Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuxie Ties

Mom has been looking for more new times for me. Not only has mom found some more bow ties, which she will eventually purchase, but she also found some business ties. This might be good to wear during the week! I am very excited about getting more times and trying the new ties. I do think it's important to look my best at all times! Many cats have asked me about my ties and where I found them. So, for those interested in getting ties, I am providing links to some sites. My checked ties came from PetSmart, and unfortunately they no longer carry them. My solid red, solid black, leopard print, and Christmas plaid ties come from this site:

(Yes, it says dog in the link, but it also is a cat site. We think the company originally started with dogs because they wear more.)

Mom found these 2 sites last night. They look promising, but we have yet to find out for sure:

(these are the business ties)
(states grosgrain shirt material bow ties...plan to get additional info regarding this site.)

All 3 links have ties for both cats and dogs, males and females. We hope this helps and you find something you like!

Let us hear YOUR opinions on these sites, and if you find others you like, let us know! Love, Beau

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Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Hey sweet face you don't need a bow tie because you are sooooo cute without one. But I must say you looks really cute with one though! So buy buy buy.