Friday, June 01, 2007

JUNE 2007

Friday, June 1, 2007
My Big Adventure
Yesterday mom took me for a drive in her riding machine. When she first put me into my carrier I thought we were going to the v-e-t and I let out the most mournful, saddest meow I ever had. Even mom was impressed with it and told Grandpa about it. Anyway, so then we get into the riding machine (all the while crying) and went ERRAND running! We never went near the v-e-t!! First, we went by to see Grandpa and Momma S. That is always fun. I enjoy that!! Then we went to where the riding machine gets a biiiiig drink, which cost mom lots of money these days. Then we went to the place that gives mom MORE money. The best part came next. We went to a place called Hard-E's and mom got her a hamburger and she got ME some CHICKEN!! Can you believe that! That was sooooo cool of her!! (I love my mom!!) THEEEEN, we went to the park near us. I decided I preferred staying in the truck with mom, but I looked out every single window many times with my ears at full alert and eyes wide open! Since I missed Th13 yesterday, I will now try to tell you 13 things I saw on my big adventure: big long boxes pulled by a loud riding machine (mom calls it an 18 wheeler); other riding machines; birds; a big field of grass; LOTS of trees; sticky beans outdoor climbing, and play, things; Grandpa & Momma S; the man at the riding machine's drinking place; the woman who gave mom some more money; the burger & chicken place; the place where humans hit balls with sticks then run around a traced square; pick Nick tables (Nick wasn't there); and a tall thing human try throwing a big ball through a net hanging from it (mom calls it basket ball). Needless to say it was a very exciting, fun day. When I got home, I sniffed around everywhere to make sure nothing had changed while I was gone, then got a drink of water and went potty, then took a LONG nap. I hope you have a big adventure this weekend!! Love, Beau

Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Blog Blast for Peace day!!
(Thanks to ML for making our peace globe for us!!)

Thursday, June 7, 2007
Thursday 13 - - Important Things
Whoooa! I've actually gotten to be on the computer twice in 3 days! Thanks mom! Oh, and before I tell you my Th13, I want to tell you I had a situation the other day. I poked mom in the wrist with a paw nail. So then she tries to trim all my nails, which I didn't want so I poked 4 more holes in her which she didn't like. AAAAND, so she shut me up in the bathroon with only water and no light. AND, I was in there for 2 hours with her coming in occasionally to see if I would cooperate with the nail trimming and to check on me. Shhh! Mom doesn't know this but I have a secret cell phone hidden in the bathroom for such emergencies. Shhh!! Anyway, I texted some of you and I want to thank the following for teleporting to help: Bonnie, Victor, Sadie, Sammy, and even MILES!! (I was touched Miles came despite feeling bad!) I also want to thank those of you who emailed back to check on me. It was most appreciated and touching! Now, finally moving on to my Th13. These are some important things to me: 1) God, 2) my relationship with God, 3) mom, 4) Grandpa and Momma S., 5) my climbing tower, 6) my feather wands, 7) my pink mousie and green mousie (Timmy's mom made me the pink one), 8) my nap mats (one made by DKM, the other is my Gizzy Quilt, soon to be seen!), 9) eating, 10) lots of napping, 11) litter boxing, 12) bird watching, and 13) one on one time with mom for playing and cuddling. Love, Beau

June 14, 2007
Thursday 13 - Things I'm Called
Here are some of the things mom calls me: 1) Beau (of course!); 2) Sweetie; 3) ManCat; 4) Cute 5) Beauregard; 6) Beaubeau; 7) Get out of there! 8) Caring; 9) FurSon; 10) Loving; 11) OUT!! 12) NO!! 13) Big Boy; 14) and her Special Gift from God. (I heard you go AWWWW!!) Most of these I like, or at least tolerate. I get called other things too but they are not so nice. I bet you get called some of these same things! Love, Beau

Friday, June 15, 2007
Happy Birthday!
Today is Momma S.'s 75th birthday. We are so excited, especially since a few years ago a stroke made her sick for a while, but she's good now. (No, she was NOT stroking me at the time! I don't know who it was!) Also, early happy father's day all human & animal fathers! (Hhappy birthday to Oreo, anyone else I forgot, + gotcha days)!! Love, Beau

Sunday, June 17, 2007
Happy Father's Day!
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, GRANDPA!! And happy father's day to our HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007
Man to Man
I want to talk to all the man cats out there man to man. Armpits. Let's face it, everybody's got 'em, even us cats! It's starting to get hot outside now, and we have fur coats on. We all know that men get sweatier and smellier than our demure female counterparts. Therefore we need to take extra special care when grooming to be sure we thoroughly clean our armpits. After all, we want to smell nice for our ladies!! And while we're talking about grooming, be sure those paw nails are clean too. I understand the ladies like men with nice manicured (but still manly) nails. That's all!! Love, Beau

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Tuxie Tuesday - Gizzy Quilting
FINALLY! I am posting about my "Busy for Gizzy" quilt! (I love love loooooove it!!) When I finish sitting on the more printed side of it I'll have mom flip it so you can see the other side! I apologize to their mom for taking so long to post this. I hope she forgives me! Love, Beau

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Goodbye, My Friend!!
Chatham I will miss you. I hope I live as long as you, and with as much grace, joy, and life. Godspeed, my friend! I will see you at the Bridge!! Chatham: 1987-2007 Love, Beau

Friday, June 29, 2007

Proper Cat Behavior
Here are a few things to properly help you help your humans: 1) If you are a cat who likes to go outside and hunt, be sure to always bring home anything you caught. Nothing says love like a gift we brought home! That is why they praise us for it 2) If you realize you need to hork something up, try to get to where your human is first. Horking it up right in front of them ensures they will know about it, and will ensure it is promptly cleaned up. This is good for both of you, and they will appreciate this. 3) Always sleep on top of them, even in hot weather. They have less fur than us, and it will help keep them warm at night. They will also appreciate this as well! 4) As soon as it's daylight, jump on them and start licking their face. Don't worry whether or not the beeping thing has started or not. It will give your humans a jump on their day. They will appreciate you for it later. 5) If you get hungry at night, and your bowl is empty, be sure to let the humans know. Walk up and down the halls, into their bedroom, meowing as loud as you can to wake them. If there is a human bath nearby, meow loudly in there. The acousitc in there are usually great! It is helpful for the human to know what your needs are and when. 6) And, If the human uses their big litter box with the magic water bowl, be sure to (carefully) jump on top of it when they move and scrape around it for them. You never see them do this and they need to be properly trained. (I try training mom on this but she is either lazy or not very bright.) I hope this has been informative and helpful! Love, Beau

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