Monday, January 01, 2007


Monday, January 1, 2007
To: All our friends and family From: Beau and mom (with much love) May you have a most blessed, joyful new year, and may it only bring all good things!! For Grandpa!: (sung to I am Woman) I am male, hear me roar! Go team go..get a score! I am watching football all day looong!! wawhoo wa-a-whooo wa-a-whooooooo!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007
=grr grrr grumble grumble= I got taken to the v-e-t today and got stuck twice. THEN, when I got home grandpa and Momma S. came over later and took down the table my small lighted tree was on. It has NOT been a good day and I am NOT happy. At least I wore everybody out in the process so they will all leave me alone now! Hope your day has been better than mine! Love, Beau

Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Company (sort of) !!
Oh boy oh boy oh boy!! My Aunt T. has made a surprise visit! She's come up from Atlanta and will be here a couple of days. AND, I think she's coming over to see me tomorrow (maybe)! I'm sooooo excited!! I wish she had brought cousin Smokey wtih her, but I don't know how well we'd get along since we're accustomed to each other. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of her to show you. I'll work on that! Oh, guess what I did today (heehee). I turned over the same trash can I did last time I showed you a picture of it! Remember, I did it when mom turned away to get her back for giving me chunks? Well, THIS time I did it while she was gone out to get back at her for the v-e-t trip yesterday. So there! Love, Beau

Thursday, January 4, 2007
Thursday 13 (+3)
These are things that make me happy: 1) playing with mom; 2) snuggling with mom; 3) laying on top of my tower watching outside; 4) Grandpa and Momma S. visiting; 5) treats; 6) squishy balls; 7) feather toys; 8) making love paws; 9) helping other kitties; 10) naps; 11) sunny spots; 12) jumping; 13) running very fast; 14) getting brushed (sometimes); 15) Aunt T. Uncle Bob, and Smokey; and, 16) knowing God loves me and cares about me (and all my friends and family). Love, Beau

Friday, January 5, 2007
What Happened Sunday
This past Sunday mom and I both had a bad day. But mine was not as big deal as mom's. I missed a big jump I should have nailed. I felt so humiliated, embarassed, and ashamed, I went and hid in the big closet for a while. Then when I came out, I just went and hid under the bed for a while. I hate it when that happens!! Now, before I tell you what happened to mom, I have to explain that, even though we're not near any ocean we have seagulls. No joke--it's true!! (Mom thinks it's because we do have a big lake here.) Anyway, mom feeds them a lot. You know how she is about animals of ALL kinds! Anyway, she was feeding them and a hawk appeared, swooped down, and got one. Mom tried to protect it and get rid of the hawk. To spare you the detail, it was too hurt and too late, so mom ended up staying with a dying seagull until it went to the bird RB. That's just the kind of person mom is! But she said it was very painful and she shed much water because of it. She's better now though! Anyway, that's what happened to us Sunday. Love, Beau

Saturday, January 6, 2007

SO Good!!
This morning I knocked over the trash can again. It wasn't payback. I wasn't even angry. I did it just because I felt like it and I could...and it felt soooooo good!! Then I rolled over on my back in my cute pose, gave my a sweet kitty grin and purrrrrrrred! And no, I didn't get into ANY trouble. I tell you, my mom's really a soft touch so you should come live with ME!! Oh, and you know what?! I found out shiny paper smells like ham! Mom told me some people call it "cheese paper" 'cause melted cheese gets on it when sandwiches are wrapped with it, but I definitely smelled ham not cheese. And you know what else I found out?! In talking to Aunt T., I found out that cousin Smokey only gets kibble and NO TREATS. That's right! NO SG, NO Temptaions, NOTHING! It's a travesty! I need to discuss this situation with Smokey immediately and tell him we are prepared to band together to correct this! Love, Beau

Friday, January 12, 2007
Just Call Me Emperor!
(This was found on
Crew's Views who found it over at Dragonheart's.) My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is: Emperor Beau the Expensive of New Scagglethorpe Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title
Yeah, I know it's been a while and I really miss you! But, not only is my inbox messed up, but mom's been real sick. She got a bug in her stomach that made her sick. So, I've been busy taking care of mom and hissing at my inbox thing. ANY COMMENTS POSTED IN THE LAST FEW DAYS I'VE NOT BEEN ABLE TO VIEW, much less do anything with. I think the bug in mom's tummy also got in my inbox! PFFFFT!! (And it probably came from those vishus deer and the animal blogger hating people.) AND, since mom is sick she can't take our computer to get fixed so this may take longer than expected. PFFFT!!! Oh, and I heard from my cousin Smokey regarding his lack of wet food and treats. He's okay with it since it keeps him healthier so he will live longer, but he appreciates our concern and offers of help and sends paw hugs to everyone! (Maybe someday his mom will let me post his picture!) I hope to be back blogging regularly again soon. For now, since I get my incoming anyway, I am taking down the comment box. And, if you REAAAALLLLY need to get in touch with me leave a comment for me at the CB or PP&P sites, and I will get it. Thanks, and, as always, we love you all! Love, Beau

Monday, January 22, 2007
Computer Fixed!!!!!!!!
We've got the computer fixed now, but in order to fix my inbox thing we had to delete my stuff and then put it back in so I've lost all my emails and fave links (which is ALL of you), but if you send me an email/comment your stuff will go back in faster (hint hint). I'm just glad to have my (uhm..our) computer back again!! I've got mom helping me put all my stuff back in but with so many friends it seems like it's going to take FOREVER! So, bear with me!

Trooper Finds a Home!
I am sooooo happy!! Trooper found a home! I would like to thank Brandi for letting her friend know about Trooper, and to her friend (and her friend's boyfriend) for adopting Trooper. Saturday night mom was told that Trooper had made instant friends with his new dog brofur, and was doing well! Most of all, we thank God for connecting everyone so this could happen. Also, check out the new cat blog of
GeniusKitty. He's really cute! Love, Beau

Thursday, January 25, 2007
The Latest
Mom supposedly has all my emails back in place now. We don't have EVERYBODY'S email, so if you haven't received an email from us , and would like to be on our email list, please leave comment with email. Mom is presently helping me with putting back in all my links to the blogs. I'm just glad I have my (uh...our) computer back! The day mom and Grandpa took it to be fixed I made SURE mom got up on time. 20 minutes before the buzz thing went off I jumped on the bed, walked back and forth all over mom, made loud mew sounds, tried pulling back the covers, and even patted mom's face with my paw until she finally got up. By then I was tired so I plopped down and rolled over on my back for a nice tummy rub! Mom and I had a discussion after Dolce story about Shep the dog a while back. Mom told me she didn't want me to ever end up like Shep, and the best way I could help her is help myself be safe and NOT be a hero. She said there's no shame in NOT being heroic and she wants all us kitties and woofies to know that. That story made mom very sad. Anyway, all is well with us and that's our news for now. Hope to see you at the prayer vigil tonight! Love, Beau

Friday, January 26, 2007

Picture taken shortly before Christmas. I took the time to stop and pose so mom could take my picture. Notice the tip of the tail is flitting. I was very happy to stop and say hello to my friends!!! By the way, look at the picture to the right then this picture. Don't you thik I look healthier and more trim and muscular?? Love, Beau

Monday, January 29, 2007
Well, a little anyway. It snowed here a little yesterday morning but nothing stuck to the ground. Mom said it was our first sig-niff-a-cant snow. As always, some areas around us had much more and the little sticky people there got to stay home today. Also, it has been so cold mom wouldn't let me outside to catch any on my tongue, or try swatting with my paw. Alas, I was left watching it from the inside. It did snow just enough it made mom happy, which makes ME happy! =purrrr= Today the weather humans said it is 20 d-Grees here. (Gree, how come you got a D???) That means I won't be going outside, but it also means more play and snuggle time with mom 'cause she won't be going out either! YEAAAAA!!! (By the way, humans make great fur warmers at night!) Keep warm! Love, Beau

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Barbaro-A Tribute
Barbaro lived a short, but great, life. He was not quite 4 when he died this past weekend. I admired Barabaro for his spirit even though he's a horse and I'm a cat. Here's what I know about Barbaro: He was born to dad, Dynaformer, and mom, La Ville Rouge on April 29, 2003. He is a bay stallion that began racing October 4, 2005. He was in 7 races and won all of them (in all kinds of conditions), except for this last Preakness when he was injured. His staff and he were honored in November 2006, he has a racecourse named after him, and he was was an Eclipse Award finalist for best three year old for 2006. I learned a lot from watching Barbaro and I will miss him. Love, Beau

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