Monday, October 19, 2009

A Purrl in the Midst of Sadness

For once, I have a little good news, as most of you know Purrl showed some interest in me and we have been trying to connect ever since. After all, no one can ever have too many friends! Anyway, yesterday we finally connected, AND I have sent her an email! Finally! Alas, we can communicate with each other and get to know each other! There are years between us, and I know some may talk, even if we are just good friends, but as a proper Southern gentleman cat, I would ask that you be respectful and kind to Purrl and not talk.
As for mom, well yesterday was worse for her. She started sharing the breakup news with church friends, and 2 friends (both males) joked about it. That hurt mom deeply and made mom almost cry. When I found out I wanted to go bite them and shred everything they own. That is so NOT cool! Then, according to mom, during the service they sang a hymn that said, "This is my Father's world. Why should my heart be sad..." Even though it made mom think, it was very emotional for her. She's getting through this day by day, and all your purrayers, comments, calls, kindness, and support are helping. Mom is starting to get some resolve and decide that when you truly love someone you NEVER EVER give up on them, and mom is trying to get up the courage to do that. (But that doesn't mean she's putting her life on hold either.) Thanks again for everything...and PLEEEASE keep on praying for mom, Catzee, Sassy, Tigger, and the upcoming wedding of Miss Peach and Mickey. Love, Beau

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Furkidsmom said...

How exciting that you and Purrl are friends!

We're sorry those mean men made your Mom feel bad. Sometimes men beans say dumb things because they don't know what to say.

Purrs still going out to your Mom.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids