Monday, November 16, 2009


I wanted to mention a few add-ons from the past few weeks. First of all, as for my graduation and receiving the actual certificate for being a minister, just call me Beau. No need to call me Reverend Beau, Reverend Davis, etc. I'm still just the Beau you know and love! By the way, my GPA was 4.0. As for my relationship with Purrl, we are not officially a couple right now. Since there is an age difference, we are taking our time getting to know each other and see where it leads...but she is a very sweet and nice cat. I go to my v-e-t appointment Wednesday morning for annual shots, physical, and dental. Thanks to a few donations, etc., we at least have a little more than half of the estimated bill. Thanks to those who have donated...handwritten thank you notes will be enroute this week! Lastly, mom got to talk to ex-boyfriend for 20 minutes the other night, and he SAID he is going to call her on Thanksgiving break! (Let's all pray he actually does.) That's all the news for now! Love, Beau