at. Mom called them sequin confetti. I tried to eat some, but mom said they weren't for eating. I thought they tasted okay! They even sent my mom a nice necklace pendant, with a stone in it. Their mom made it for my mom. I thought that was very nice of them because mom works at taking care of me so I appreciated it lots! Mom and I say thank you LOTS Boni, Sanjee, Mini, and mom!! We really like our pressies!! (Oh, and there's pictures below of MY pressies!) Love, Beau

Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Not even close!
I thought mice were bald, and grey/white. This is a toy mouse (below). This is not even close to looking like a real mouse. I've never seen whiskers pointing forward before. What does THAT mean?? AND, I've never seen a green, shiny mouse with hair. Much less one with a Don King hairdo! Whoever made this mouse had to be high on catnip. There is no other explanation. I refuse to lower myself to even acknowledge it, unless mom waves it in my face trying to get me to play with it. If she does, I get up, move to another spot and then I ignore her. If you REALLY want me to play with a toy mouse make it a grey rubbery one. Better yet, just let me have a real one. Enough said. (And if you want to check out my catnip "story," go to the
CA Blogger site.) Love, Beau

February 8, 2006
The flip side
First, let me mention that Ghost said Mia had two teeth pulled today when she went to the v-e-t for teeth cleaning, but is doing okay according to her mom. We need to be thinking of her. This fits in with my blog. I'm learning to take the bad with the good. Like, for example, I hate the taste of my medicine, and I'm usually hissy about it. But, while I'm getting it, even though I don't like this at the moment, mom is holding me, talking quietly to me and gives me ear scritches and loving. It's a weird bonding experience! And, it is probably good for me. (At least I hope so!) In Mia's case, the rest of her teeth probably look really nice now, even though two were pulled. There's always a positive flip side to negatives, even when we can't see it. (It's usually a God thing.) So, when things seem horrible always TRY looking for the up side! Love, Beau

Thursday, February 9, 2006
The Advantage
There are a few advantages of not being the alpha cat sometimes (to our humans, that is). Mom went out errand running lots today, running around in the cold like a crazy. It was COLD and I was glad to let her act nuts and go out in it while I stayed home, toasty warm, watching TV, napping whererever I wanted, eating, and leaving smelly surprises for mom when she got home. (heehee) I had packages to mail and it was nice making her do all the work. (Hey, I guess that means I AM the alpha cat! COOOL!!) Anyway, it was nice to get to stay in where it's warm while she was out. Picture below is from when mom and I got our special camera pressie, and I rubbed my scent all over it immediately showing it was MINE!! Love, Beau

Thursday, February 9, 2006
The Advantage
There are a few advantages of not being the alpha cat sometimes (to our humans, that is). Mom went out errand running lots today, running around in the cold like a crazy. It was COLD and I was glad to let her act nuts and go out in it while I stayed home, toasty warm, watching TV, napping whererever I wanted, eating, and leaving smelly surprises for mom when she got home. (heehee) I had packages to mail and it was nice making her do all the work. (Hey, I guess that means I AM the alpha cat! COOOL!!) Anyway, it was nice to get to stay in where it's warm while she was out. Picture below is from when mom and I got our special camera pressie, and I rubbed my scent all over it immediately showing it was MINE!! Love, Beau

Thursday, February 9, 2006
The Advantage
There are a few advantages of not being the alpha cat sometimes (to our humans, that is). Mom went out errand running lots today, running around in the cold like a crazy. It was COLD and I was glad to let her act nuts and go out in it while I stayed home, toasty warm, watching TV, napping whererever I wanted, eating, and leaving smelly surprises for mom when she got home. (heehee) I had packages to mail and it was nice making her do all the work. (Hey, I guess that means I AM the alpha cat! COOOL!!) Anyway, it was nice to get to stay in where it's warm while she was out. Picture below is from when mom and I got our special camera pressie, and I rubbed my scent all over it immediately showing it was MINE!! Love, Beau

Friday, February 10, 2006
To Catch A Thief--Kitty style!
I read in the news today of a special kitten named
Fred. Fred is from Brooklyn, New York and was a rescue. Fred recently helped Brooklyn police dectectives bust a male college student posting as a vet. He served as a decoy for the police. With Fred's help, the police were able to at least temporarily put this guy of business and punish him on behalf of his victims. Fred is known as an easy-going kitten He also now sports his own kitten-sized police detective badge. A lot of good work for a kitten! I expect this kitten to do great things in life. After all he already has! The link above is to the article. It did not mention what kind of kitten he was. GO KITTY! Love, Beau

Saturday, February 11, 2006
We actually got some snow this morning. That made mom happy which made me happy. Mom was getting really hissy about everyone having snow but us. I know lots of you DON'T want it, but mom grew up with lots of snow and now she doesn't get much and she misses it. It was a beautiful snow, with big flakes falling gently and quietly to the ground. It looked like a snow globe thing outside! I thought it might have been fun to try catching them on my tongue, but I wasn't interested enough in getting out in the cold. However, mom went out and took a picture (below). This turned out to be a good thing because two hours later it was gone like it never happened. I hope this doesn't mean mom's going to start getting hissy again! Love, Beau T
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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Olympics 2006-"Need for Speed"
I was so excited when the Olympics started. I like the way they do things...FAST! And they run, jump, spin.. all those things I like to do. So I was a bit wound up when they began. In the spirit of the Olympics I was running through our place at top speed, bounding onto the top of my tower and other furniture, then down again, and any other athletic thing I could think to do. This also got me to thinking. I think we should have Catolympics this summer. (No winter ones due to us not liking cold, snow, and ice.) We could have a pole cat jump, hurling the hairball, pouncing, long jump, realys and other running races. I would like to know what you think, if you're interested, and any other competition you can think of. Let me hear from you!! Love, Beau

Monday, February 13, 2006
Summer Catolympics 2006
Good ideas are coming in for the Catolympics. I'm finding this is going to be more complex than I thought. There will be an age division and groups of competitions. Since this is getting more complex, I was wondering who would like to be on an ICC (International Catolympic Committee). Also, we will need judges. Please email me or send a comment if you would like to be either on the ICC or a judge. Once the ICC gets things worked out there will be a competition sign up. If you would like to read some of the ideas that have come in, please go to the Cat Talk page. I think this will be lots of fun! Love, Beau

Tuesday, February 14, 2006"
This is dedicated to the ones we love!"
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Valentine's day is a day to honor those we love, and although in some cases it is overrated, it is still good to honor those we love. Mom says we should do that anyway every single day, and we shouldn't wait for a special day to do it. Mom ate lunch with Granpa and Momma S. today because they love each other. I would have gone, but I wasn't allowed. PFFFT!! When mom got home I rubbed all over her, purrred, licked her hands, and even headbutted her to show her how much I loved her. (I hope you did the same!) Anyway, we just wanted to say how much we appreciate and love you, and we're glad we're friends. Love, Beau (Note: Still looking for judges and ICC members to help plan Catolympics. Will let everyone know when to sign up for competitions.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
To Hiss or Not to Hiss...
Yesterday mom went to this big closeout store sale. (She loves sales and loves to shop.) She came home with two new pair of pants. But you know what? She did not come home with ANYTHING for ME? How rude is that?! Not even a bandana. I think she was upset because she got ripped off. The place she went was called Penney's, but those pants were more than pennies so I think she paid too much for them. So today mom went errand running and on the way home stopped at a female's place, named Wendy. This nice female gave mom some food in a sack to bring home. Has mom let me have any of yet? NO!! No bandana, no shared food. Yes I'm hissy!! (NOTE: For those of you who, like me, are getting a headache from this Pawtrait contest, my presently posted picture should help a little. I will try to keep posting pictures that will help. I think we all should help each other a little now. Thanks to Jasper for his BIG help. And thanks for all my cards! Mom and I are touched!) Love, Beau

Thursday, February 16, 2006
Thank You Timmy and Timmy's Mom
Today in the mail mom and I got some more special presents in the mail! I got a knitted catnip mouse and sleep mat Timmy's mom made and mom got a box of special chocolates! We really love our presents. I played hard with my mouse and then took a nap on my new mat. Mom even had trouble getting pictures of everything to post! Mom also wants to say thank you to Boni, Sanjee, and Mini's mom for the pendant she made her when she sent me those 3 catnip pouches I showed you recently. Thanks for our camera, my catnip pouches and mouse, my mat, and mom's pendant and chocolates. We are extremely touched! We love you, too! Love, Beau

Friday, February 17, 2006
Pawtrait Clues
1. Many paws 2. Carpet 3. Last section clue picture below. If you haven't already posted clues, *PLEASE* do. Some of these are really hard! We got the extension I asked for on behalf of ALL of us!! > "...we are extending the deadline for entries with your answers to Saturday, Feb. 25 at 8 a.m. eastern. Buddy and Finnigan" YEAAA!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006
AM Event--Mom's Happy!! (enough said)

Sunday, February 19, 2006
Granpa's sister (mom's aunt) is having a hip replaced tomorrow. (Hopefully with another hip!) She is older than grandpa but not older than dirt. She has also been living alone with some assistance, so lots of life changes are probably about to take place as well as surgery. Please pray for her and her situation. Mom and I believe prayer changes things for good and creates miracles. Thanks! Love, Beau (Note: 2 more judges need for Catolympics. You can judge an event you're not participating in! Leave comment if interested. Thanks again! Love, Beau)

Monday, February 20, 2006
Current Events
Today is all about snippits of what's happening around. First, I would like to say that rumor has it that Timmy's Grammie needs some more visitors to her site so we all need to show Timmy's Grammie some support. When you visit Timmy, visit Grammie too! She's got some yummy recipess on there! Also, I would like to extend a warm, furry welcome to the newest cat bloggers (that we know of), Angelica and...BEAU! No, not me. ANOTHER Beau! Some of you have already dropped in to welcome them and introduce yourselves. I expect the rest to follow as I'm sure you will. Finally, on the home front mom talked to Grandpa this evening and his sister's hip replacement went will. Much haapy news today! Praise God!! Now don't forget to visit Grammie, and Angelica and Beau's site! Love, Beau (new pic below

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Sweeeeet !!
While mom was out today she went by K-mart. While she was there she happened to go down the pet aisle and found that kibble Stinky Goodness was on sale. Since she had been thinking about getting me some to try and I haven't seen too interested in my normal food the last few days (you know what's coming) she bought me some! Well, I tried it and thought it was good! (I didn't want to seem too excited ya' know! heehee) And, it comes in poultry (my favorite!) and seafood flavors! I might just scarf down food tonight, but do it gradually as not to be TOO obvious! heehee! On a personal note, Grandpa and Momma S. come home tomorrow so I

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
A bump in the day
I heard a very loud bird right outside the bedroom window. My hears went into full alert. I dashed into the bedroom, lept onto the bed, and went for the window headlong to catch that birdie. I didn't think about the fact the window was closed. BAM! Yep, I slammed my head into the window, not to mention tangling the blinds that toom mom a couple of hours to untangle. That didn't feel too good...especially since I didn't get the bird. Enough said. Love, Beau

Thursday, February 23, 2006
Update--Catoympics (Summer 2006)
I would like to introduce the members of the ICC and the judges. Members of the ICC are as follows: Smaegol, Stryder (and gang), Timmy and his mom, my mom and me. The judges are: Mia, Ghost, and Scooby. There will be a torch relay leading up to the beginning so if you would like to be a part of that let either Timmy, Smaegol and Stryder (and gang), or me know. We are presently deciding on cometitions and putting them into categories. As soon as we get that together it will be posted so you can start signing up. Rules and age categories will be posted at that time. Timmy's mom is going to do an Olympic logo and torch symbols for us. Thanks ICC members and judges! Love, Beau

Friday, February 24, 2006
I got a new box (see pics below)! The mailman even brought it to the door for me! Wasn't that nice?!! I know it was for me because it fit me perfectly. And, whoever sent it to me was even nice enough to put some stuff in it for mom, which she also appreciated. I love my box. I have temporarily given up laying in my bed to lay in my nice new box. And it's fun to play in too! I put a little bite on it to claim it, but mom has not yet taken a picture of it. (Bad help you know!) Love love LOVE my new box!! Changing subjects, without mentioning names one of you mentioned a song mom called "Wild Thing" on their blog. Now she's going around singing it all the time. Mom can't sing...OR dance. Thaaaanks...yeah. I should get a picture of mom. THAT would be funny! heeheeheehee! Love, Beau

Saturday, February 25, 2006
Mom is making me write this, so please take that into consideration when reading this. She said I am supposed to tell you she CAN sing, just not as good as good at Timmy's mom. She said just becaise I don't like her singing doesn't mean she can't sing, and saying that gives the wrong impression. Besides, God doesn't matter what a person sounds like. I still say she can't sing, and I leave the room. That ought to give her a clue! (Notice nothing was said about her ability-or not-to dance. =ahem=) By the way, something has happened to the comments I posted on the Cat Talk page yesterday, so if you (5) sent a comment yesterday, and actually remember it by some miracle, and have time, please resubmit. Don't know what happened. They were there last night! OOOOH...maybe mom's computer has a ghost in it!...uuuhhh I think I'll get off now. Love, Beau

Sunday, February 26, 2006
he Measure of a Man
Mom wanted you to get an idea just how long I actually am when fully stretched out. This picture gives you an idea, but mom says even this picture doesn't fully do me justice. I'm a long kitty! Also, I wanted to show you the big black spot on my tummy I've talked about. Mom says it's my "tickle" spot, because when she rubs that area I get all excited like, "Quit mom, that tickles!" This picture also shows that despite mom's concerns, I'm still a big boy. Now I have proof! heehee! Even though I measure long and big, mom says that the true measure of a man (or woman) is their personality so I'd better work on that biting thing. Mom, I just keep biting you cause you're just so sweet...! heehee! Love, Beau

Monday, February 27, 2006
Working hard
Mom and I have been hard at work. We've been saying we were going to do this for a long time, ans since you seem to like our photos so much, I was finally able to push mom into helping me. We now have featured pictures on our archive site! YEAAA! (I hear the applause!) So now there are two archive links, one specifically to the pictures page, the other to the main page. We aim to please! Congratulations to Timmy on winning the Pawtrait contest AND getting them all right! It has been asked again about my comments. They are on the Cat Talk page (see menu link on left side). There are three ways to comment: the comment box, regular email, and also the Contact Me page (also see menu on left). All ways go through my email so I copy and paste them. I watched the closing human Olympics last night, but mom caught me watching so I acted like I was bored with the whole thing and went to sleep. I would love to go to Mardi Gras (except for the crowd). Lots of feathers and beads to play with, and things to ride on! Have a good week! Love, Beau

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Mardi Gras Baby!
Well, as you can see by the pictures below I had a grand time at Mardi Gras! Lots of fun things to do and see! If you look closely at the picture of me lying down, I have a big kitty smile on my face. Not only am I thinking about how much fun I had, but I was kind of nipped out at the time. (Partying just a little too much, ya' know! heehee) It still looks kind of sad in New Orleans, but the people there had a good spirit. I was glad I was able to participate. I hope to be able to go again next year. Maybe a bunch of us can go together! Just thought you'd like to see my pictures from the trip! Love, Beau

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