Friday, August 17, 2007


Monday, August 6, 2007
Monday Mews
I have lots of mews to tell you. All last week mom had a sick tummy again amd she still isn't well yet. However, she got better, but this morning had problems again. Poor mom!! I have sent Abby to live with Mia and Ghost now and she should be there sometime this week. We will let you know when she arrives. From now on, we will be sharing joint custody of her. I miss her so much already. I really respcet the news moms in our midst. Parenting is very hard work! On an even sadder note, my catnip plant finally died because mom wasn't able to help me care for it last week. Please take a moment of silence today for this tragedy. I do have som VERY exciting news! Mom has helped me set up a
MyCatSpace site. I encourage everyone to do it. It's so much fun! In addition to myself, other cat bloggers that have are KellyCat, Chey, Mao-Lin, HotMBC, Derby, Sammy and Miles, Pixel, Samantah and Tigger, and Luxor. Be sure to come by and see all of us over there too, and let us know if you join us so we can visit your site! Well, gotta go snoopervise mom now! A cat's work is never done! Love, Beau

Thursday, August 9, 2007
Thursday 13 -- Smells
Yesterday mom went to PetSmart to take care of the kitties and buy me more litter. After she got home I spent a LOT of time smelling all the different smells on her. And, since cats have keen noses I could pick out many smells. Here are 13 smells I picked out. 1) Two kittens. 2) One dark tabby kitten and 3) one light gray kitten, 4) the light gray kitten was sick, 5) an all white cat, 6) a gray tuxedo, 7) an orange tabby, 8) a siamese-tiger tabby mix, 9) a calico, 10) a tuxie, 11) a female human who 12) has a kitten, and 13) the litter mom bought. Since mom is doing this, mom and I have both gotten more affectionate toward each other. She comes home appreciating me and already in cuddle mode, and I appreciate her caring for kitties who need love and attention while they wait for a forever home. Also, I just want to ensure my place at home by being a super cuddler so she doesn't decide to trade me off. Love, Beau

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fantastic Friday
Mom and I are just totally stoked! Yesterday she did her first cat adoption for Nashville Cat Rescue at the PetSmart we go to. It was a VERY active, calico kitten. Mom wished it had been one of the older cats who had been there a while, but it's still totally cool! ANY furr that gets a forever home makes it a great day! And, these other cats will get homes... sometimes it just takes time to get THE perfect home. One may be going to a forever home in 2 weeks. (PRAY for Mandy!!) It's a good thing we can't have more cats here because Mom would like to bring home a gray tuxie named Martha, and a calico named Miss Lick. Mom says they both females that make me look small. I'm not sure I would like to big women here who could bully me around! Oh, there's also a solid white female mom says looks like my girlfriend, Ghost, named Angel, and a big orange tabby named Doobie. I told mom we definitely could NOT have another solid white female here because that would be disrespectful to Ghost, and inappropriate... and as a Southern Gentlecat that's just NOT who, what, or how I am. It is totally, completely out of the question as far as I'm concerned...unlesss it was strictly to save her life and that's another situation altogether! Anyway, we're just really happy about the whole thing! Oh, and sick gray kitten was fine today! Note: Mom wants everyone to know it's not all fun and games...between my litterbox and there, she cleaned out poop and clumps 10 times yesterday! EWWWW!! (Plus there's always paperwork and preparing adoption packets.) Have a blessed weekend! Love, Beau

Friday, August 17, 2007
Family Friday (Update)
I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week! Where does the time go??? I have so much to tell you, but for now this has to be quick. I have to get mom ready to go snoopervise mom getting ready for an appointment. Okay here is the quick update version. 1) Mom is getting new wheels and a seat cushion for her wheeled chair today. (She needs me!) She recent got new arm cushions, and her brakes and foot things were tightened as well. She said it's almost like having a new chair! 2) Mom has a DATE with a MAN tomorrow. Sure, it's only lunch and they're only friends but they're calling it a DATE!! I asked mom if this meant I was finally getting a dad and she said no. =sigh=. 3) Aunt T is coming! Aunt T. is coming! She will be here sometime next week (but don't tell Momma S. 'cuz it's a surprise)!! 4) Mom's best friend is coming up from Texas next week too! (Looks like I won't be getting much mom time next week. That's okay, neither does Mia & Ghost so I will go spend some time with my girls and see Abby!) And 5) Last time mom came home from PetSmart, she smelled liked kittens...LOTS of kittens... cailicos, house panthers, snowies, tiger tabby-mau's (sp?), and some adult calicos, a grey, and white older ones. A gray dilute ktten was very ill and someone really wanted to go home with mom because they crawled all over her. (Mom said she alrerted both PetSmart and Rescue staff about the sick one, and the foster would be pulling it to take it to the v-e-t.) All for now. Gotta go!! Love, Beau

Saturday, August 25, 2007
We've lost too many friends recently...Ana, Then Oscar, then Ubee. Their families need our thoughts and prayers. Send a purrr and prayer their way!! Thank you! - Beau

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