Wednesday, June 01, 2005

JUNE 2005

Wednesday, June 1, 2005
somersaults in my carrier
Whem mom took me to her parents' house on Monday, I wasn't sure about things when she put me in my carrier. I wasn't liking being put in my carrier because I thought it might be a vet day. I tried very hard to get out. I was even doing somersaults in the carrier...flipping over and over again...trying to find a way out. Mom said it looked funny but I wasn't thinking it was too funny! I finally stopped when she took me out to her truck because the whole motion thing was making me dizzy. Besides, I wanted to sit up so I could see where we were going. Once we turned toward thier house, instead of the vet's, I perked up and was okay! What a relief! Boy was I happy to see THEM! Turned out to be a good day after all! I hope your day is full of good surprises. Love, Beau

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Monday, when I was at mom's parents' house, I was looking out the front door minding my own business. Suddenly, there was another cat at the door. Can you believe that? Another cat trying to get the attention of MY grandparents! Mom said it was the next door neighbor cat, and her name was Telulah. She was on one side of the door and I was on the other side (thank goodness!). We both just stood there checking each other out. We finally decided we didn't like the other being there. Telulah bristled her fur at me me and hissed. So then I bristled and did my low growl thing back at her. Nobody moved. Nobody backed down. We just stood there bristled, growling and hissing. I realized it was her neighborhood and not mine, but it was MY grandparents' house and I was not there to make trouble. Anyway, we eventually both got tired of the whole thing and she went away. I guess that means I won! Mom said she thought it funny and Momma S. took a picture of it. I hope you don't have a standoff today. But, if you do, stand your ground and be strong! Love, Beau

Friday, June 3, 2005
Snips, snails, puppy dog tails
I would like to clarify something. Someone stated that little boys are made of snips, snails, and puppy dog tails. This is simply not true. I am a boy and I have a kitty cat tail, NOT a puppy dog tail. Also, a snail is slimy, has a hard shell, and moves very slow. I am neither slimy nor slow. I also don't have a hard shell (unless you count my temper)! Since I don't know what a snip is, I can't comment on that part. What I do know is that everyone is made differently and we are all unique. There might actually be a boy, most likely a boy dog, out there that IS made of snips, snails, and puppy dog tails. If you ever encounter a boy made like this, please let me know. For now, don't believe everything you hear and read. It's just simply not all true. Love, Beau

Saturday, June 4, 2005
mean trick

Mom played this really mean trick on me last night. We were looking at Muddy's site and she played the thing where he meows and hisses. She sadistically (in my opinion) thought it would be cute and funny to turn up the volume and play it while I was sleeping in the other room. I came in there wide awake. It was unnerving! I was wondering how and when another cat could have gotten in while I was sleeping close to the outdoor door. I cautiously started stalking the rooms, looking under the bed, in cubby holes, under mom's vanity and even in the bathroom. I was jumpy for a few minutes until I realized the sound was coming from the speaker things and mom was making the noise happen. I was NOT amused! Mom had to give me one of my calming pills before she went to bed (which by the way, doped me up, and according to mom, dilated my eyes--not good). I guess everyone will now have a good chuckle at my expense! I hope I learn from this! Don't be fooled by what is not real! Love, Beau

Sunday, June 5, 2005
bath time

Mom actually gave me a bath yesterday. She didn't just sponge me off. She actually put me in a big tub of water and got me soaking wet! I don't understand why she does this. I take very good care to stay clean all by myeslf! Anyway, it was very humiliating. I am normally a fluffy cat with thick fur. However, when mom gets me that wet I look thin. I look ill! (Now that I think about it, bath time makes me feel ill!) I would not want someone else to see me this way. My legs look like peg legs and it is very embarassing. I especially like cold weather because she never bathes me when it's cold. I'm glad she doesn't do this very often. Maybe now that she has cleaned me, she will leave me alone for a while. I hope so! I hope you don't find yourselves in an embarassing situation today! Love, Beau

Monday, June 6, 2005
television (the picture box)
Televisions can cause comfusion. I was in the bedroom with mom this weekend and I thought I heard the telephone ringing in the other room. This made no sense as the bedroom phone was NOT ringing. Usually when one rings they all ring. I then realized the phone ringing did not make the same sound as our phones. So, I went to inspect the situation and found the picture box on and there was the ringing phone. Mystery solved. By the way, mom says if you sit in front of a television too long it can cause you to go "brain dead." That sounds very bad. So, be careful and don't watch too much of the picture box, and don't be fooled by things that aren't real. Love, Beau

Tuesday, June 7, 2005
"Hit Me One More Tine"

Mom has started watching a new television show. It is called "Hit Me One More Time." I didn't understand why mom would want to watch a show about hitting. She usually doesn't. I didn't think it was a good idea! Turns out, it has nothing to do with hitting. It is a music show. I also don't understand what a music show has to do about hitting. And frankly, I don't want mom or me to be hit once, much less "one more time." Anyway, it had songs on it she called "oldies." Isn't an oldie a rerun? Why would mom want to listen and watch old music? I have to admit some of the music was catchy and enjoyable! I especially liked the flashing lights mom called psychedelic. It was pretty good! Listen to an oldie. Some are good! Love, Beau

Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Doors can be a source of contstant frustration. When they are closed, I put my paw under them to see if I can feel and or find anything on the other side. I have also been know to try and "dig" my way under a door. Mom says it looks like I'm trying to "dig my way to China." Cats do NOT put that much effort into digging. We would start the proces, then take a nap and let someone else on our staff finish the work. We have better things to do! I also do not like closed doors. If mom closes a door, I will try to open it. I am good at opening doors. I have trouble making up my mind which side of the door to be on. I will go in and out repeatedly comparing sides to see which is the better side. Usually, I eventually make up my mind and then take a nap...or mom gets crazy and decides "for me." (How does SHE know what I want?) Now that I think about it, doors can be fun! I hope you have a fun day! Love, Beau

Thursday, June 9, 2005
mom's sick!

Mom's sick. She has got a sore and scratchy throat. She is also stopped up in the head and can't breathe as well. She is sleeping a lot so she isn't paying as much attention to me, which is no fun. I am sorry she is sick though. I have been laying on the bed with her and taking care of her. She thinks it's sweet. I just want to make sure she feeds me and cleans out my litter box. I also want to know when she's going to feel like playing with me again. She said she has something called sinus and may go to the human's vet today. I wonder if she will be stuck like I am when I go. I think it would only be fair! Maybe her vet will cram a chunk down HER throat! I hope they fix her so she will feel like playing when she gets home. She's no fun right now! I hope your human is well and plays with you today! Love, Beau

Friday, June 10, 2005
bird watching

This morning I have been bird watching. I think bird watching is a favorite activity of every cat. I, personally, get a rush out of it. Now that it is the season called Spring there are lots of birds around to watch. My personal favorite is chirpy birds. I do not like birds that caw and whistle, but chirpy birds really get me excited. I like to sit on mom's bed, which is next to the bedroom window (but not too close) and wait until a chirpy bird gets very close to the window. Then I jump to the window and stick my head against it. Freaks the bird every time! I can sit on mom's bed and wait a long time to get that rush! I am a very patient cat when it comes to chirpy birds! Of course, I can't get to the bird because I'm inside and mom won't let me outside to get to the bird. The bird doesn't seem to know that though! So much fun! I hope you have a fun an exciting activity! Love, Beau

Saturday, June 11, 2005
my adventure out

Yesterday afternoon mom took me out in her riding machine. Now, first of all, I wasn't sure where we were going when she put me in my carrier so I resisted. However, once we got going I realized we weren't going to the stabby place so I was better. We went buy grandpa's and momma S.'s place and I saw momma S. That was exciting! I sat up in my carrier and tried to look very interested so she would give me some attention. All she did was give mom some medicine and speak to me. Then we went to this place where there were several other people. I didn't like it as well because it reminded me of my stabby place. I made sure mom knew I didn't like being there. I kept growling and hissing. On the way home, there were lots of humans in their riding machines. Mom said it was called traffic and we were in rush hour. I didn't understand the rush part. I know what rush is and we were NOT doing it! It should be called slow hour. Anyway, it was very interesting to watch all the other people in their riding things. The part I liked best about my adventure was getting home and being back in my place. But, adventures can be a good thing! I hope you have one! Love, Beau

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mom and I were playing last night until she stopped and started doing something else. I was not ready for her to stop. I was having a fun time playing and I still wanted her attention. I AM a cat. I'm also finicky. I say when we are done playing! Did she forget she is supposed to cater to ME, not the other way around? So, I kept playfully swatting at her and doing things to try getting her attention back. She finally realized I needed more attention and played with me a few more minutes. I was very glad! Cats (and all animals), like humans, need love and attention. I know the connection I have with mom is very important to me. It is to her, too! I'm glad we had that time together last night. I hope that you get love and attention today, and connect. It feels good! And, I hope everyone remembers WE are in charge. Take care! Love, Beau
5:45 am cdt

Monday, June 13, 2005
paper shredder

First of all, I want to say this was not totally my fault and I refuse to take all the blame! Mom got out a new roll of toilet paper, but then she had to go do something else before putting it on it's stick thing. This distracted her. When she set it down, she set it on the floor. At MY level. Now, what else am I supposed to think? I am, after all, a cat, and anything put at my level I figure has to be for me--either to eat or to play with (or both). So, I check it out and it's very cushy and soft. COOL! I decide it makes a good nail scrather. I ran my nails across it several times. Turns out it wasn't made well because it started coming to pieces! Mom came back in the room and several layers were nothing but tiny pieces. However, she didn't get mad because even she knew she shouldn't have left it on the floor. Remember, if you scratch on something test a corner for durability first (and you might want to get permission, too)! Love, Beau

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
an experiment

I tried an experiment. After our trash went out, and before mom could put another trash bag in the trash can, I wanted to see what would happen if I knocked the trash can over. First, the "can" is a tall, plastic rectangluar cylinder. (Not what I would call a can at all.) Anyway, I first stuck my head inside to indeed be sure all contents were now gone. They were. So then I pushed down on it knocking it over. What I discovered was that it falls over pretty fast, but not too loud, and mom was not thrilled about this experiment. However, I tried this once with contents still in. This resulted in a big mess and mom being very upset with me. She did not like picking up the stuff off the floor. (I found some nice chicken bones in there, which I carried around with me! Unfortunately, mom knew where I had been because of where I left the bones!) I like doing experiments because I learn lots of stuff. Experiments are good, but I don't suggest creating a big mess. Love, Beau

Wednesday, June 15, 2005
pile up
Mom and I like to play this game together that I call pile up. If there is a pile or stack of clothes on the floor, mom will run her hand under the pile somewhere and my job is to find it! I start scaping away the pile with my paws until I find her hand and then I pounce on it! I then get tickled and a tummy rub! Sometimes she will pop her hand out unexpectantly and "get me." We both like playing this game and play it most every day. I like to play it because I get to use my hunting and attacking skills. It's always good to keep one's skills sharp! I also love the attention from mom! It's okay with us if you want to play this game, too. Have fun and enjoy! Love, Beau

Thursday, June 16, 2005
Everything old is new again

Mom and I have noticed a trend on television this summer. Old music, old dances, even old(er) people are back. Mom says that's why one should hold on to old things. It will eventually be back in style again. It's always a good thing to hold onto old memories. There is even a hymn that says, "Precious memories, how they linger." Coincidentally, while all this old stuff is on television again, there is an old car show here in our city. Mom said she feels like she is suddenly in a time warp (whatever that is-doesn't necessarily sound good). Even my website can be like that. Like, last night I worked hard at adding and updating the pages, so even though the pages are "old" there's new stuff on them. I'm constantly trying to keep them fresh and new, even though they're "old." (By the way, for those of you who've never been to my other pages, menu on left in striped area.) So, what I'm wanting to know is, "Can I go back to actually being a kitten again?" If you find out, let me know!
Love, Beau

Friday, June 17, 2005

Yesterday was Momma S.'s birthday. Last night mom, grandpa, Momma S., and Ms. Mary all went out to a nice restaurant to celebrate. Even though I was happy for Momma S., I was upset by the whole thing. They didn't invite me and NO ONE even brought me any goodies home. I was just completely left out of the whole thing! This hurt my feelings! Whatever! I've noticed humans celebrate lots of things throughout the year. I don't totally understand this. Cats don't celebrate certain dates (unless we do it at the human's request). As far as I'm concerned I just keep going through the days and it's all just one big party to me! After all, I'm a cat. I live to play! Party down, dude! It's what makes life fun! Love, Beau

Saturday, June 18, 2005

We had big excitement this morning! I was looking out the bedroom window while mom was still sleeping, and this bird flew right into the window making a big, loud crash. That's right-it actually flew INTO the window! I never saw a bird do that before! I tried to get to it, but since I was on the other side I couldn't. Darn! Probably woud have made good "road kill!" (Except I don't know if it actually died or not.) Anyway, it sure woke mom up fast. She got up and looked at the window to make sure it didn't crack it or anything. (It didn't.) She had non-breakable stuff in the window that I knocked off in the excitement. She picked that up and put it back in its proper place. While we were sitting on the bed after that the bed creaked. I think we both jumped! I hope you don't have this kind of excitement. It can be hard on the nerves! Love, Beau

Sunday, June 19, 2005
Like I said at mother's day, I don't remember my birth father. I was only about six weeks old when I was seperated from my mom. Frankly, I'm not sure if mom knows who my father is, which is embarrasing to me. (It's not something I normally talk about.) However, I do have my human grandpa and he is one cool dude! He and I are buddies! He comes over and talks to me, pets me, and gives me lots of attention. As I've also said, he doesn't make me stay in my cage thing when I'm riding with him so I can see out better. I love him and he loves me! I hope he comes over this afternoon! I hope you see your dad and granpa today, too! Love, Beau

Monday, June 20, 2005
Sensual kitty

I'm a sensual cat. When I was younger the only thing I liked was tummy rubs. Now, in addition to tummy rubs, I have learned to appreciate chest rubs, chin rubs (and all over my head), all down my back, and neck rubs. I even like my legs, feet, and tail rubbed! Now this may seem weird and too UNfinicky for a cat, but I all I know is when mom does it, it feels SO good! Of course, being a cat, it has to be on MY terms and IF I'm in the mood. I know other cats may shum me for this, but all I can say is don't hate me because I'm different. Love me because I'm unique! Love, Beau

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
mom lost her mind!

Okay, I know what I said yesterday, but I do have limits. Besides, playing and petting are two different things. Yesterday mom lost her mind while we were playing. I swear she did! We were doing our morning ritual of me getting loving then playing... and it turned ugly. I was laying next to mom playing with her hands when she suddenly decided it would be cute to give my foot (next to her head) a raspberry. I didn't think it was cute (or funny or fun). It scared the heck out of me! I jumped and poufed out my tail. Then I gave her one of those looks of "if looks could kill." I got her back though. In the process of jumping away from her I kicked her in the nose. A toenail got the outside of her nose and the force of the kick hurt the inside. She bled and hurt, but she was okay. She didn't even get mad cause she knew it was her fault. In fact, she laughed! I didn't. Even though she apologized and promised never to do it again, I was still mad at her all day! Please be kind to animals--we do have limits! Love, Beau

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
tale of my tail

Several of us having been talking about the thing following our butts lately, called a tail. I have my own short story I would like to share. Yesterday, I was trying to clean my tail but it kept moving. I wanted to clean it because if it was going to keep following me I wanted to be sure it was clean. It didn't occur to me at the time that if I would just quit wagging it would quit moving. After all, a lot of us cats seem to think of it as a separate entity from ourselves. So, anyway, theee I was bobbing my head around, tongue sticking out, trying to lick my tail. Mom starts laughing. I'm getting frusstrated. (Mom laughs at a lot of things I do.) FINALLY! Success--I'm able to catch the tail and clean it! (A cheering squad would have been nice at that point!) I wish you luck and success in all that YOU do! Love, Beau

Thursday, June 23, 2005
special skill

I have a special skill in my "skill sets." I can turn on our hall light. I think it's fun and entertaining, especially when it's dark. (After all, another light going on during the day is no big deal!) I sit on the hall floor, look up at the light, calculate my jump...then I SPRING into the air and hit the switch with my paw! I don't do it often because then mom might expect me to do it all the time, like it was MY JOB or something. That would NEVER do! After all, she works for ME! (NOT the other way around.) I'm not sure how mom feels about it. Sometimes she's amused, other times annyoyed. Doesn't matter--I'm obeying a higher power. After all, one of the first things in the Bible it specifically says, "And God said let there be light!" I don't think mom can argue with that! Love, Beau

Friday, June 24, 2005
Thank God I'm Feline. Literally, I do thank God he made me this way. I am very independent, good-looking, and smart. I am also quick and have amazing abilities, especially in athletics. I am good at figuring things out. Even though I am very independent, I have the cunning to have acquired my own personal sevant so I don't have to do a lot of things for myself! By having my own servant I can spend lots of time grooming myself so I can look my best all the time! My main tasks are grooming, bird watching, sleeping, playing, eating, and guarding our place. Let's also not forget, we are the ONLY animal (that I know of anyway) that is said to have "nine" lives. (There is even a cat food that states that!) I think that makes us pretty special! Yes, I am a cat and proud of it! Love, Beau

Saturday, June 25, 2005
Aunt T. is coming!
Just like Timmy Dickens, my Aunt T. is coming! I just found out yesterday afternoon. She will be here tomorrow evening. She will not be riding in a big metal bird like Timmy's Aunt Deb. She will be coming in her riding machine because she only live 4 hours away. Aunt T. will also only be her for 2 nights because she is a very busy person, and this is only a business type trip. She will be staying with grandpa and Momma S. I usually hiss and growl at her because she always smells like a strange, unfamiliar cat. Mom says that's only my cousin. But, how am I to know? I do like it when she comes though. She sometimes brings me things. One time she brought me a whole sack of stuff! I was SO excited! I hope she brings me a present! Maybe I will share my catnip with her and we can chill together! Here's to good times with family! Love, Beau

Sunday, June 26, 2005
confession and prayer
It's Sunday again. A time set aside for confession and prayer. So, I guess I need to tell on mom. Her gig is up! I'm not covering for her anymore! You may or may not be surprised by this! Mom supports my catnip habit. Yep, it's true. It started out innocently enough. You know, the little catnip toys everyone gets. Then she decided to buy me a big bag of the stuff. However, the bag did not specify that it was the premium catnip, so I wasn't too interested in it. After all, if she is going to buy a big bag of it, I only want the GOOD stuff! (Know what I mean?!) When I didn't seem too interested in the bagged stuff, she went over the edge. She brought it in spray form! I know--it's tragic and shocking! What's worse is I think she's become addicted to the spray herself. She sprays ALL my stuff with it!--my toys, my carrier, even my bed. That's even too much for ME! So, please pray for mom. I think she needs it! Love, Beau

Monday, June 27, 2005
Aunt T. is here!

My Aunt T. is here! Mom talked to her last night. I SO hope she comes over today. She said she would see. She has a long meeting today, and she said it would depend on how much time she has after that. I don't think she brought me anything this time. That's okay! She doesn't have to give me something everytime! I'm going to try and be a good boy this time, and not hiss and growl at her. I want her to feel okay about coming to see me. Mom said she would give me some of my calming medication before she comes over, if she does. I'm not thrilled about swallowing the chunk. But, I want to be good for my Aunt T. I hope she comes! Love, Beau

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
My Company

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Aunt T. came to see me last night. I even had on my best bandana! Mom and her went out to an early dinner, then she came over for a while. I have to admit when she first walked in I did hiss at her a couple of times. But then, mom got out some of my wet food and let Aunt T. give it to me. Hey! Anybody who gives me food I like! AND, mom let her give me twice as much as she usually does! So, after that I was more okay with her. I was a very good boy, according to mom. I didn't even hiss anymore! In fact, I laid down close to her and got comfortable. Maybe now she will come see me more often! She said she had something for me but forgot it. I did take a hit on my catnip carrot while she was there but she didn't want to join me. Her loss! After she left I immediately took off my bandana and took another catnip hit! It was a good visit! Love, Beau

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
The computer has a tongue!

I just discoverd our computer has a tongue! It really does! Mom pushed a button on the tall, narrow thing and it's tongue came out! Well, this certainly got my attention so I kept watching. She then put a round, shiny, flat thing on it's tongue and pushed the button again. It made the tongue go back in! I thought it had just eaten the shiny thing. But then, after a while mom pushed that button again and it stuck it's tongue back out and there was the shiny thing! It didn't eat it! Fascinating! I thought I had to try it so I put my paws on the buttons to try and make the tongue come out, but nothing haapened. So, then I tried to put my paw under it's tongue place and PULL it out. Still nothing. Mom showed me several times how to do it, but it wouldn't work for me. (Probably because of my paws.) I finally gave up for now, but when she's not around I'm going to keep practicing until I get it! Always try, try again until you succeed! Love, Beau

Thursday, June 30, 2005
Fright Night (pet emergency)
Last night I did something bad and it got me into trouble. I tried to eat a piece of tape. It got stuck in the back of my throat. I couldn't seem to swallow it or cough it back up. Mom tried to help me. She tried rubbing my throat, tummy, sides, and neck. She tried patting my head and back. Nothing helped. She waited a while to see if I could cough it up on my own, but I never could. She even checked my poop (embarassing) to see if it had hopefully gone through me. It hadn't. Finally, late last night she put a finger down my throat to try to make me throw it up and actually felt it. She was even able to pull it out! Such relief! Of course, I didn't like the finger down the throat, or any other help, so I was mad at her for a while. But, this morning I curled up with her and purred to show my appreciation for helping me. (It also kept me from going to the vet!) I'm taking it easy today to get over last night. It was very scary for both of us. Don't ever try to eat tape! Love, Beau

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