Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Problem Fixed

Dear Friends, it came to my attention late last night that there was a problem with my follow feed. After intensive research I discovered the problem and believe I have fixed it! If you have any more problems please let us know. Both this blog and Beau's Sunday Sermons are set for follow feeds.
We hope you had happy holidays and will have a blessed new year! Santa Claws brought me TWO bag of dental Temptations! WOOHOO! Oh, and I got LOTS of crinkly papers to bat around and play with too! We are doing fine...trying to stay in and stay warm. Sunday night through sometime tomorrow we are to get a total of 2 to 4 inches of snow! I bolted out one day during the last snow, and didn't realize in time there was snow out our door. My poor toesies got wet and VERY cold. You should have seen me tip toeing quicky across. MOL! I felt kind of stupid. I've been enjoying our snowier winter this year. It has meant mom staying home, and in, more, which means more snuggle and play time with her. I love that! She has been putting on some wet stuff to keep her skin from drying out and it makes her smell so good I want to eat her! (BTW, I hate to tell her at her age not drying out can be a lost cause! =snork=) We love you all! Take care! Beau


Amanda said...

Two to four inches is nothing we have a foot to play in and can't even open some of the doors. Thank you for all the sharing, I enjoy it, but I also found a cool article on cats at

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad you got your feeds fixed. What a cold, snowy winter for so many. Stay warm and healthy.