Friday, September 01, 2006


Sunday, September 3, 2006
Lots to tell
I wanted to catch you up on what's been going on with me. Mom went to PetSmart the other day. She said she was just going for litter but when she came back she had several bags of stuff...just for ME!! WA-HOOO!! The best news was she found some more deli treats!! (Tuna and Chicken, but not the beef.) Also, we found I like the new wet food called Medleys. Mom said, "FINALLY, a wet food you LIKE!!" I also got new food dishes and a new, bigger bed, a zip vest (good grief!!), and a new red bow tie. Mom said this is my birthday and Christmas combined and not to ask for anything for a while. What-ev-er! (You know I will! heehee) I hope to have a picture soon. Also,. I've learned something very exciting. There's a new
Pet Prayer & Praise blog. Check it out!! There is no news about how the Luna search went, so please keep up your prayer vigils. Also, Calico Girls' mom is having surgery, Brandi's mom still needs our help, and Ramona (Caturday) needs help fulfilling her big dream. And, let's not forget all the others we've been praying for as well!! Have a blessed week! Love, Beau

Monday, September 4, 2006
Another confusion
So, today is labor day. Mom says it's a day to honor everyone in the work foirce so they get to take the day off. If this is true, why do some people still have to work. And why do they call it labor day instead of rest day? Also, mom's older sister was born many years ago on labor day (Happy Birthday, Aunt T., on Thursday!). Mom says that's an even different kind of labor. The more I listen to human logic, the more confused I get and the more my head hurts. Am I the only one??? No wonder I need so many naps! I need one now. Thanks to all the workers out there. Sorry if you had to work t0oday. Love, Beau

Thursday, September 7, 2006
What's new
Mom's stupid computer is acting up again. Not only that she killed the mouse thingy. (No, I did NOT kill it..SHE did!) It took me forever to find a way to post this. So, we will be offline a couple of days. Mom also has a sign us infect shun. (There's no US about it. I'M not getting her yucky germs! heehee!) She went to the human v-e-t today and came home with chunks to take. EWWW!! I go to the v-e-t Monday morning (or at least that's what I've been told..heehee..). I am to have the following done: nail clipping (all paws), blood work, annual stabs, and teeth cleaning. I will be having a nice long nap during this and, if all goes as expected, I will be home by the time I wake up good. This is our news. Have a great weekend. Love, Beau

Friday, September 8, 2006
One thing mom recently got was a fake bird that chirps. She bought it off the dollar area at the Green Wall Shelter. Mom thought I would find it entertaining. Although I did check it out when she brought it home, and even tried biting it, she thought wrong. This bird is made of wood, and every time you walk past it, it chirps. This was only entertaining for the first five minutes. Now it's just annoying! It also opens and closes its beak and turns its head, which is okay except for the fact when it turns its head it does it in a jerky motion. I find this disturbing because it make the bird look like it has a problem or something. I plan to smack it across the room and break it some day when mom's not home. heeheeheeheehee!! Love, Beau

Sunday, September 10, 2006
the kitten
Mom found a girl kitten last evening. Just like when mom found me she kept hearing her until she finally saw her last evening. Mom called to her and she came right to mom and walked right in the door as if she belonged here. Mom said she was too thin so she fed her and last night she slept in our bathroom. I've been real protective of her. After all, she's just a little girl! But, she doesn't like me so mom has to keep us seperated. Mom made a bunch of calls last night to try finding her a home, but no luck. If mom doesn't find a place for her this morning she will have to take her to our Humane Shelter because we can't keep her. This breaks mom's heart and she is so sad she has been shedding water this morning. Please pray for kitten. (I hope the compuer lets me post a picture of her later today.) update:
Mom took the kitten to the Humane Shelter this afternoon after having no luck placing her elsewhere. Stupid mom also forgot to take a picture of her first. Mom spent 2 hours inside, and in front, of PetSmart trying to find someone to take her home. Then she went across the street to a Cat store that doubles as a shelter, and they were overfilled. So, after driving around a while trying to figure out what to do, mom took her there. The shelter lady PROMISED mom REPEATEDLY kitten would be adopted, not killed. Mom is trusting God on this! Mom named her Fearless because of the following: she walked right into our place as if she belonged here; she would hiss, spat, and swat at ME; climbed up mom's leg to get in her lap, had no problem being in our truck and riding, and sat on mom's stomach, kneading, while mom was laying in the big vat of water she bathes in. Fearless is a dark gray, short hair, tabby with brown eyes and her fur has a brown stripe down her back. She has black paws and nails. She is very affectionate and loves people. I hope she finds a home quick. When she cried for mom last night I tried comforting her but she didn't like me getting close. I even tried to put my paw on hers. Mom is taking this whole thing very hard. She cried all morning, all the way there, hyper vent a late it when she had to give her to the shelter lady (whom mom said was very nice and understanding), and cried halfway home. Mom is taking a nap now. Oh, and remember to check the
Pet Prayer & Praise blog today for your prayer and praise list (updated on Sundays). Also check the Cat Blogosphere for weekly news (updated yesterday). Love, Beau

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Mom and I appreciate the positive thoughts about Fearless and thank you. Mom is doing some better and not shedding water like she was Sunday and Monday. She left a message at the shelter today asking she be called about how Fearless is doing. We don't know whether or not we will get called back, but at least they know we're checking on her. Monday I had my v-e-t appointment and got stabs, clean teeth, clipped nails, and blood taken. Also, because I had eaten a piece a plastic 2 days before and had not yet pooped since then, mom felt the (very embarrassingly) need to let everyone know this. =turns red= So, they also x-rayed my insides. I am happy to report I'm fine, my iron count is stable, and I'm very healthy. Fortunately for me that didn't weigh me this time! (heehee!) All for now! Love, Beau

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy AND Sad
Today mom and I are both happy and sad for many reasons. We are happy because Fearless's sister was caught today, by a neighbor, and also a week from tomorrow Hathi will make the trip with mom to his new home. But, both of these have their sad sides. Catching Fearless's sister means tomorrow mom has to take her also to the shelter, but tonight she is staying with the neighbor. (Mom's trying not to think about it.) However, this means they can be reunited at least temporarily! Mom is going to ask that they be in the same kennel. The sister has almost the same personality as Fearless. Mom is trying to think of a good name for her before tomorrow. Maybe THIS time mom can get a picture. Anyway, it will also be sad to see Hathi leave and I know Sable and Hathi will miss each other very much. If any of the litter of squillions wants to send a note, mom will print them out and make a folder for Hathi to take to his new home. I need to go check on mom now. Take care! Love, Beau

Saturday, September 16, 2006
Stupid Humans
Mom decided to call the other girl kitten Precious (not thinking about Precious Flower of the Calico Girls). She thought about Joy, Hope, and Faith but she didn't like the idea of it being told "NO!" in front of those names. Mom had planned on taking Precious to the shelter yesterday, but the stupid guy below us who said he would keep her inside overnight, didn't. Now she's missing again. It's just as well 'cause, Ginger, the shelter lady, called mom that morning and said they couldn't take her 'til Oct.3 they were so full. That means we've got two weeks to find her again. (Paws crossed.) The good news is that Ginger said Fearless is doing well and may be up for adoption soon! YEAAA!! Oh, and I need to tell you mom, Grandpa, and Momma S. are going to visit Aunt T. next weekend. Mom says I can't use the computer while she's gone, so next weekend I won't be able to blog, maybe even Friday too. Don't forget to wish Ayla a happy birthday (16 yrs.!) and Charlie a happy gotcha day. (Both were yesterday.) Continue to keep Luna and her family (& others) in your prayeers. Love, Beau

Monday, September 18, 2006
Mom is very, very sad tonight. Her best friend, who had liver disease, died tonight. Grandpa called her at 8:30 (CT) to let her know. Mom's shedding LOTS of water again. Mom wanted me to share these thoughts About 2-3 months ago mom saw Mary for the last time when she came to help mom with some stuff. She was supposed to come back but got sick, was in and out of the hospital, and spent this last month in intensive care waiting for a transplant. Mary was one of the best friends mom ever had. She was kind, caring, and had a very giving heart. She was a wonderful human being, and mom will miss her. Now, I need to go cuddle mom and lick her hand some more. P.S. Any well wishes to Hathi should be received no later than Thursday noon. Love, Beau

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Praise Report
Calico Girls' mom, Toni, had a successful surgery and is resting. YEAAA!!! Future updaes to be given at their blog by the D-i-l. Mom's friend is not suffering anymore. She has gone to be with God in Heaven. Since I'm not allowed on the computer this afternoon while mom is gone to tell her good-bye and listen to a preacher talk about her, today's news is short. Tommorw we will try to do a long one since I won't be able to blog Saturday and Sunday, and maybe this Friday. Have a blessed day! Love, Beau

Thursday, September 21, 2006
Your day is made!
It's been CRAZY around here today. Mom has been pulling clothes out of the closet and throwing them on the floor in a stack. Her travel case is also out. She's making me tired watching her run around so much! I don't want to get run over so I'm staying out of the way! My big news of the day is that I am doing my "Sunday sermons" on the Pet Prayer & Praise blog starting this weekend! I have already drafted Sunday's since I won't be allowed on the computer this weekend. So, you will get to "hear" from me this weekend! (I know your day is made! heehe!!) Remember to check it out on Sunday! I hope everyone has a blessed and joyful weekend! I will miss you. Love, Beau

Monday, September 25, 2006
Mom's home! Mom's home! And Luna's home too!!! So much good news! I'm so excited I just gotta run and run and jump through our place! Mom and I want to thank everyone who emailed us to make sure we knew, knowing we weren't on the computer over the weekend. Special thanks to Victor for spreading the word so fast to EVERYONE since I couldn't and to Ms. Robyn for even calling on the phone and leaving us a message. Mom checked her messages over the weekend and got it. Most of all, we want to thank God, his angels and the Rainbow kitties for taking care of her. Mom says we have a LOT of work to do the next few days to get caught up on everything. Mom reports that Hathi made it to Aunt T's home just fine and is loving it there. He and cousin Smokey spend time together getting to know each other. Hathi says he knows he will love it there and sends love to all his siblings. I missed mom so much, but the trip seems to have helped her feel better. Tonight we: snuggled, played, ate together, snuggled, played, snuggled, I got long tummy rubs and ear scritches, and played. Life is good. God is good. It's all good! Love, Beau

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
What I did
Mom unpacked her travel case today and put things back where they were. This is what I did to help: helped pull out things; put my paws, and laid, on thing to let her know what still needed to be put up; jumped inside to make sure everything was out; sniffed clothes to determine if dirty or not; looked inside all outside pockets to make sure nothing was missed; and then laid on lid to help close case again. It was exhausting work so afterwards I needed a nap. It was a very busy day! Love, Beau

Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Grooming Tip
I would offer the following grroming tip mom and I discovered. Most of you may already know this. This is for those who don't. When having your human brush you (when should be done daily), have them first brush in the opposite direction your fur goes. This removes more loose fur and in less time, therefore allowing you more time to nap and do your favorite things. It also fluffs up your fur more (which is important). Of course, be sure your human finishes by brushing your fur back down in the direction it goes. I like this which is why I approved this message. Love, Beau

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gone to the Bridge
ULLRICK--So Caring, So Loved, So Young and Beautiful
We will miss you

NOTE: Millie's sisfur not doing well. Pray for her!

Saturday, September 30, 2006
BIIIG News!!!
Okay, I just gotta tell you this! FEARLESS IS ADOPTED!! Yeaaaa!! Mom and I are just so very happy for her. We hope she likes her new home and family. (Now if Precious, her sister, will show up again so we can find a home for HER.) And you know what else, I got an award! For real!
Kimo and Sabi had a picture caption contest, which I didn't find out about until the end of it and barely got my ideas in...and mine won!! WOW!! I can't believe it! I'm so excited!! Thank you so much. Here is my award: (Love, Beau)

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