Monday, September 21, 2009

Escape Artist

I told you I would tell you I would share something special, and exciting, with you today. And, the title should give it away. The last few times I've been outside on my leash, I've figured out how to get out of my harness and attempt an escape to explore. Unfortunately, getting out of my leash is about as far as I've gotten. The first time I actually got a few feet away before I was caught, and immediately taken inside and fussed at. This time mom realized what I was attempting before I got completely out, and immediately took me in...but didn't say a word. For those interested, here is how I do it: Start rolling and twisting in a playful way so your human doesn't suspect anything. This will help loosen the harness a little. Then, slip in a paw while continuing to be "playful." Once you slip the paw inside the harness, PULL on it! This will get it open enough so you can slip out of it...and then quickly bolt! You now have become an escape artist like me! heehee!! Love, Beau

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