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Wednesday, August 2, 2006
Two Things
I'm a little concerned. I caught mom putting white powder on my food today. However, I'm pretty sure it's not anthrax. It starts with a 'c' instead of an 'a.' This also means it doesn't have rat or poison in it...unless there's a poison that starts with c. Mom says it's my anti-m-flame-a-tory medicine. But, why would I want to take something with flames?? Like I said, I'm concerned. I went hidey in this really big box that came today. (That's the 2nd thing.) It's REALLY big. When the brown clothed man brought it in I immediately jumped on it and claimed it as mine! Oh, but first I jumped on mom's shoulder and made upset noises at the man to put him in his place. Mom took a green bed cover out and then I jumped inside and went hidey. Mom took pictures so you could see (below). It's been an up and down day. How about you? Love, Beau

Thursday, August 3, 2006
Mom spoke with the MBC mom today and found out that there was a possibility of an escape by some of the Green Wall Shelter kitties squillion litter. So, since mom had to be out today she kept a watch for them. Sure enough, she spotted 3. Being the caring rescuer she is, she brought them home with her. Turns out one is our beloved Hathi we were waiting for! With him were Gigi and Ginny the gingers. Gigi and Ginny are still looking for homes, so if you can give them one please let us know (along with your address of course) and we will get them to you. Everyone is having a nice visit and family reunion in the meantime! (Family potrait below.) Mom and I were talking about the mother cat of squillions and what she must have gone through giving birth. WOW!! We hope she is okay and doing well. We really do admire her! I'm sure SHE was begging for a girl hoo-ha-ectomy after THAT!! We're glad to be part of the reunions and hope all are adopted soon! Love, Beau

Saturday, August 5, 2006
I am pleased to report that both Gigi and Ginny have been adopted. WOW!! That was fast! They will both be going to live with the Smeagol and Strider gang. We are so very happy for them, and happy that will be able to stay together. Coming from a litter of squillions, I know they will adapt very quickly and nicely to a very busy household. We wish them well and hope they keep in touch. We will let you keep you posted on their trip to their new home. We had very bad booms, cracks, and flashes yesterday. Mom said our breezeway looks like a hurricane came through it with all the twigs, leaves, and other debris on it now. Mom's lived hear a long time and she said it was the first time she ever saw water standing all the way through it like a lake. Mom also said it rained as hard as the day she got so scared being in the storm, but without the wind. (She was glad she was home inside.) We hope the weather has been calm for YOU! Love, Beau

Sunday, August 6, 2006
Our Tails
They say when a human really shows a lot of emotion they're "wearing their heart on their sleeve." Well, we show a lot of emotions through our tails so I guess you could say we wear our emotions on our tails. This is something to think about because if we don't want the humans to know what we truly think or feel about something we need to learn to control our tails. Like, if we want to act snarky about something but really like whatever our tails could give us away. The same could be true for turning our ears toward sounds if we don't want them to know we really hear them. (heehee!) So, I'm going to start practing more mind and self control over these things. It will keep mom on her toes! Just a though...! Love, Beau

Monday, August 7, 2006
Where's the box???
I can't believe it. My box is gone. Mom actually got rid of my box. (See me looking in pic below.) How could she??? She didn't even ask me if was okay after giving it to ME to play with. I wasn't done with it.She said that it was in the way and too big. No it wasn't. I loved that box. I thought it was perfect! Mom said that I probably would get a new box whenever my Secret Paw package comes, but it hasn't. And why couldn't she wait until then? WHY??? I'm just so very upset about this! I need a hug. I'm going to go take a nap with my paws over my head and wait for the SP box to come. Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 8, 2006
My brain hurts!
After having a chat with mom yesterday I feel very confused. You will see why. The heat index thingy was supposed to be 100. Mom says 100 in this is not good. However, getting a 100 in the learning place where the younger humans just went back is VERY good. But, 100 in the riding machine is very BAD. What I've learned from this is: what a human learns in school may make them very smart but doesn't necessarily apply to real life; the rules totally change; and thinking about all this makes my head hurt. I need another nap (and some nip). Love, Beau

Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Goodbye, kitty(s)!
Ginger and Gigi left around 3:30 pm today travelling to Smeagol and Strider's home in Pennsylvania. It will take them a few days to get there. Since it is still very hot here, mom went with them to the travelling station. She stayed and made sue they had their tickets and carriers to ride in, and then watched as the blue-striped topped woman took them to the waiting area to wait for their ride. I wouldn't let mom take my picture, but I (=blushes=) kissed them both good-bye before they left. Then they said their goodbyes to Sable and Hathi, which was very emotional. (see pic below) Sable and Hathi told them to keep in touch and let them know that they got there okay. We hope that they have safe travel and will love their new home! We will miss them! Love, Beau (Hathi and Sable)

Friday, August 11, 2006
I was tagged and I have to say 5 weird things about myself. Let's see...: 1) I do not like wet cat food but love baby food; 2) I will eat salmon, but not much tuna or shrimp, chicken but not beef; 3) I prefer a chest rub more often than a tummy rub (hey! I'm a guy..get over it! heehe!); 4) after someone touches me or I touch them I often an incredible urge to clean myself (mom said something about being OCD whatever that is); and 5) I don't react much to catnip and don't play with toys much. Oh, and I have to tag 5 more (if they want): Oreo, Timmy, Edsel, Smeagol and Strider. Okay, now that I'm totally embarassed I'm going to go hide and nap. I hope everyone still likes me. Friday, August 11, 2006Mom's 5 Weird Things I had trouble narrowing her list so it took a while to do, but here they are: 1. Mom gets around in a wheeled chair. 2. She likes raw vegetables but not cooked ones. 3. She goes around the condo singing and dancing a lot! 4. Mom has over 30 pair of socks. 5. When she was little she liked cannons even though she's a girl. Love, Beau

Saturday, August 12, 2006
Ramona's big dream
Ramona (of Caturday) has a big dream. When she was a kitten she was very sick. But, people took care of her and Harper and now she's healthy and happy. She thinks about all those still in shelters who need medical care and wants to help them. Ramona says, "We started Ramona's Top Cats to raise money at the Walk for the Animals which will be September 16th in my town. I am going to have a flag with all my team members names on it and I want to win top prize and beat the woofers. Beezer and Finnegan and Buddy are going to be on my team also. I hope more of you will join me. I would love to be International. To join my team and set up your own page (have your human help you put up a photo) go to First Giving You have to click on Teams and then Ramona's Top Cats and then set up your own page. Your human can help you. To sponsor me go to my page Ramona’s Top Cats And Bucky is going to be on my team too! First prize is a year of Nutro food. If we win we will donate it to the shelter. Especially if it is dog food! We started Ramona's Top Cats to raise money at the Walk for the Animals which will be September 16th in my town. I am going to have a flag with all my team members names on it and I want to win top prize and beat the woofers. Beezer and Finnegan and Buddy are going to be on my team also. I hope more of you will join me. I would love to be International. To join my team and set up your own page (have your human help you put up a photo) go to First Giving You have to click on Teams and then Ramona's Top Cats and then set up your own page. Your human can help you. To sponsor me go to my page Ramona’s Top Cats And Bucky is going to be on my team too! First prize is a year of Nutro food. If we win we will donate it to the shelter. Especially if it is dog food!" So go check this out and help if you can! Love, Beau

Sunday, August 13, 2006
I know you've always wanted to know what mom looks like so I have finally posted a picture (below) of her. The only problem is the picture is old and she doesn't look like that now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! I will tell more about the picture later. Love, Beau

Monday, August 14, 2006
I must admit that mom is very good about my water supply and fills my water bowl with fresh water several times a day from the sink spout. I was very happy with this until today. Today she let me have a taste of water from a bottle. It was gooood. You mean I could have been having THIS instead of faucet water??? The indignities of it all! I was slumming it when I could have been having the much deserved water in a bottle! Most of us are! After all, we are from a superior species that should be treated as royalty. From now on, I will insist on water from a bottle and so should you! Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Purrrrrs for sunny spots!
First, I said I would tell you about mom's picture below. It is a picture of my mom when she was just a blurpy thing...even before her mom and dad got to bring her home. She had to stay longer because she was born with handy caps, so they took her picture there. The white elephant was not because there was a sale there. The nurses gave it to her so she would have something to snuggle. We think that was nice. For a blurpy thing, I think she's cute. So that's the story behind the picture. It has been cloudy so much lately that it's been hard to find a nice warm, sunny spot to lay in. I go through the condo 'round and 'round looking for one. When I do finally find one I"m so happy and thankful I just sit there in it and soak up as much sun as possible. It just feels soooo good! Mom says we need the rain but I say we need more sunny spots. What do you say??? Love, Beau

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Today I went with mom to PetSmart. It was really too hot so I wasn't overly thrilled, but I went anyway. We went to get me a new harness because I wore out the other one. While there, I saw a small, furry thing mom called a chin chill a. I don't why. I didn't see a chin on it and it looked too furry to be cold (although it did stay in one place a lot). I also saw a woofie mom called a mal a mute. I didn't understand this either as it certainly wasn't mute. It barked really loud! It looked liked a huge, oversized version of Indy. And I saw lots of birds (but mom wouldn't let me get too close). Mom kept asking me what color of harness I wanted and showing me different ones. I just lay there, which was a good thing...we came home with 2 reflective paw print ones (a red and a royal), and a blue "camoflage" one. Also, since I'm a southern gentlecat, and all southern gentlecats need a bow tie, we got a blue bow tie collar for special occasions. A picture of that will be coming soon. All in all I say I did pretty well at PetSmart! Oh, and uh mom still sleeps with her mouth open but is not as cute as she once was (but that's okay with me). Love, Beau

Friday, August 18, 2006
Today, while I'm supposedly at Grandpa's and Momma S.'s I hope to teleport to see some of my friends. Then I will have lots to tell! I'm all dressed for visiting. I have my new bow tie and matching suspenders (harness) on. I let mom get a picture of me (below) before I left this morning so everyone could see how handsome I look! Sorry it's a little fuzzy. I moved a little while mom took the picture. Mom is very tired today after working so hard yesterday getting ready for the carpet cleaners this morning. I'm hoping she gets a nap in after they leave and before picking me up. Oh, and by popular demand the picture of mom as a blurpy thing is also back up. I took it down yesterday and some still wanted to see it so it's also below! Hope to see you later! Love, Beau

Saturday, August 19, 2006
It came! It came!
The delivery man delivered my Secret Paw package today and it was from all the Meezers. Thank you Meezers! I love my presents so much. I never had deli treats before and they were heavenly! I couldn't get enough of them! And I got so many treats and toys! You were very generous! Thank you!

Monday, August 21, 2006
Went visitng
The other day when I went visiting I visited Smeagol and Strider. They were wonderful hosts and we had a great time. Gizmo and Mystery were also very cool to hang out with. G&M snuck us to the basement and we had a grand time playing down there! I also went to Hot(M)BC and it was a very active and busy home with 5 cats. I got to visit with all 5, including Gree and Pepi. I learned a lot about it was like to be an outdoor kitty and listened to all their tales. Everyone was very gracious and I enjoyed my visits. Thanks for having me. I will tell more of my tells later. Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Cats in blinds
One of my favorite spots is looking out the bedroom windiow. It has the best view. I can see lots of birds and squirrels from there, and see everything going on. For a while I couldn't get to it which was no fun, but it's been worth the wait. The bed is now close to the window and I can jump from one to the other, which is great. I had mom take the pictures below for you...and uh, yeah, I'm the one who broke the blinds. SHHHH! Love, Beau

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
First Visit
This is the first tale of my visits the other day. I went to visit Smeagol, Strider, Mystery and Gizmo. We had lots of fun and I was treated very well. They gave me wonderful treats and we had a great visit. Gizmo and Mystery are very cool! They snuck Smeagol, Strider and me down to the basement, which was tons of fun. (They don't normally get to go down there.) We were able to get loud without anyone knowing and being bothered! They were all very nice to me and wonderful host! Thank you all for showing me such a good time! Love, Beau

Thursday, August 24, 2006
You'll never believe it!!
You'll never believe what happened yesterday. It took mom all day to get over the shock of it! The telephone repairman came and I didn't hiss, growl, pouf fur, spat, or make upset noises. Instead I only licked his hand (without biting it). Yeah, ME! Can you believe that?! Mom was in shock all day yesterday, and even called the vet to tell them that pro Zach chunks were evidently helping. However, today the painter guy came back to finally sand the top of the bedroom door. I did do all the above to HIM. I didn't want mom to get too excited. Besides, I don't like him. Neither does mom, and that in itself makes me defensive. I'm protective. Hear me roar! But the moral of this is, if you want to shake your humans' world, do something totally opposite of what they expect! heehee! Love, Beau

Friday, August 25, 2006
Second Visit
When I visitet Hot(M)BC the other day it was a very busy time with the six of us cats running around. It was also very exciting! I had a nice indoor visit with Boni, Sanjee, and Mini. They secretly showed me where the nip stash drawer was (shhh) and we all inhaled deeply and enjoyed ourselves (heehee!). Then I spent equal time outside under the shade tree with Gree and Pepi. We all shared a wondrful meal together, served by mom, Robyn, and had a great visit. They all told me what it was like living in a big family and they all had their own opinions of it! It was very entertaining. Gree and Pepi told me what it was like to live outdoors, and even though they seem to like it for the most part I still would never want to do it. I enjoyed the visits there too! Thanks for the wonderful visit! (Note: Please forgive me, but I have failed to mention I also visited Mia & Ghost on visiting day. Tales of that also to come.) Love, Beau

Saturday, August 26, 2006
Confused again
Mom and I were watching the news on the picture box and that were talking about Pluto. I first thought it was about the woofie, but then I found out there's a planet, that's now not a planet, called Pluto. This in itself made my head hurt. So then, the man on the picture box says it's now called a DWARF planet. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong here...PLEASE! If it's now called a dwarf PLANET isn't it still a PLANET. A planet is a planet right??? And if it's a DWARF, where are the other six??? I don't understand human logic. I'm only a cat. I think they should have left it alone. I also think I need another nap. I have a migraine. Love, Beau

Sunday, August 27, 2006
BeauBeau&Angie are presently holding a prayer vigil for Luna. Head on over there. Other prayer vigils -- Tonight at 9 PM (on your own). Monday thru Saturday -- 8 PM (your time). Third Visit Lastly, on my visiting day, I went to visit my good friends Mia and Ghost. It was a nice, quiet time with much talk and laughter. We chose just to have a quiet afternoon visiting which was most enjoyable.With us all being southern, we had a lot in common. Ghost, being older and handicapped, is very wise beyond her years and I learned much from her. It was nice to get different perspectives on life from both of them. They are both also very witty (hence the laughter). It was very hot there so we didn't eat much but their mom provided us with a lot of fresh, cool water. It was most appreciated. I had a good time here as well and I thank you very much for your southern hospitality! I am thankful for all my friends and family and pray for them. Speaking of which, we need to remember Luna, Trixie, Millie's sisfur, and Mimi in our prayers this week. Also, remember Edsel's, Calico Girls', and Brandi's moms as well, along with any other cat or humans you know who need our prayers. Have a blessed week! Love, Beau

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Memorial Service Tonight
Trixie's Memorial is tonight (August 29, 2006) at The Big Piney Woods
http://thecalicogirls.blogspot.com/ at 6pm PST (7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern). But Blogger is bein so bad today we it was feared there might not be able to get to the ceremony for Trixie and it was really really wanted to have it. So an alternate place was set up in case blogger is bad. It's at An Alternate Cat Blogosphere at http://hotmbc.livejournal.com/. You can comment "anonymously" (without signing up for anything) or set up a LiveJournal account to use if you want. If blogger won't let anyone get to The Big Piney Woods http://thecalicogirls.blogspot.com/ for the ceremony, please come to the alternate Cat Blogosphere to Honor Trixie's life. Thanks! Love, Beau

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