Saturday, July 01, 2006

JULY 2006

Saturday, July 1, 2006
Meet MILLIE (Hit & Run Named!)
That's right! Hit and run kitty has been named. So congratulations to
MILLIE! We think that's a cute name for a cute girl! I also her she successfully used her litterbox! What a big girl she's getting to be! More good news is that the everyone who could stepped up to the plate and donated so Millie's surgery bill is now covered!! YEAAA!! Now, there are still follow-up visits, including suture removal next week so the extra vets bills are still she will have to have her shots and have that =ahem= special surgery. (You know what I mean.) So, I would like to encourage everyone to continue to donate (click on above link) for a little while longer to help with basic expenses. (By the way, no word yet on the mom so keep those prayers coming!) Millie did get very upset and hissy last night so anyone with suggestions, please go comment and give encouragement too! We're just so happy for everyone there! (But if mom hugs me one more time and tells me she loves me I'm gonna bite her!) Love, Beau

Sunday, July 2, 2006
Sermon Sunday
Based on recent multiple incidents, I felt it was good timing for this: The Holy Bible states in Matthew 25:40,45,46, "And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’ Then He will answer them, saying, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.’ And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” So I ask you today...will you stop and help "the least of these" or will you turn your back on one that needs you? It's your choice. Choose wisely. There are consequences. Love, Beau

Tuesday, July 4, 2006
My Side of the Story
I have been told that tomorrow night mom and I will both be spending the night at Grandpa and Momma S.'s. Now that the water situation is fixed, the smoke situation guy plans to start painting tomorrow. Mom thought it best if I spent the day at their house and then we will both spend the night there. Mom doesn't want me around the paint fumes, and I bit the tile guy on the ankle. Mom said because of this I might have to go see a behavior v-e-t. She said I need to get control of this before we get sued. This is MY side of the story. The tile guy was coming in and out puting his stuff up, and the smoke guy comes in. So, here I was in the MIDDLE of 2 males I didn't know and who don't normally belong on our turf. I felt corner, trapped, and overwhelmed. The tile guy moved and I bit (nipped) his ankle. I was protecting us. This is my story and I'm sticking to it! Love, Beau

Thursday, July 6, 2006
I spent yesterday and last night at Grandpa's and Momma S.'s. There were lots of places to explore...and hide. I loved looking out the windows in their sunny room, but they had this big wind blower above that spun around. I didn't like it too much. There were also more boomers and bangs over there! Mom just left me over there ALL DAY without visiting. I really missed mom. So, I just mostly stayed under a bed and got some space. It felt better being under there. My favorite part was Grandma's shoes and when mom came back. This morning mom brought me home and stuff was bunched together and covered in plastic...and our walls were yellow! (see pictures below) Greeeat! Now even our place is looking more girly. Just what I needed! And, when I got home I got put in the bathroom for a while, and the noisy grass eaters were outside. PFFFT!! Oh well, I'm just glad to be home! There's no place like home! Love, Beau

Saturday, July 8, 2006
More cleaning???
Grandpa and Momma S. came today to help mom. They took out a bunch of stuff, including one of the real skinny beds. That is SO not cool! THAT was the bed I slept on. The other bed is also really skinny and mom takes up most of the room. What I want to know is this. Where am I supposed to sleep now?? Mom says what we have left now is a twin bed. It's not a twin if there's only one. Mom is strange! All this moving out and around of stuff is making me nervous. I hope I still get to stay around! We will keep posting pictures until everything is done (if you want). Below is me hiding under the bed while the painter guy was here and another yellow picture. Mom said to let you know it's all painted the same color...PALE yellow...but it looks different at different times of day and depending on other lighting. Love, Beau

Monday, July 10, 2006
Guess what mom did yesterday. More cleaning. (Well, actually her helper lady did most of it.) They worked way late yesterday. Mom is so proud of me 'cause I behaved "great" yesterday. I only hissed twice and they weren't long hisses. I didn't even growl, whine, pouf, or snap! See, I can be good! Even the bedroom got rearranged. Half the stuff switched opposite walls so I keep having to go in circles in the room to figure it all out again. The best part though is that the bed is now cunder the window so I can lay on the soft bed and look out, and there's much more floor space to play on! Mom told Aunt T. "it's all about the cat!" (and the wheely chair). The kitchen's all cleaned out too so I can jump on the counters and help supervise meal time. I like some of these changes! It's all about ME!! Love, Beau

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
No Problem!
Mom has reason to be concerned about our new sleeping arrangements now that we only have one skinny bed for both of us. Or, should I say HER new sleeping arrangements. I don't have a problem. I still have a bed to sleep on! If she happens to be sleeping on MY bed then I just jump on top of her and walk around so she CAN'T sleep, gets up and leaves! heehee!! Then I just stretch out! Problem solved! I do feel kind of bad for her though. After all, you're supposed to take care of your elders and she is starting to get up there ya' know! heeheeheeheehee! (looks around and whispers) She's MIDDLE aged!! WHOOOOA!! Uh...what's that mom? You heard that and comparatively we're about the same age? Yeah, well I hold my looks better than you! (snickers) I love you mom! I think I better go hide now! (new pics below) Love, Beau

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gotta love it!
Mom said the painter guy is coming today to paint the rest of the place so I will be hanging out at Grandpa and Momma S.'s today and tonight, and tomorrow if they don't get done. I didn't make things easy for mom this morning. I made her chase me all over the bedroom for 20 minutes before I got in my carrier. (I thought she needed the excercise. heehee!) So, since I will mostly be hiding under beds today, I had mom post a very special poem on the Reading Corner page for you. Be sure to check it out. I know you will enjoy it! Love, Beau

Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Gotta love it!
Mom said the painter guy is coming today to paint the rest of the place so I will be hanging out at Grandpa and Momma S.'s today and tonight, and tomorrow if they don't get done. I didn't make things easy for mom this morning. I made her chase me all over the bedroom for 20 minutes before I got in my carrier. (I thought she needed the excercise. heehee!) So, since I will mostly be hiding under beds today, I had mom post a very special poem on the Reading Corner page for you. Be sure to check it out. I know you will enjoy it! Love, Beau

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Today I Hissed
My mood was NOT matching the new sunny yellow of our place. Mom left me at Grandpa and Momma S.'s again this morning. SHE LEFT WITHOUT ME. I cried, begged and pleaded. She left anyway. I felt so sad. It was horrible! Then it got worse. Roofer people came to Grandpa and Momma S.'s. It wasn't enough to be dealing with lots of strange sounds and sights as it was, but they made horrible sounds. I went under the sofa. Hiding under the bed wasn't enough anymore. I needed better refuge. I refused to come out. And then after what seemed like an eternity MOM CAME BACK!! I still didn't want to come out because of the noise but mom reached behind the sofa and got me and I was SO HAPPY!! I didn't mind being put in my carrier this time. I was going home!! What joy! What relief! We get home, and "what do you mean the painter is still here?" Umder the bed I went and he when he left I hissed at mom. Tonight we're alone and I'm happy but today I hissed. Love, Beau

Saturday, July 15, 2006
A Special Song
I want to teach you a song. Mom said for those of you who are old enough it's to the tune of "Yellow Submarine." (With yellow in that title you can see where this is headed already..heehee.) Here goes: "We live in a yellow condiminium, a yellow condominium. A yellow condiminium. Everywhere I look all I see is yellow. Everything is yellow. We live in a yellow condiminuim. A yellow condiminum." I hope you liked my song. Now that the painting is done I hope no one starts calling me "yella" "yella/yellow bellied." This concerns me. Love, Beau

Sunday, July 16, 2006
And then there were 3
Mom allowed me to adopt Sable and Hathi, two of the 'ramic kitties. Sable is black and white, and Hathi is gray and white. Eventually one will go on to live with my Aunt T., but for now they will both reside here. That will give me a chance to get to know them better. Mom and I are letting them decide amongst themselves who will live where. Once they both get here I hope to get a picture of all of us together to show you. It will be nice having other cats around! I'm so excited...I can hardly wait! Love, Beau

Monday, July 17, 2006
A conversation
What do you mean "WE" are going to see a behavior v-e-t? YOU might be, but I am not. I do NOT need a behavior person. Just because I'm strong willed does NOT mean I need a kitty "shrink." It's also been established I was justified in nipping the tile guy. And I am NOT going to the v-e-t regardless. Besides, I thought you loved me just the way I am. I do love you, Beau, but you need to work on your aggression issues. We can't afford for someone to sue us someday, and I love you way too much to risk something happening to you like what almost happened to Lewis. I'm just trying to protect you and help you. I also want to help you get through all this home stuff better. I don't want to change who you are, just make things better for you. I love you, mom.....but I don't need the v-e-t. I love you too, Beau, but you're still going. Love, Beau (and mom)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Too HOT!!
I, like many of you, have been way too hot to move. It's been in the mid to upper 90's here, BEFORE something called a heat index. Mom keeps worrying about me because I act so lifeless. The heat just makes me go limp is all! Occassionally I want to get fresh air outside but mom won't let me due to the heat. Doesn't matter...I lose interest quickly these days. However, I am thankful to be living in a place with a cool air blower. It is much appreciated! I hope everyone hot has a place where they can enjoy an air blower. Below is a picture for illustration purposes. Love, Beau

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Special Arrival
I am so excited. Sable arrived today. She even brought her own pet, a crinkly chipmunk, and some treats! (Thank you Ms. Robyn!) Mom said she is very polite because she brought gifts. I have been busy showing her around the place and we have been busy getting to know each other. Mom noticed she had a hurt but, but said she could plaster some medicine on it and fix it right up. I'm glad my mom is so smart and knows how to help kitties! We are now anxiously awaiting fhe arrival of Hathi and then we will take pictures. Don't forget to contact Oreo's mom about helping Brandi's mom, AND also Friday is Pandora's birthday party! Remember to pray for each other because there are a lot of blogger families with BIG prayer needs right now. Love, Beau

Friday, July 21, 2006
DaisyMae, if you are reading LOTS of us read your blog and comment. But, you have your comment moderation on so comments will not automatically go through. You have to release them yourself to go through. You also don't list an email so we haven't been able to email you to let you know. We hope you see this so you'll know we ARE interested and leaving comments. If you see this, please send me your email address so we can help. Also, I have put a couple of comments for you on my Cat Talk page. *Some of us are emailing Blogger Support to encourage them to contact DaisyMae about this. Please join us in hopes they help us help her. Thanks!* Love Beau
**Any cats who don't list their emails online, please send to us so someone will have it if need be, & so you can receive general emails on cat blogger happenings/concerns.**

Monday, July 24, 2006
Hard to hiss
I had my behavior v-e-t appointment today. I thought it was just going to be talking. I was wrong...very wrong. Lots of bad things happened to me after the talking. I was given the sleepy stuff in the glass box, stuck, blood and pee taken, humiliatingly examined and pedicured. That's just what I know about. It did not go well for me. I also have blue chunks to take called Pro Zach. I don't know who Zach is but these chunks are supposed to be Pro (for) him. So, I don't get why I'M taking them. Mom calls them "chill pills" but she's wrong too 'cause I don't feel chilly. Oh well, I don't care. I slept most of the way home. Besides, it's hard to hiss when you've been gliven sleepy stuff. Love, Beau

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Malcolm and Jillian leave tomorrow. That means we have to place Millie TODAY!! Someone needs to take her in at least temporarily so she won't have to placed in a shelter. There IS talk of her going to a supposed no-kill shelter. Is that what we really want for her??? Hopefully, she has been placed or is in a transport relay. There has been no update from Malcolm yet so I don't know. So through today I will still be pushing for her having a forever home.
**Speaking of updates, I failed to mention yesterday that Moses has blogged again. Big news--go see! (And deepest apologies to Moses!) Another update: Millie has a foster home with Dan for now!! Love, Beau

Thursday, July 27, 2006
I got a good overall report from the v-e-t (more about that later), so mom got all excited and has gone crazy with the flashy box thing agian. What's worse is that now she has 2 batteries for it. This means that one is always charged so she can keep going and take more pictures. GREAAAAT. Ever try napping with THAT in your face?? I know you have! Speaking of mom she is trying to get her jewelry page updated and we will email everyone when that's done. Also, I've got to tell you what happened to HER last week. She had gone errand running and was on the way home from PetSmart from buying more (=ahem=) litter for me. It looked like rain, but not right away. As she got closer to the main street that takes us to home, BIG drops fell. Then while she was sitting at a light thing to turn on this street, she said it rained so hard you could hardly see, lightning hit the box controlling the light, sparks went into the intersection (while everyone was stopped), the light went out so traffic got crazy, and THEN the wind got very, very bad. Mom said the wind was so strong she thought her truck would tip over or the vehicle next to her would hit her. Mom said that was the scariest, worst storm she's ever been in (and she's been in a LOT). It really scared her. I had to snuggle with her when she finally got home. I'm just glad she's okay and nothing bad happened. So, be careful of those sudden storms! Love, Beau

Friday, July 28, 2006
Tollld you!!
So, I got an excellent overall report from the v-e-t. We were told that all my insides were fine, my iron level was the best in 2 years, all my other tests were great, and I weigh 11.7 pounds. (HOO-HAA!!) The only thing that found was trace amounts of blood in my pee sediment, not visible just by looking. The v-e-t told mom that she believed it was caused by an inflammation. She also said THAT could be stress related. The good news is that it was NOT caused by cancer cells/tumors! I have to take chunks for it. She also changed my calming chunks to something that are Pro (for) Zach. I don't understand why I have to take HIS chunks. He should take his own chunks! Mom got all happy about the news and then went crazy with the flashy thing again. Now she even has 2 batteries for it and keeps one always charged so she can keep going. I know you feel my pain! And, you know what else?? Couple of days after this, we went back to the v-e-t and we went inside and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED! Can you believe that??! Instead, we got a cute gift bag (below). I'm STILL in shock! Love, Beau

Saturday, July 29, 2006
Song Challenge
Here's OUR song. Sing to the "Brady Bunch theme song." (Do you remember it??)Here goes: Here's the story, Of a bunch of kitties Who knew they had a whole lot to say All of them had access to computers of their humans But no opposing thumbs. Here's the story, Of a bunch of kitties, Who were busy blogging all their life stories. They were many Yet had not opposable thumbs. Till the one day when some bloggers met some others. and they knew they were much more than a hunch. That this group, Must somehow form a family. That's the way we all became the blogosphere, Cat blogospere- the blogosphere. That's the way- we became Cat Blogosphere.

Monday, July 31, 2006
Sable, the 'ramic kitty
Below is a picture of Sable. She is a black and white kitty like me. Sable is the 'ramic kitty that is now living with us. I am very much enjoying her company. We have many good talks and nap together. We're a lot alike! (She's the one who had the hurt butt when she got her..which mom has yet to fix. =sigh= Poor Sable.) We are all also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hathi, another 'ramic kitty (grey and white). In the meantime, Sable and Hathi have spoken through email. One of them will eventually move to Georgia and live with my Aunt t., but they haven't decided who yet. We will keep you posted! Love, Beau

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