Sunday, April 01, 2007

APRIL 2007

Monday, April 2, 2007
Man Cat Monday
I am man...hear me ROAR!! I wanted to post my sexier, more masculine tummy picture but mom said I should save that picture for just my girlfriends. She thought it was too mature for some younger cats, and it might drive older female cats crazy. Whatever! Anyway, this shows how strong, flexible, and big I am! Love, Beau

Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Why I Blog
Surprisingly enough, I found no one that tagged me but I like this one, and it's short so I tag myself! These are my 5 reasons for blogging: 1) So firiends and family can keep up with what's going in our lives, but through MY eyes! 2) to provide humans and animals information to help as many furrrrs as possible! 3) I have LOTS to say, and opinions, and I needed a place to express myself. 4) Because I'm just too cute and smart not to share myself witht the rest of the world! 5) I keep doing it because I've made so many new friends, and it's fun!! Love, Beau

Thursday, April 5, 2007
Thursday 13
Things I am doing today: 1) Laying in sunny spots; 2) Giving mom extra attention and love 'cause she needs it right now; 3) taking as many naps possible; 4) playing with mom 'cause she's fun; 5) planning mom's birthday next week; 6) watching birds and squirrels, and riding machines out my window; 7) helping mom pay bills; 8) being guard cat while she goes to mail them; 9) helping mom get package ready to mail to Timmy's mom for HER birthday (in 2 weeks); 10) thinking about the meaning of the Easter holidays; 11) working on the Tuxedo Gang blog (it's a hands on blog this time and has frequent new posts); 12) snacking on kibble; 13) =whispers= hiding in my secret hidey space in the closet so I can freak mom later! =ssshhhh..heehee= Love, Beau

Friday, April 6, 2007
I'm a COW???? -- Freakout Friday!!
Yesterday mom and I were doing some research for the Thursday 13 for the
New Tuxedo Gang Hideout. It was facts about tuxies. In the process, we found out about the different patterns and names of tuxie coloring. My pattern is called a COW, or MOO pattern. I do not like being called a cow, nor moo. I am a cat and I meow! You can't have be a cat and cow at the same time. What do they call a black and white cow with the same pattern? Mom says it's called a hole-steen. Shouldn't the cow's pattern be a cow, or moo, pattern, and the cat a holstein? Besides, being called a cow, or moo, does NOT fit in with my formal tuxedo image! Does any of this make sense to you? This just poufs my fur! I think whomever came up with that must have been having too much catnip at the time! Humans are SO confusing!! Love, Beau

Monday, April 9, 2007
Man Cat, meme, manic Monday
Here I am stretching and showing off my manly self!! Mom's birthday is Saturday and it's gotten crazy here. Calls keep coming in about plan making. It's really messing up my napping! I'm not allowed to say how old mom is, but she's older than Oreo and Timmy's mom, and younger than Max's & Edsel's mom, and DKM. I saw a meme that I really liked so I'm going to tag myself first, and then I tag EVERYBODY else!! Here it is: 1) How do you achieve balance in your life? By doing yoga everyday. I also make sure my snarly side is out when mom gets overly affectionate and too cutesy with me. Praying is also good! 2) What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life? Not having enough time for things, or mom not being around enough. 3) What are your priorities? My biggest priorities are being man cat of the household, napping, and snacking. It's also important for me to take care of mom and be a guard cat. My friends, family, and God are also way important! 4) Have your priorites changed over time and why? Basically they are still the same, but I now concentrate more on napping and less time on mom. If she needs me, she can call for me. 5) What advice can you share to help all of us balance our own lives? Put God first, others second, and yourself last. And see Monty Q's advice posted on April 6. Love, Beau

Thursday, April 12, 2007
In Honor of Mom-Thur13
Since mom's birthday is in 2 days, and we are celebrating tonight while Aunt T. is in town (she gets here today but won't be here long), I am doing my 13 things about mom and why I love her. Here goes! Why I love her: 1) She's a very caring and loving person; 2) She helps rescue animals; 3) She takes good care of me; 4) She has a good heart; 5) She's fun; 6) She lets me ride on the back of her wheeled chair; 7) She's very independent even though she has a wheeled chair. Things about mom: 8) Mom and I are presently about the same age in human years. 9) In our own years (that we go by), mom is a 6x (+) older than me. 10) Mom's favorite color is pink which drives me crazy being the manly man I am!! 11) Mom spoils me. 12) The year mom was born, she was born the day before Palm Sunday. And, 13) the best thing about mom is that she loves God, and this shows in how she tries to treat other people and animals. I love my mom so much! I hope we will be together for a very long time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I hope it's the best one yet!! Love, your fur-son, Beau

Friday, April 13, 20075
Friday Facts (about mom)
Okay, continuing the birthday celebration theme, I thought I would share some more facts about mom: 1) She has taught sticky people and older litte beans Bible school before. 2) Mom took care of sticky people and blurpy things for a long time at church. 3) Mom was almost born on Friday the 13th, but nature prevailed and she wasn't born until 5:30 am on the 14th. 4) Mom ate seafood, as a sticky person, before she ate hamburgers and hot dogs. She has expensive tastes: her favorite foods are prime rib & ALL seafood, and her favorite jewelry is real diamonds & gold. 5) Mom's sister's name actually begins with a T. It' not just a cute way of spelling auntie; and, Momma S. is actually mom's mom, not a step parent. She just doesn't like me calling her grandma. Love, Beau

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!
Our love has grown as years fly by.
You've raised me well, now watch me fly.
I am your man-cat that loves you much
I love your tummy rubs...your loving touch.
This day is yours to do what you may.
I would suggest with me you play
Let's go outside and get some sun.
Now please take care and have some fun.

I LOVE YOU MOM!! -- Your fur-son, Beau **Mom was born at 5:30 am, and since most people are not awake at that time, especially on Saturday, mom would like everyone at 5:30 Pm tonight to take a moment to pray for DKM's family, Gizzy's family, and Bear's family (along with all the others who need it). We need to get some major prayers and positive, healing feelings going. Also, start spreading those "year of the hugs" hug going again!! Mom said that would make her VERY happy!!**

Monday, April 16, 2007
Man Cat Monday
Okay, first of all, I know this is a REALLY bad picture. What can I took it! Anyway, look to the left of me. Do you see it??? Mom brought HER home the night she celebrated her birthday. She said it was a "gift." Mom said she's like a Squillion and doesn't need much care. That's good! I don't know how M&G are going to take this. I've emailed them about her, and I'm waiting for a response. I hope they still love me! After all, it's an adoption, not biologically mine. I swear I'm fixed!!! I want to call her Abby. Mom says I'm good with her. Of course, a real man cat takes care of his responsibilities. Love, Beau

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Tuxie Tuesday (x2)
Okay, this is actually the picture where I have my paw around my adopted daughter. You can see it in the middle bottom. Mom has been amazed how I've taken to caring for her. I even bathed her a little last night, but stopped when mom tried getting a picture. I have heard from M&G and not only do they still love me, but they are willing to try being a mommy to her. I just love them so much!! We are presently discussing names, but right now we're calling her Abby. I don't know if I mentioned this yesterday, but she had a tag on her when that said Russ. Someone obviously didn't check her gender first! Being a parent is new for M, G, and me, so if any of you have prior experience with this, we would love some advice. Love, Beau

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Thursday 13 -- Prayer List
There are so many needing prayers right now, I thought I would try to do them in a Th13. (Wish me luck!!) 1)Families of Joaquin, Eddie, Bear, Gizzy; 2) Lilly Lu & family; 3) all sick & RB furries caused by the bad pet food, & their families; 4) our humans that are sick, hurt, & or needing jobs; 5) Chatham, Tucker, Meep, Buzzerbee..6) Georgia, Pixie, Famous 5, Fudgy..7) Zipper, Tabby, Yuki..8) Cashmere, Gracie, 9) Rajjah, Jasmine, Allie Katz, Blueberry, and all other lost/homeless furries; 10) Furries up for/near adoption need forever homes; 11) Oliver, Rocky & Sam; 12) Those students and faculty, their families & friends, and that community affected by the Virginia Tech shootings; 13) Those I didn't mention, and those unknown. Love, Beau

Friday, April 20, 200
Family Friday--It's ABBY!!
It's official !! After looking at over 2000+ names, we ecided to stick with Abby. I hope to get a family picture of everybody soon. Abby is soooo cute. Love, Beau

Saturday, April 21, 2007
In Memoriam
Here is a list of all the Rainbow Bridge furries recently:
Joaquin - April 12
Bear - April 15
Eddie - April 16 (guinea pig of Scooby, Shaggy, Scout)
Gizzy - April 18
Cashmere- April 19
Bobby - April 20
Lucy - April 20 (woofie)
And Humans...
Virginia Tech--33
NASA -- 2
The war -- too many
Please take a minute (or two) of silence for the above. Thank you!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday 13 -- Happiness
Here are 13 things I am HAPPY about: 1) tummy rubs; 2) ear scritches; 3) playing with mom; 4) warm blankets; 5) sunny spots; 6) chirpy birds; 7) snuggling with mom; 8) naps; 9) my round beds; 10) good health; 11) friends; 12) my family: and 13) I am one of God's creatures, and He loves me!! Love, Beau

Saturday, April 28, 2007
In Memory - March for the Pets Day
In Memoriam of all the pets lost in the pet food recall, and those sick from it.

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