Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mysterious Scattered Litter

Mom can't understand hoyw I manage to scatter paw fulls of pine litter all over our home. It amazes her how she can find pieces at the opposite end of our place, from my litterbox. Mom said it's not like sand litter that can easily get between my paw toes and fingers and get everywhere. The truth is it's not that hard. I have two methods. (My cat friends, please take note...heehee!) First, when done using the box and covering starts, I make sure that I position myself so that I kick in the direction of the door from the magic rain room (where my box is) to the van a tee room. Then, I kicked as hard as I can creating the most force catapulting litter into the next room. I knock as much from my box as possible! The next step is swatting the pieces all over the place, without mom noticing, to the rest of our home. The other method is not as easy but is less noticeable. When stepping out of the box be sure to scoop up some litter with one's paw and then gradually drop pieces of it, one at a time, as you go wandering through your home. This is how I manage to get litter everywhere! Hope this has been helpful and informative! Love, Beau

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The Island Cats said...

You got a good litter box technique, Beau! We'll hafta try that!