Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cat has FLU! - WARNING!!

This is a PSA warning for all humans with both cats and dogs. In our news tonight was a notice about a cat in the state of Iowa (here in the United States) that has the H1N1/swine flu. According to the news, both humans in the house where sick with it and, evidently, it crossed species into the cat. This is major alarming!! We need to major sure that our humans take proper care NOT to get this flu. Also, we need to rethink cuddling and snuggling with them if they get sick with flu-like symptoms. This could endanger us. What's worse is that now, especially with my annual approaching, mom is wondering if she should talk to my v-e-t about ME getting a flu shot. All I could think was, "OMGWT....!!!!" So, take care of your humans by making sure they take all proper precautions, then take care of yourselves by staying away from them if they get sick. You can send them loving, healing purrrrs from a distance! Stay safe! Love, Beau

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The Creek Cats said...

Mom saw this yesterday. Wishing all kitties will be safe from H1N1!