Friday, December 01, 2006


Friday, December 1, 2006
Have you ever gone to love on your mom and snuggle with her, and she just gets all mushy crazy with you??? Mom did that. It's like something snapped in her and she start hugging me and holding me and telling me how much she loved me. I was like, "Hey back off, woman, my bones ARE breakable you know...and breathing would be nice!" I know she's just showing me how much she loves me, which is nice, but there is such a thing is overkill and too much of a good. All I ask is that when a human gets the urge to go all nuts with the affection and everything, show a LITTLE restraint and be a "kinder, gentler human." After all, we love you too and want to be around for a long time to show it! Love, Beau

Saturday, December 2, 2006
Someone help me!!!

Mom woke up acting totally crazy this morning. She woke up singing and moving around like a wild person. She said she was exercising, Looked more like she'd lost her mind, especially since she goes to the dentist Tuesday. THEEEEN, she turns the keyboard thing upside down and banging it and hitting it. It's times like this a kitty starts to worry about what kind of care it's going to be receiving! "Beau..." "Yes mom." Why was there cat hair in the keyboard?" "Well, I don't know mom. Maybe another kitty snuck in and groomed on it." "The hair was black, white, and silky like yours." "=coughs" Well, LOTS of kitties are mom. That doesn't mean it's MINE...even if I AM the only kitty who lives here. (heehee =cough=) I love you mom!" I love you too Beau!! Love, Beau

Tuesday, December 5, 2006
So, this white bearded man comes over and I get really hissy with him because it's dark outside and I don't think mom letting him in is a good idea. (She said he's a good friend so it's okay.) Then he goes into mom's closest and makes lots of noise and pulls out a big then a bunch of smaller ones. I opt for under the bed. I don't like ANY of this! So, then he takes the big box into our living room and then sits and talks to mom. (I stay under the bed and mom closes the door so I can have some quiet time.) So then he leaves and mom starts pulling things out of the box. Did you know trees can come in parts and you can put them together??? Our Christmas tree is. I think that's so cool!! Of course I had to taste it but it didn't taste so good. I also got my bottom swatted for it! So once mom gets the treat together she decorates it with all the other stuff in the box. We were up very late deocrating as a surprise for Grandpa and Momma S. I plan to nap a lot today. Oh, say some prayers for mom 'cause she gets her 7 teeth worked on today. EWWW! So, anyway, here' a picture of me helping mom decorate the tree. I was checking out a red bow that went on the other (fike us) tree. Oh, and to quote something from last year. "Happy RamaHanuKwanzFest" Christmas!! Love, Beau

Wednesday, December 6, 2006
Update on Mom
So very many of you have asked about how mom's teeth appointment went yesterday, we decided to post an update and let everyone know all at once. For those of you who truly couldn't care less, we apologize in advance! Mom had all 3 teeth on her left side fixed. She said they rubbed some stuff around her teeth then gave her some sticks to help her not feel there for a while. I'm not sure that was a good idea 'cause she came home and the left side of her face was drooping. I though she'd had a stroke or something terrible! But, she was okay and I got to call her "droopy face" all night, which she didn't appreciate. It also made it hard for her to eat and drink stuff, even with the plastic tube thing called a straw. Water kept dribbling from her mouth. I had to leave the room so I could roll on the floor laughing! = evil grin= I did give her lots of cuddles and purrs last night which she seemed to like. She is doing much better today. She is still a little sore and puffy, but okay. Tonight she can eat normal again. Thursday of next week she has the 4 right teeth done. I wonder if I can start calling her "tinsel teeth?!" Brah haha! A note from mom: I would just like to thank EVERYONE for the amazing outpouring I have received of thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. It has really deeply touched me and made me feel blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We love you all! Another note: Shannon Wade is a v-e-t tech here who stopped to help a hurt woofie she saw by the side of the road. It was after dark but she had a flashlight. When she bent down to check it, a speeding teen kid hit her and the dog. The woofie didn't make it and Shannon is in the hospital. She will be okay but really needs prayers. In addition to lots of injuries, therapy, and stuff, she's now got big bills on little money. We know how that is!...and all because she tried helping a woofie! Praise for people like her and we send her prayers!! Love, Beau

Thursday, December 7, 2006
We got snow this morning! Mind you, it was just a flurry, but when you live in an area that gets lots more ice than snow, ANY snow is a big deal. (I know you "LOTS of snow" people probably aren't too impressed. That's okay.) It was nice being in a warm cozy spot (the bed) and watching it. Mom tried getting a picture of it but it's hard to see through the window. I posted it below so it could biggify. The small white streaks you see, especially against the grass, is snow (not a film problem). Mom even took a picture of me watching the snow. (She gets a little nuts over snow. GEEZ!) It's supposed to way way cold tonight so I also had mom stock up on my food just in case we can't get out. I had her take a picture of my kibble bin to show you (but she blurred it some...sorry). Hope you're staying in where it's nice and warm and cozy. And remember, humans make nice warm nap spots, especially if they're squishy like my mom! Love, Beau

Friday, December 8, 2006
We're doing whaaaat???
If it warms up tomorrow like it's supposed to, mom is plainning on taking me to PetSmart. You'll never believe why. C'mon guess...I dare you! She wants to take me so she can TRY getting a picture of me with Santa Claws. Has she forgotten how I feel about strangers??? And she's taking me into a huge store of them AND letting me out of my carrier on top of it??? (You know how this is going to go don't you! heeheehee! Hey, Max, you want to help me terrorize a whole store?!) I think the frigid cold has gotten to mom's brain! I think somebody needs to pray for Santa Claws! Love, Beau

Saturday, December 9, 2006
= Sniff sniff =

Mom went to PetSmart today without me. (Smart move on her part!) She always comes home smelling like various dogs which doesn't bother me. However, today she also came home smelling like other CATS. She petted other cats! I got very curious about this and really sniffed her smells down. Then I kept looking at her. She explained to me that she had given some love to 2 kitties who needed it. One was a 3 month old ginger with a leg defect that caused him not to be able to walk right. Fortunately, the PetSmart pet caretaker took it to her own so it's doing well...just needs a little extra love. The other was a big 1 year old midnight cat who had been in the adoption system for over a year. (Being a midnight kitty, the care people are extra careful about it's adoption.) So, once mom told me I was okay with it. Mom helped me when I was little, and I don't mind her helping others...just make sure she washes their smell off after a while. Love, Beau

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday 13 (+2)
My list of jobs at home: 1) household manager; 2) clothes inspector (clean/dirty); 3) comforter (snuggler); 4) food taster; 5) attack cat/guard; 6) morning alarm clock; 7) keep mom in bed at night by laying on her; 8) supervise morning grooming/bathing; 9) instructor of proper rest; 10) hold papers down; 11) sniff suspect liquids to make sure okay before allowing mom to use; 12) door greeter; 13) bird watcher/weather reporter; 14) looker for lost/invisible things; and 15) temperature gauge (curled up in ball=cold, stretched way out-especially on back=hot). There's more but this is the list for now. Love, Beau

Friday, December 15, 2006
Have you ever...?

Have you ever been kissed by your human, then they went nuts out of control and started kissing you all over your head, paws, and tummy? Have you ever been walking somewhere and mid-step they pick you up just to give you a hug and tell you how much they love you? Doesn't it just drive you crazy, but make you feel good all at the same time? Yeah, me too!! Love, Beau

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Know what I did!! Mom made me take one of my chunks so I rebelled! She saw me standing up on the trash thing and kept watching me, but for a second she turned away and....with a flick of the paw I tipped it over! When she turned around she saw a mess! Brah hahaha! heeheehee! Love, Beau

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mom was gone for most of yesterday. Even though she was at church most of that time, I didn't like that one bit. It makes me nervous for her to be gone after dark. I worry about her. Anyway, this morning she plays with me a lot to make up for being gone so much. It was amusing. Not so much the play, but watching her trying to entertain me. She would play hidey hand (one of my favorites I must admit), and then throw things up in the air for me to catch or chase. Humans can be very entertaining to watch, can't they?! Love, Beau

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
My Wish List

These are the things I wish for: 1) that everybody on our prayer list would have their prayers answered; 2) that all the homeless and lost would be found and or find forever homes; 3) that there would be no more hunger for human or animals; 4) that we could live in a peaceful world forever; 5) that more humans and animals would find their way to God; 6) that mom didn't have to worry so much about paying bills; 7) that I could help mom more; 8) that I could eat my weight in chicken; 9) that no animals or humans would ever have to be sick, lonely or sad; 10) that I never had to go to the v-e-t; 11) that I had someone to play with more often; 12) that I had a whole room to myself with climb things; 13) that Max's book would be ready soon; 14) that mom & I could be together always; and, 15) that everyone, everywhere, both human and animasl, feels the love of God and love from others always. Love, Beau

Friday, December 22, 2006
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! (And Happy RamaHanuKwanzFest!)
From our family to yours... Love, Beau and Mom

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Very Disturbing!
There are some things mom says that just downright disturb me. Like yesterday when she got home from Grandpa and Momma S.'s, she was holding her stomach and saying, "I'm dying." This was because she ate too much. However, I find the words "I'm dying," coming from mom, very disturbing. I love my mom very much and the last thing I want is for her to die. And, if she's in pain and needs help I'm not sure my dialing 911 would be helpful, at least not in a timely manner, since I don't speak human and many humans don't understand cat. I don't want her to use that phrase for reason at any time. It upsets me too much! But enough of that, I would like to say a BIG thank you to EVERYONE who sent me cards, toys, and treats for Christmas! (You know who you are!) I love them all!! And thanks to mom for the new potty box. You made it a truly special Christmas!! Love, Beau

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday 13
These are things I got for Christmas: 1) new potty box; 2) dairy temptaions; 3) chicken temptations; 4) rattly feather ball; 5) feather butt mouse; 6) salmon whiskas 3 pk; 6) tuna whiskas 3 pk; 7) whitefish whiskas 3 pk; 8) cod whiskas 3 pk; 9) chicken whiskas; 10) cosmic catnip; 11) tissue paper; 12) fancy paper; and a book about a kitten and its siblings. I think I got some more toys and temptations but mom put them up for now so I couldn't specifically name them all. Thanks again to those who sent me toys, treats, and cards! Love, love LOOOOVE them!!! Love, Beau

Saturday, December 30, 2006
New Year's Resolutions
I, Beau, being of fairly sound mind and one awesome body do hereby resolve to do the following in 2007: TRY not to attack the vet; TRY not to bite and scratch mom either; be a kinder, gentler kitty to ALL; eat my weight in treats; purrrr more; go through all my toys and donate all the old ones, I no longer play with, to our local Humane Society (who found a home for Fearless); TRY to keep better in touch with my friends and my cousin Smokey; talk to Ms. Robyn about maybe helping me find a way to help mom pay off her dental bill (ie. promote mom's jewelry more, start cafepress shop); roll in catnip once a month; and send more e-cards. Love, Beau

Thursday, February 8, 2007
Thursday 13
You know you're a Southern kitty if: 1) You say MAHW instead of Mew. 2) You say MAAH-OW instead of Meow. 3) You know female cats named Talulah, Dixie, or Belle. 4) You know male cats named Beauregard or that have Bob as their second name (ie. Joe-Bob or Jim-Bob). 5) You know what grits taste like. 6) Your collar bling is a confederate/rebel flag. 7) You know where "over yonder" is. 8) You know biscuits are best toasted. 9) You move at a slower pace and know how to saunter. 10) You speak to every cat you meet and a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet. 11) Snow is exciting. 12) You wear a bolero or bow tie instead of a long one. 13) You know the difference between red-eye, brown, and country gravy. (Love, Beau)

Friday, February 9, 2007
Mom Robyn Appreciation Day!!!
Robyn, we wanted to thank you for all the very many things you do. You help keep the Cat Blogosphere united, you give tremendous amounts of your time and money, and you're there for all of us. You also help many of us with graphics. The gifts you give to all of us are never ending and we deeply appreciate all that you do. You have become one of our best friends and we cherish your friendship as well. We hope you're feeling better and look forward to having you back with us! Much love always! -- Beau and mom

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