Saturday, September 26, 2009

Close Call

Mom was going to let me out on my leash, for some fresh air and a walk, before it started raining again. She had the door open a crack and was talking to me about going out. Our nice neighbor, Kris (a guy) heard mom on his way out to work. He knocked on our door, and mom carefully opened the door, taking care to make sure I didn't bolt. Kris was nice enough, after hearing us, to tell mom it wasn't a good idea because their was a woofie outside at the time. After he left, mom went outside to look to see which neighbor woofie was out (since some are better than others). It was the visiting pit bull woofie next door. Now, mom was sooooo thankful that he had warned mom. Pit woofie is not a bad one, because he's loved and trained well and properly, but mom's not so sure about how he would be around me. After all, not all woofies, of ANY kind, like us cats. Mom was afraid I might have gotten the bad end and it was a close call. I'm tough, reaaaal tough, but pit WAS bigger than me, and had more muscles, so I was secretly glad mom kept me in even though I didn't let her know it...heehee. Love, Beau


Anonymous said...

We're soooooooo thankful your neighbor warned your mom about the woofie. We're sure you could hold your own the the pit bull, but why take the chance? You wouldn't want to hurt the woofie, now would you? Glad you're safe.

Beverly, Smokey and Purrl

By the way, I'm a snow white girl kitty. I think I'm about two. I have beautiful blue eyes. I think your very handsome, and I love your "beau" ties! Purrl

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Oh, it is a good thing you were warned. We can never be too sure of woofies!

We are glad Boyfriend's surgery is over. Wishing him a quick recovery!

~ Jasmine

Gracie said...

Glad to hear that the surgery yesterday went well. Hope your mom's friend will be released soon.
Be careful when you go out. Those pit bulls are nothings to mess with. Glad you were inside.

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