Saturday, April 01, 2006

APRIL 2006

Saturday, April 1, 2006
This Cat is WILD
Mom and I read an article on the web about this woman who evidently didn't know too much about cats, but had a good heart. She stopped and picked up this
"big funky cat" that she saw injured in the road and took it to a vet. Welllll..when she got it to the vet they informed her she had actually picked up a small wildcat, and it woken up in her car it might not have been a pretty picture. I believe God takes care of his own and kept that cat quiet so that they would both be okay, and it allowed her to do a good deed without being harmed. Clink on the above link to read the whole story. Love, Beau

Monday, April 3, 2006
Toys and Storms
This is short because I don't know how long our computer's going to behave. I got my Secret Paws today from KOKO! Thanks SO much Koko! I got a can of fishy Stinky Goodness, some neat balls, a new wandy toy with a fuzzy caterpillar on it, some big jacks, and a sock toy, and and and..oh so much! I never had jacks before and I love them. Mom's taken picture and as soon as we know foru sure this thing is working right again we'll post them. Also, storms went around us so we're okay. But, there was lots of devastation around us, including the town where mom's maternal grandparents lived (29 deaths) so please pray for everybody hit by storms last night. We appreciate everybody's concern. Mom says I gotta get off now before computer acts wacky again. Take care! Love, Beau

Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Good and the bad
Congratulations to Timmy on being the featured site at's Cat site. Go Timmy! Storm update: Momma S.'s hometown was hit by one of the tornados, and there are about 20-30 dead (so far). One street is totally gone, and one house was rubble in 15 seconds from news and personal reports. No one we knew was harmed. We are thankful it wasn't worse and more lives weren't lost. The storm split before it reached us and part went north, and part south, of us. Thanks again for all the concern. Love, Beau

Wednesday, April 5, 2006
It was so nice outside today that after mom returned from errand running she took me for a short walk on my leash. We went down to the end of the walk and stayed in the sun a bit. There were lots of textures and smells to check out. I was smelling and checking things out all the way. I sniffed at all the doorways for human and other animal smells. When we reached the bushes I sniffed at them and checked them out by getting up on my hind legs and sticking my head in the middle of them. I rolled around in the sun on the nice warm walkway, and in the grass. I even walked on some mud. Mom said I got really dirty. (I hope that means I'm not getting a b-a-t-h soon.) That was very busy work so once back inside I drank some water, then took a nap dreaming about my outside adventure. It was a good day! I hope it was for you too! Love, Beau

Friday, April 7, 2006
In and out
Today has been another day of super cell storms coming through. Fortunately, the worst were 30 minute north on the other side of town where tornados hit, and 20 minutes south of us (according to mom). Since we were also under warning every time the sky got dark, flashy, and boomed, mom stuck me in the bathroom. This was annoying although I knew it was because mom cared about my safety. I care too. When this started, she was still out food foraging so I worried, paced, and kept looking out. I met her at the door with a "where have you been" look. She did apologize. It was also unnerving that Grandpa and Momma S. also came in carrying a HUGE plastic box with a pink lid. Mom called it a storage bin. I called it a play box. I jumped right in. so mom pushed me and it into the bathroom. (I TOLD you it was for play!) Anway, it was entertaining while I was stuck there. New things always are! We are okay. Just riding out another day of stormy, tornadic weather. Hope your weekend is peaceful and relaxing. Love, Beau

Sunday, April 9, 2006
Missing mom
Today was a long, lonely day. Mom was gone all day so things weren't as fun around here. I missed getting to play with her and just being close. It was also too quiet as she also talks to me throughout the day. Things were just not the same. But, I am real proud of mom. She has been making bead necklaces out of flexible wire, and now she is taking classes to learn how to do more. She had her first class this afternoon and made earrings. I'm not allowed to play with them though 'cause she hopes to sell them. My mom can do lots of things and even is getting better at cooking! =whispering= Friday is mom's birthday and I plan on doing a special tribute to her, but it's a surprise! Shhhh! =smiles= Anyway, I was SO glad to see mom when she finally got home I rubbed all over her and let her love on me some. She even played a long time with me! Life lesson: When mom's been gone all day she is going to want to hold me and love on me much longer than I want. (I can deal with that!) Love, Beau

Monday, April 10, 2006
Earning my keep
Today I helped mom practice making beads-on-silver earrings. The circles were just big enough I could stick my paw inside them so I held them for her while she strung beads onto the wire circles. Life lesson: holding wire circles with small beads is not acceptable. (Who knew!) It was sort of boring, but I liked the fact I got lots of pats, rubs, and scritches. Mom also said I was a very good helper and she appreciated it. I had been feeling ignored, but then I realized helping, instead of fussing, would get me attention. I was right. Tomorrow is housecleaning day so I've already started thinking about ways I could help! Hope you got lots of attention too! Love, Beau

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Good deeds
Mom is my hero. She had gone to get Grandpa and Momma S.'s mail and was talking to the next door neighbor lady when mom realized her dog was in trouble. The dog had been playing with a stick and a piece had gotten lodged in the top of his jaw. He kept his mouth open like a choke and kept pawing at the side of his mouth (which is how mom knew there was a problem). His mom and my mom grabbed him and one held his mouth open while the other yanked the stick out. So he was okay, just a little scare for a minute. I normally don't mind mom seeing dogs, but especially this one. He's specail. He's a minature greyhound. (Believe me...he's ALL greyhound!) AND, he's a pure TUX dog! It's always a good thing to help those in trouble. Mom says there's a story like that in the Bible. It's about being a good Samaritan. Mom and I love to hear stories like that, so if you have one we would love for you to share it! Do good today! Love, Beau

Friday, April 14, 2006
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Today is mom's birthday and I just want to take time to wish her a wonderful birthday. From the time I was just a wee kitty she has always been there for me to love and care for me. She has always put my needs before hers and, like a good mom, did without so I could have what I needed. Over the years I have grown to appreciate her even more as I watched her help other animals aand advocate for their needs. I feel very lucky to be where I am and have a whole family that loves and cares about me. So, mom, I just want to say thank you for everything and tell you I love you very much. I'm glad we're together and you took me in. Happy Birthday! Love, Beau

Saturday, April 15, 2006
Joy, Sorrow, and Frustration
Mom would like to thank everyone "so VERY much" for all the nice birthday wishes she has received, and for cards and gifts. She said that made it especially nice! Several commented about mom's jewelry making. Although she is not real good at posting pictures on Blogger, she is thinking about making a site showing her jewelry. Our computer is still going nut and we do apologize for lack of blogging, posting comments, and updating. Mom is planning on going to the library in the next few days to try updating from their computers. On a sad note, aunt 2 needs many prayers. To remind you, she fell, got pneumonia, had pin put in hip, then had infectious sac removed from lung. Well, when the doctor did lung surgery they found something else. Test came back on that. She also has rare form of lung cancer. She is too weak for chemo so other treatment is being given. On a HAPPY note, today is Tyler and Jagger's mom's birthday, so be sure to stop by there and wish her birthday wishes. Hope all is going well for all, and a blessed Easter to everyone. Love, Beau

Sunday, April 16, 2006
Happy Easter!!
Today is Easter, and this is how mom explains it to me. It is one of the most joyful celebrations of the year for Christians. It is a time to celebrate that when Jesus died people thought he was dead and they would never see Him again, but then He came back to life and that made people really happy. It also made people even more happy because He had taken everyone's sins upon Himself, died instead of us, and then beat death. Mom says that means that even though we sin, if we tell God we're really sorry (mean it and try to always do better), then our souls will live forever! Is that cool or what! What I don't get is what we hunt for eggs. If mom needs eggs she can just get them at the food shop. And why do buns hide them instead of chickens? Speaking of buns, a special shout out to them on their day! Anyway, remember to thank God today for His gift(s), and if anyone gets the egg thing let me know! Love. Beau

Monday, April 17, 2006
Seeing spots and He came! He came!
He came! He came! The Easter bunny really came to see me! (Mom says he's like a spring Santa Claws.) I got a carton of Temptation treasts! Waaait a miiinute...this looks like what you gave me for Christmas, that you haven't even opened yet. Mom, are you recycling my gifts before I even get to have them??? Mmph! (Walks off in disgust.) By the way, I've also been seeing those red moving dots that a lot of see at times. Humans call them lasers but I think they look like strange lady bugs. Mom tries getting me to chase it or swat at it. Even though I like watching it and being entertained by mom, I pride myself on my catitude and I refuse to swat or chase it! Gotta show catitude! Love, Beau

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
I'm not looking
The bad part about the picture box playing music mom grew up on, with their ads, is that she tries to dance to the music. Like I've said before, she can't dance. It is SO embarassing. I had been napping this evening when I glanced up to see this embarrassment happening again. All I could do was scrunch down in my bed and hide my eyes (while thinking The shame of it all! At least no one else was around to see it! Fortunately mom was away for a while so I had the place to myself to have all kinds of fun and peaceful naps. What I want to know is this--does anyone else have this problem??? Love, Beau

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
I feel good...!
Today was good. Inside cool air, sun spots, outside chirpy birds, and quiet times while mom was mailing bills. (She wasn't as happy.) I feeeeel gooood.. so gooood...I knew that I would! Shake that grove thing, shake that grove thing, yeah-yeah yeah! Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booooty! MEEEOOOW!! (Spins on butt) Hope you've had as good a day! Love, Beau

Thursday, April 20, 2006
In memoriam-Sara (Aunt 2)
Last night Aunt 2 passed into Heaven. Mom said this was a blessing because she had been suffering so much. I never got a chance to know her but mom told me all about her. She was an interesting and enjoyable person who loved her family. She also was a very likable person. Mom loved her very much. Her husband is already waiting for her in Heaven. She is the grandmother of Bailey the dog (and one human). Mom will miss her. And I'm sorry I never got to know her. I think we would have been friends! Rest in peace, dear one, and I will meet you SOME day. Love, Beau (We probably won't post on Saturday as mom will be travelling.)

Friday, April 21, 2006
What a night!!
We want to thank everyone for kind thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it! Mom said she might possibly be able to post at midnight so there might be one for tomorrow. Last night we had booms and flashes. Big, bad ones. (Mom says thunder storms.) Some booms were REALLY loud. Once, there was a huge boom then it got all dark and quiet. It was kind of spooky. Mom said the electricity went off. She called the electricity people and they eventually tunred it back on. I don't like these storms. I cuddle up to mom, and get lots of tummy rubs. That makes it better. Speaking of mom, she says tomorrow night I'll be all alone. Hmmm...what can I get into?! Love, Beau

Saturday, April 22, 2006
And I helped...!
Yesterday I helped mom while she was packing. I first jumped into the suitcase to be sure there was plenty of room for what she was taking. Then when started putting in clothes I jumped back in to squish them down and hold them there for her. Finally, I sat on top to help close it while she pulled the zipper thingy. It makes me a little sad for her to go without me but I don't like to travel much. I will miss her and wish I could be there to snuggle with her when she needs it. But, she will be back tomorrow and this will give me LOTS of time to explore and get into things! (And do all the things I'm not supposed to! heehee) Hope you have a great day! Love, Beau

Sunday, April 23, 2006
Good all around!
MOM'S HOME! Mom's home! I'm sooo excited...Mom's home! Of course, when she first came in I had to give her a dirty look for being gone, but then I couldn't resist. PURRRRRRRRR (lick lick lick) PURRRRRRRRR (lick lick slobber) PURRRR. She was glad to see me too. She kept picking me up and snuggling me. After the third time, I had to let her know enough already. Okay, we're glad to see each other. Grandpa was afraid to come since he took mom's big clothes thing out and I didn't like that. It's okay Grandpa..she's home now. Mom says I have to get off now so she can help me catch up on everything. Also, today is Timmy's mom's birthday so be sure to leave her a comment, and also thank her for the nice Catolympic site as well! I'm SOOO happy! (Purrrr) Love, Beau

Monday, April 24, 2006
Last week I was tagged by Timmy, but was unable to respond at the time. I am supposed to list my 5 favorite cat words. My words ae actually a variety, a bun word, couple of cat words, and a couple of others. Anwyay, here they are: 1. Blurpy human (baby human made by Moses) 2. binkies ("very happy" in Bun) 3. Happy RamaHanuKwanzFest (made by Crew's Views to wish happy holidays to everyone else who did NOT celebrate Christmas. Mom loves this!) I couldn't really think of anything else so I just added these: 4. Mom and 5. chicken. I tag anyone who hasn't been tagged but who wants to do this too! Love Beau

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
In Memoriam-Silas
We are very sad about the passing of Silas. Silas was a personable tuxedo kitty who was lucky to have lived at Caturday for a short while. He was known to his family as a "gentle giant" and a cat that gave no one any trouble. He also had a loud, deep purr which his mom loved. Silas was also know for having a big appetite, climbing, loving to play, and for having a bottle cap collection. He was all male and loved exploring with his best friend Fergus. They were as close as any two could be. Perhaps Silas missed Fergus just too much. Goodbye and Godspeed, gentle spirit. We will miss you, but you are with Fergus again and that makes us happy. Love, Beau

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Celebrity to be (hopefully!)
Mom saw that Ellen DeGeneres is having a "best in show" show Monday and she will be showing pet photos that people
send in for it. Naturally, mom sent my picture in. Actually, she sent in more than one. (She wasn't sure the first one went through.) We would encourage everyone to click on the link, find your cutest and best photo, and send it in. Maybe we will all become stars Monday! And be sure to watch Monday to see if our pictures are shown! Good luck! Love, Beau

Thursday, April 27, 2006
What's in a Name
I was counting up the number of participants for the Catolympics (72+) and looking to see who all was in it. It got me to wondering how everyone got there names. I know how some of you got your names, because there has been this question before, but I don't know how everyone got their names. I would be interested in hearing your story. I got my name from Beauty and the Beast. Mom thought I was beautiful and since I was a "beast" she wanted to name me Belle. This was when I was way young and very small, and it was still hard to tell if I was boy/girl. So, when she found out I was a boy instead, she ended up taking the male form of Belle, which is Beau. That is how I got my name. (Now she sometimes says it's short for Beauregard because I'm a Southern gentleman kitty.) What's YOUR story??? Love, Beau

Friday, April 28, 2006
Special delivery
I would first like to wish Angel the Devil a very happy birthday. I believe she is 5 today. Be sure to go by and wish her a good one! Now, we got a very special delivery. one in the family had a baby human. We got BOTH of Max's books! YEAAA! I know. We're kind of slow. I got them as a late birthday present for mom, but she said she actually got them for me. (I guess we got them for each other!) Mom propped them up next to my round bed so I could lay in bed and read. I'm SO excited! And the new book has a question from me in it! Thanks Max and Max's mom. (Timmy, you're next!) Love, Beau

Saturday, April 29, 2006
Today was a very busy day for us. First thing this morning, while I was getting a wonderful tummy rub, I suddenly saw this chirpy bird go right past the window. Well, I just had to get to the window then. I sat there staring at that bird daring him to fly past again and wishing I could get to him. Also, mom finally felt like attempting to go out and do a little errand running. Although this turned out to be a bad idea she did feel like she accomplished something. While she was gone I kept watching for that bird to come back. I have a thing for chirpy birds. When mom returned we had a grand time playing peek-a-boo and hiding hand. She also threw things for me to chase and tickled my tummy. Busy, but oh so wonderful! I hope it was for you too! Oh, and don't forget tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Catolympics. Love, Beau

Sunday, April 30, 2006

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR CATOLYMPICS!! WE STILL NEED A SOCCER PLAYER. Registration closes at midnight. New update will start this week.

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