Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It Seems Like Forever!

It seems like forever since mom has helped me post, but when I looked at when my last post was it wasn't as long as I thought. Maybe I won't shred mom...just bite her a few times! As all of you know, I lost my good friend Oreo, and my beloved Ghost, AND mom got a boyfriend all about the same time...then boyfriend had a grand mal seizure at our place. Then after things started settling down with that some, mom started going through medical stuff because she's a dizzy blonde. The latest with all that is hopefully a) boyfriend will get to start driving again soon, AND he starts back to school Aug 31. (Pray for him please.) B) Mom is doing okay but still gets dizzy. The latest theory is that her ear crystals have moved out of place. Hopefully we will know more on that on September 23. As for me, I'm doing okay. I've been kind of lonely without Ghost and Oreo, and with mom being gone soooooo much....but I'm doing better. And, with boyfriend back in school mom won't get to see him as much which means more time for me.
I'm VERY happy about that! Mom, being the good mom she is, made me two more private places for me (which is a challenge in our place). She put a box with soft towels in it in the corner of the bathroom, and placed my sleeping bag on top of the chest of drawers in our closet. That way if it gets too noisy and or uncomfortable while she was gone, I have a quiet place to hide. Mom thinks of everything! I always knew, too, when mom was leaving because extra water and food were put out, extra litter was put in my box, and she packed her travel bag. That last part always made me the saddest. I always wanted to climb in and go with her. She keeps saying that hopefully someday I will, be so far I haven't been allowed. I'm just glad I've had all of you to keep me company. You are such good friends and I value your friendship!! It's good to be back!! Love, Beau


Samantha, Mr. Tigger and Maverick said...

Oh Beau!! We will be right over to visit!! We are in a Kitty Hotel while Mom waits for our apartment to be be ready!! We are now your TX furiends! Mom will give your Mom a call sometime today!
Hugggssss from (your formally FL now)
TX furiends,

caspersmom said...

Hi Beau, sounds like your Mom has had a lot on her table lately. Mom says she had missplaced crystals too. Sure wish she would find them as I hear crystals are pretty. Her Doc. told her to sit on the side of her bed for 30 seconds then fall to her right and lay on the bed for 30 seconds come back up and sit for 30 seconds then go to the left for 30 seconds, sit up for 30 seconds then repeat for five or six times. Do that three of four times a day for about a week or so and it did the trick. Mom used to be a dizzy blonde but she's just a dizzy grey now.


Chesney Cats said...

Mama had that crazy ear crystal thing a few years ago....she said it was not fun. We are purraying for things to get better at your house.