Saturday, September 01, 2007


Thursday, September 13, 2007
hursday 13(+1) -- Feel Good things
13 Things that Make Me Feel Good: 1) laying in sunny spots; 2) tummy rubs; 3) ear scritches; 4) mom being home; 5) knowing God loves me; 6) loving God; 7) mom reading the Bible to me; 8) chatting with my friends; 9) happy surpises; 9) having a clean box; 10) knowing I have plenty of food and water; 11) knowing I am safe from harm; 12) just being thankful; 13) helping my friends feel better and supporting them when they need it. 14) and, being surrounded by my family. (I hope these made you feel good too!!) Love, Beau

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Meow Like A Pirate Day -- Ahoy Maties!!
Ahoy me hearties! Beau the Bloody har! It looks like tis' goin' t' be a fun day, argh! Aye, I be lookin' forward t'reading and seein' your merry yarns! Arrr, I be in my pirate garb ready t'go pillaging for treasure! Yaaaar (Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!) Hoist the colors and Weigh anchor!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Feline Friday
I so missed doing my Th13 yesterday! Mom was so busy that she never got the computer turned on in time for me to post it. She had a v-e-t appointment yesterday about her eggs suma, and got 2 sticks. Then she had to put some green papers in the bank just so she could turn around and give it to the bill people. (I think the bill people should get their own green papers instead of making everyone else give them some!) Oh, and mom changed where she gets her pills from. She said that was a huge hassle and it turn out that it cost more there, so she'll probably switch back next month. Anywaaaaay, I really enjoyed being a pirate. I like going AAARG all day and having my claws out as my "hook!" (heeheehee) I also like being able to go around saying really cool stuff like, "Shiver me timbers!" And, I like seeing everyone as pirates, and reading their fun blogs. I'm not too sure about wearing the hat all day though. BTW, I have a new jacket, scarf, and hat for the winter. When it gets a little cooler I will model them for you. To my Jewish friends, Happy Yom Kippur! I hope it's a blessed one! Have a great weekend everybody. Don't forget the weekend sermons! Love, Beau

Thursday, September 27, 2007
Thursday 13+2 -- Thoughts about this past week
Saturday the come press her on the cool air maker died and it was yesterday before we had cool air again, so I thought I would do 13 thoughts about my experience. 1) What happened to the cool air? 2) What do you mean we don't have cool air and it's going to be DAYS before we get it back??? 3) I'm mellllllltiiiiing!!! 4) Let's see how much floor space I can take up spreading out... 5) 6) If you try to get me wet (to keep me cool) one more time I'm going to have to bite you! 7) I do NOT want a daily bath. 8) Woman, seriously, put that wet rag away or I'll bite. 9) I promise you if I get thirsty I'll drink water, I don't need you to keep putting the bowl in front of me...I am NOT dying! 10) I do NOT like these big, noisy square air blowers you call box fans. 11) Aiiiir...not cool...but aiiir... 12) MOM one of those box fan things tried roll over on top of me and squash me...kill it! 13) If one more strange person comes into my home... 14) My nerves are shot, I need a nap! 15) Waaaahoooo!! Cool air!! Nap time! Love, Beau


The Crew said...

Lookin' good in your checkered bow tie!

THE ZOO said...

yaaah beau. we liked this. this way we can leaf you comments. yoo luk quite handsome, like mr tim the weather guy. should we call you mr beau.

Caesar and Princess said...

We are excited about your nooo bloggie!

Edsel/The Pooch said...

hi Beau! oh this will be much better. easier to talk you and your Mom. Yea!