Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yappy Dog

There's a lot of dogs around where I live, and there's one particular dog that whimpers and whines EVERY NIGHT. I can't say I blame the poor thing. The dog's humans leave it on a balcony by itself ALL NIGHT. I'm sure the poor woofie is lonely and desperately wants to be with its humans (pack). Plus, it can get scary. Another thing, and this REAAAAALY makes me want to scratch out human eyes, is that it can be out there when it's raining and or storming. That is soooo not right! Mom is such a good human that it disturbs her, but she can't report them, and something be done, unless its conditions are extreme hot or mom waits it out.
She also said it could be that it is the only bad thing they do and are otherwise good purrrarents. However, she is paying close attention. Anyway, this whining and whimpering every night really gets on my nerves. If I find out where the woofie lives, I'm going to have everyone teleport there and have a house trashing party, and poop will go in all the shoes!! Love, Beau

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Andrewbun said...

Oh, the poor baby! That is so sad. Be glad that you are an indoor kitty Beau!