Monday, May 01, 2006

MAY 2006

Monday, May 1, 2006
Our 1st Anniversary!
Well, it finally happened...I have now been blogging for a whole year. With mom being sick this past week I totally forgot about it until now. It's hard to believe it's been a whole year. I've made LOTS of new friends and had loads of fun doing it! I started out just with this blog, and now I also blog on Secret Paws, Catolympics, and CA. As of yesterday, this blog has had 21,426 visitors. WOW! What a year! I would like to thank everyone (again) for all their support, and help, along the way. It's meant a lot and we learned so much. Mom and I love and appreciate you all! Thanks again. (Oh, and as for the Ellen woman on TV, we're all hissy at here, but we'll tell you about THAT tomorrow.) Love, Beau

Tuesday, May 2, 2006
Yesterday on Ellen
Yesterday, humaan
Ellen Degeneres had a "best of the show" show. Prior shows said to send in pictures of your pets and they might be shown. So mom did, and we watched the show. Do you know what happened? They only showed DOGS. Can you believe that?? How can you have a "best of the show" show without cats in it? I'm SO upset. It's discrimination I tell you! Something MUST be done about this. Sherriff Jinky must be put on the case. I have also provided a link to contact the show and we must tell this Ellen person that she now has to give CATS a "best of the best" show. It's only fair (and we could sue for discrimination). Let us band together my fellow felines and right this wrong! Are you with me?? Then contact her! Love, Beau

Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Today while I was trying to find the perfect napping spot I was thinking about all the different things I like to nap on. (Yes, I was VERY bored!) My fleece round bed, on and in mom's bed, the carpet, the top of the plastic book crate, and on top of the stuff in the closest shelf. However, I think my most favorite spot in the world is on or against mom. THAT is the perfect spot! All this got me to wondering what favorite spots, or things, YOU like to sleep on/in. (Sun spots are a given!) What IS your favorite thing to nap on? Let me know! Love, Beau

Friday, May 5, 2006
Yesterday evening I got unfairly banished into the bathroom. A friend of mom's has been coming over and helping her clean out of stuff. I don't know this person or anything about them. I DO know she smells like a strange cat and she's a stranger invading MY territory. So, I do what any cat would do. I pouf out my fur, make myself large as I can, get very hissy, growl, whine, and spat at the person. I even swiped at the woman's ankle when she challenged me. (Got her too!) I was just trying to protect mom, me, and our home. For this I get shut up in the bathroom! Do you think this was wrong? I do! Love, Beau

Sunday, May 7, 2006
Consumer Alert
It's just been way too quiet here this weekend. Not much happening to talk about. I do have to give you this consumer alert. When the humans are watching the picture box show America's Funniest Home Videos, please be on guard. There are LOTS of videos sent in of pets doing funny things. This is natural as we all know we are are very amusing and enjoyable, especially to our humans. HOWEVER, please be aware of this potential danger that I fell victim to (again...=sigh=). When there's a verbalizing cat on your human may find it amusing to turn up the volume to panic you. It is not real and there is no additional cat in the house. Do NOT react (like I did). It is not necessary to pouf your tail and go into stalking mode and search the entire house. I suggest you look at your humans with a look of, "That is not funny," and go back to napping. Love, Beau

Tuesday, May 9, 2006
I had a bad day
Yesterday didn't turn go so well. I missed the box completely (wasn't even close =sigh=) and peed on the floor. Then I chomped down on mom's arm which she didn't appreciate, and then I threw up some food. The good part was that mom got so concerned about me she gave me lots of extra loving and didn't make too big a deal about the chomping. We also took a nice nap together. Today we are coming to you from the library to give our computer a rest so hopefully it will do better. Another good thing is both Grandpa and mom are feeling better from their illnesses so they finally celebrated mom's birthday. Mom is just thankful everyone's doing better. Speaking of illness, we need to say prayers for Shaggy while he's ailing. Rumor has it he's doing a little better! YEAAA! We still need a sumo wrestler. Spanish Luna has decided to participate so she needs an opponet. Contact me if interested. Now for the most exciting news! Mom hopes to have a jewelry site/page up sometime this summer. I'm so proud of her (and I hope it leads to many treats...heehee). Well, that's all our news for now. Hope all is well with everyone. Take care and God bless! Love, Beau

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Have you heard?
In case you haven't heard yet (which many of you have), there are new bloggers in our community. Their names are Pretty and Jonah and they can be found at They seem to be a funny duo. Also, we finally heard from Spanish Luna, and we need a sumo match for her. We need someone who is approximately 6 1/2 pounds. We also need a tub soccer player to even up the teams. Please leave me a comment if you will wrestle or play tub soccer. (Thanks!) I saw this napping cat on the picture box. All the electronics starting walking on their own and the cat just looked at them. Now, I don't know about you, but if I saw something like that I would either be in attack mode or getting out of there REALLY FAST! I figured the cat was totally nipped out. Had to be! Love, Beau

Friday, May 12, 2006
SO Funny!
HAHAHAHAHA! I know it's probably rude to be laughing already when someone reads my blog, but I can't help it. Mom tried to discipline me by threatening me with a bottle of something that had a push button top on it. The push button fell was broken! HAHAHA! Some big theat, eh mom?! I just thought that was REALLY funny! In Catolympic news, Patches is working on an update and needs to know names of our friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge this past year (besides Silas and Fergus). So contact her if you know someone. Thanks! Love, Beau

Saturday, May 13, 2006
There have been lots of horses racing around circles lately. There was a local one here today. What I want to know is if the horse gets to eat the ring of flowers around his/her neck after his picture is taken. I would be very hungry after that and would want to! What do YOU think? Some of you have been asking about if it's normal for us to have such stormy weather here. Yes. It is humid here and the moist heat builds up and causes lots of bad storms and tornado weather. Fortunately, it is cool right now so we are getting a break from that. Also, some of you have been asking about mom's bead jewelry. We have posted a picture of one necklace. I tried to help her take pictures but she didn't seem to appreciate it. We hope to have a page of jewelry up soon. Mom states this disclaimer: she is new at this and her jewelry is no where good as Boni, Sanjee, and Mini's mom. Finally, we have LOTS of updates coming in the next 2 weeks about Catolympics...things that will ooooh, aaaaah, and excite you! So be watching that site! Have a great mother's day! Love, Beau

Monday, May 15, 2006
Happy Mothers Day!
Mom, I just want to say I never knew I could love a human as much as I've learn to love you...and I love you more and more every day. You're the bomb! You're so "fly"! You are so very special. I love you so much. Thanks for loving me too! HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY EVERYONE!! Love. Beau

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
A Great Idea!
I got a bath...and a shampoo. You already know how I feel about that. However I finally fouund out why I have fu-fu smelling shampoo. I was reading the bottle while I was being bathed, trying to distract myself. Turns out the fu-fu smelling shampoo is a harball formula! I appreciated that mom cared enough to consider that. (She's so caring and thoughtful!) I do have medium length fur. It made me hate it a little less, but I still think that the humans could come up with a better scent, like catnip or chicken. What I would REALLY like is if it smelled like mom. Yeah, I would really like that! Maybe I'll send them an email. Love, Beau

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
My Favorite Game
I saw on Max's site the picture for the caption game. That is my most favoirte game to play. I don't like memes and tags too well, but I love thinking up captions for pictures and reading what others came up with. It just cracks me up! I wish there were more caption games to play. I told mom if we ever get a really good picture of me for it, we're going to post it for people to play. On a more serious note, I've read of lots of us and our humans being sick and having stomah problems lately (including mom). I think we need to be mindful of this and pray for everyone to have good health. Love, Beau

Thursday, May 18, 2006
MOOOOOM...WAKE UP! Seriously mom, wake up, something's not right. Something smells funny. MOOOOOM, pleeeease wake up (Mom waking up.) What is it Beau? What's wrong? Something's wrong. Something smells funny. (Mom sniffs.) Mom: I smell smoke. I definitely smell smoke. (Mom jumps up, looks around, and sticks her head out the door.) Beau: What happened is this. The person living below us had a small fire, and smoke went through the vents into our place and the place above us. Now everything smells smoky. The building people came in and put a fan in our window, and sheet rock in the leftover space. (That means I can't escape.) I haven't liked al the strange people coming and go, but I'm loving the fresh air coming in! And I can see out more! This has it's good side! Love, Beau

Friday, May 19, 2006
Ensure ants
Did you know that the human drink Ensure had ants? Neither did I. Not only tthat they have humans to actually deal with the problem. Mom told me this morning that the Ensure ants people are coming today. (Great. more strnagers in MY space.) Now, I don't know what they have to do with anything. Mom doesn't drink Ensure, we don't have ants anyway, and they're coming about the yucky smell which has nothing to do with Ensure I don't think. And, if it's the person's below us Ensure ants, shouldn't they be dealing with HIS ants instead? So confusing human stuff! Oh, mom said it's insurance not Ensure ants. (I'm still confused!) Love, Beau
UPDATE: He came, he evaluated, he left. He is recommending insurance cover getting our carpets shampped and cleaned, our place painted, upholstered chairs cleaned, and bathtub cleaned and sanitized. WAHOO! Related pictures posted below.

Sunday, May 21, 2006
Travellin' Man
Mom insisted that I needed to get out of the smoked house for a while so she put me in my carrier this evening, and took me for a short drive. I protested and said it wasn't necessary. I even did flip flops and somersaults in my carrier. She still insisted it would be good for me. So I had a ride. Mom took me over to see Grandpa and Momma S. for a minute. Grandpa came out to the truck and gave me scritches and talked to me! Then we stopped at some place called Sonic that had loud music and lots of people in riding machines. Mom spoke to the menu and someone brought her some hard milk with runny dark stuff on it. The hard milk looked good but mom wouldn't let me have any. Mom thought our place was too hot when we got home so then she rubbed a wet towel across my back. Mom babies me too much. I'm a MAN now! But, as a man I realize everything she does it's because she loves and cares about me. She even skipped part of her picture box shows to drive me. So I don't say anything. I just go hide for a while. Love, Beau

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
In the Attic
I teleported to Smeagol and Strider's the other day to help snuggle his parents and then we went up into the attic and played a lot. We found lots of great hidey places, played chase and paws. Their dad said we sounded like a herd of elephants, but that made no sense to any of us. I wash shown the talked about insulation but we haven't quite figured out how to walk on the ceiling yet. We're still working on it! Smeagol and Strider were great hosts and I had a great time. Thanks for having me over guys! Love, Beau

Friday, May 26, 2006
It's time to get very serious. We need to keep Edsel's mom in our prayers. She is about to have major surgery. Per the Calico Girls, "Tonight at 6:00 PM Pacific The Calico Girls will have a special time where we will look to the heavens and send loving thoughts and wishes for a special lady, who needs our help. We hope you will join us." We are joining in and hope you do too. Here is a time zone chart for those who need to know when to stop and pray:
HawaiiTime Friday 5/26/2006 3:00 pm HST
AlaskaTime Friday 5/26/2006 5:00 pm AKDT
PacificTime Friday 5/26/2006 6:00 pm PDT
MountainTime Friday 5/26/2006 7:00 pm MDT
CentralTime Friday 5/26/2006 8:00 pm CDT
EasternTime Friday 5/26/2006 9:00 pm EDT

Monday, May 29, 2006
Memorial Day
We would like to let everyone know who has lost someone due to war, recent or not, that we are thinking of you today. Also, sense this is a day of rememberance we would also like to remember those who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge before us, and to all humans who have lost friends and family. AAAAND, we also want to add special prayers to those who are still with us but are having major struggles (whether it be surgeries, illness, job loss/concerns, family struggles, or whatever). Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Regarding happier thoughts, this torch relay is just SO exciting. I am already making plans for when I get the torch. Boo, I can't wait to meet you and mom said she will have plenty of food and water for you when you get her, and you can spend the night, if you want, before teleporting home. We have decided that this whole page will be dedicated to pictures and telling about it. Mom worries that I won't stay still long enough for her to capture the moment on film. And, mom finally got HER page up on my Archives site! So many bittersweet things to ponder! See ya' at the Catolympics! Love, Beau

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Kind thoughts
People have been wondering about sending cards to Edsel's mom. So the Calico Girls asked Diva Kitty about it and Diva Kitty's suggested we send them all to her and she will forward them weekly. As The Girls said, "Let's all send cards and letters to Susan." Use the following address:
Edsel's momC/O SophiaPO Box 1621Benicia, CA 94510

And if you know of anyone one else who needs a card sent to them, and has an address we can send them to, please let me know. Thanks! Love, Beau

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