Sunday, July 01, 2007

JULY 2007

Monday, July 9, 2007
Monday Mews
Mom wanted me to say thanks to everyone who has emailed their good wishes and has been purring and praying for her while she's been very sickly. We will give you an update on all that soon, but mom said to tell everyone she wanted all the prayers and purrrrs, that are going toward her, to go to Tiger Lily, and my friends Storm and Mocha, and any other kitty or human that needs it right now. Mom said they need it more than us right now, and she will be fine. Thanks again!! Love, Beau

Thursday, July 12, 2007
Thursday 13 - I've Got Questions, I Want Answers!
Cats are curious by nature and I'm a thinking cat, so I've got a lot of questions. Here are just a few of them: 1) Why does mom get the bottle of REALLY good drinking water, and I only get faucet water? 2) When she has 2 bottles of that water why doesn't she give one to me? 3) When she does share why do I only get a tiny bit and she gets the rest? 4) When are you going to get up and feed me and clean my box? 5) Why can't I go food foraging with you? Cats are good at that! It might take less time with me there! 6) When are you going to have salmon again??? 7) Why can't I go outside and freak the chirpy bird at the window? 8) Why do you insist on clipping my nails and giving me baths? 9) When you're gone all day, where do you go??? (I know you tell me, but WHERE is that?) 10) Why can't I go with you and keep you company? 11) May I have my own computer please (preferably a laptop with carrying case)? 12) Why do I have to eat dry kibble all the time? And, 13) May I have a cell phone plan with UNLIMITED, ANYTIME minutes please? I know a LOT of cats! They're everywhere and we have lots to talk about!! Like I said, these are only a few questions I wonder about. What about you?? And, as for last night's dinner, one word: chiiiiiiiiiiickeeeeeeen!!!! Love, Beau

Friday, July 13, 2007

Gifts from HotMBC
I got a cool silver chain (and some primo catnip-in-a-pouch from HotMBC yesterday. I love both of them...really, even the chain. There were some pictures of me wearing it but they didn't turn out well so mom's gonna have to take some more and post them later. And I don't care if the chain makes me look girly. I aaaaaammmmm soooooooo stoooooonnnned! (PS. IF you want one too, contact HotMBC. We could start a trend!!) Love, Beau

Saturday, July 14, 2007
Happy Birthday Mom Robyn!!

May you have many, many more!! Love, Beau (and mom)

Thursday, July 19, 2007
Thursday 13 - - Texting & IM For Cats
I thought it might be helpful, for those of us cats with our own secret cell phones, to have a list of cat abbreviations for texting and IMs. It might also be helpful with our emails to each other since there are so many of us now! So, here is a list of IM abbreviations for us (most are no-brainers!): 1) MOL-meowing out loud, 2) RIC-rolling in catnip, 3) HOL-hissing out loud, 4) HF-hissy fit, 5) NAN-Not Availabe> Napping, 6) BW-Bird watching, 7) ICPOTP-I could poop on their pillow, 8) GTV-Going to v-e-t, 9) WDYMNMSG?-What do you mean no more Stinky Goodness? 10) PVT-Prayer vigil tonight, 11) RUG2TP?-Are you going to the party? 12) IGAN-I got a new...FBM-feather butt mousie/FW-feather wand/BOT-bag of treats/ tempations/LB-litterbox/BON (NB)-bag of nip (nip bag) 13) NFRU-New food recall update, and 14) my personal favorite (heehee!), DIASS-Dude, I am SOOOO stoned!! I think we should compile a list, put it on the CB, and on all our blogs. Love, Beau

Friday, July 20, 2007
Friday Fun!
Mom loves going to
JigZone to do puzzles. She says it's a way to help her brain without me messing up or losing the pieces. (MMRPH!!) Anyway, today's puzzle-of-the-day was a tuxie color cat so I suggested we mention it as today's post. It's Friday, and we all need a fun break. So, have fun and enjoy yourselves! (Oh, and they have other cat+more animals puzzles as well in case you're interested!!-Love, Beau

Thursday, July 26, 2007
Thursday 13 -- Thoughtful things I do
I like to be thoughtful toward others so here are 13 things I do: 1) Sleep on mom's legs to keep them warm at night. 2) Patrol the condo at regular intervals and notify her if I hear strange sounds. 3) Snuggle up to her and purr loudly at night to help her sleep. (I understand this is relaxing to humans and lowers the pressure in their blood, which we know mom needs now.) 4) Help snoopervise bath time and preparation of meals. 5) Let mom know when she's running late and tell her to get her butt in gear! 6) Stick head in fridge to see what mom can prepare, and walk in and out of top freezing place to make sure there's plenty of room for new food. 7) Write Mia and Ghost (and Millie & Parker). 8) Let them know how much I love them, whether they're my girlfriends or little sisters. 9) Teleport to see friends or have them come here so we can keep in touch. 10) Read the CB & TGH to keep up to date with what's going on. 11) Pray for my friends and family. 12) Be the door greeter with mom. 13) Hiss, pouf, growl and spat at any strangers that come in to let them know who's in charge here, and they better not hurt my mom. (Otherwise, I'll bite the heck out of them and they'll wish they never had!) Now, I know I promised you an update regarding mom, and I haven't. I apologize (bows head in shame & sorrow.) Please forgive me! I will try to do that tomorrow. Love, Beau

Friday, July 27, 2007
Family Friday -- Update
Well, as promised I'm fiiiiinally getting around to updating you on things here. Mom is still feeling tired all the time, but we did found out she does NOT have a knee Mick. After researching all her meds we decided that is what is making her tired. Several of them said it could make her tired. It also seems that her blood pressure med is what triggered her stomach problems, that made her go to the human emergency v-e-t. Mom will talk to her meds doctor about all this and see what can be done. She saw her main v-e-t yesterday and the v-e-t said she is all well. The biggest thing is mom is going to be volunteering 1-2 days/week with Nashville Cat Rescue. She will help with the adoptees they have at her PetSmart. She may also help a woman socialize her fosters at the woman's home. As for me, I'm fine. Mom's wheely chair tire hit the base of my tail the other day and I was SO mad. It reallty hurt!! At least it didn't injure it! I am also working on a complete IM/Text abbrv list for everyone. It is very hot and humid here so I'm napping lots, and watching birdies and squirrels from inside. I don't like the fact that mom will be gone more, especially to play with OTHER cats...but I do like that she is helping them get forever homes. I miss not being in contact as much with my friends but mom is my first priority. I really wanted to go to the prayer vigil last night, but I missed it again. That makes me sad. I want to close with a special shout out to all my friends, especially to those with birthday and gotcha days. And, all my love to my girlfriends Mia & Ghost, their woofie sister, BG, and to my little sisters Parker and Millie. I love my friends! I miss you! Love, Beau

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