Friday, September 17, 2010

Answers to Questions

We have been getting lots of questions...about my eating shrimp, and about how mom and her itchy places are doing. So, we thought the easiest thing to do was to just post the answers all in one post...and if you think of any other questions, just put them in the comments of this post, and we will add the answer here. BTW, I don't know why people ask about mom because we all know us cats are way more interesting than our humans! Anyway, about eating shrimp, I guess I liked it okay, but not as much as Max and some others like it. I think I still prefer chicken or turkey. It was cooked by Captain D, not the dried stuff (ech!). It was suggested that I try the tiny canned stuff. Mom has offered those to me before and I wasn't interested, but maybe I might think about it next time. Mom was very hesitant about letting me try shrimp for a long time because she read some cats are 'lergic to them and she didn't want to take the chance...but over time she has learned I am very good at knowing what is okay for me to eat, and what I can't, so she let me make the choice. As for mom, she still keeps getting some itchy bite bumps, but not so much now. She stopped counting them when it got to be about 135 bites total. (Not a typo.) She has now had 3 rounds of shots, which included a tet a nuts shot, and 3 1/2 rounds of pre script shuns. (Round 1/2 gave mom hives twice.) The first 35-40 itchy bug bumps caused mom to have a severe 'lergic reaction and she went to the human E.R. Now everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE is keeping a close watch on things. This past week she saw a skin doctor named Derma Tologist, and in 10 days she starts being tested for allergies. She says she looks like she has had a severe case of chicken pocks. Anyway, she's healing and not so itchy now. We hope all our friends and yet to be friends are all doing well. Love, Beau


ABBY said...

Oh Beau
We are so glad to hear that your Mom is doing just a bit better. I know that you are doing every thing you can to nurse her back to health.

Those shrimp do sound good.

Continue to do well.

Miss Boo

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Goodness, Beau!
Your poor mom !
We hope the doctor will be able to help her. She's got so much other stuff on her plate to deal with, she sure doesn't need something more.
We like shrimp in Fancy Feast.
Never had real live fresh dead shrimp before!