Sunday, September 20, 2009

Walking in Mud

I walked in mud. It was squishy, wet, and got my paws all dirty. It's not enough I spend a lot of time bathing as is. That meant I had to take time for an extra washing. I have a set schedule with better things to do napping. I won't tell you what I thought it was like stepping my foot in, but you can imagine. (It's basically the same color.) EEEEEWWWW!!!! It made me think about human females who put mud all over their face and say it's a good thing, and that it's good for their skin and makes them prettier. First of all, have they SEEN themselves with that stuff on???? Not so pretty! Downright scary! Second, I find it disgusting and gross that they would voluntarily put that stuff on. (They even say it feels GOOD. =shudder=) So once again I'm confused by human behavior. And, if mom's point was for me to realize I didn't want to be out on those kind of days, she made her point. I think I'll stick to those days being good napping days. Love, Beau


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see your posts again. You so wise, and you always brighten our day.

Beverly, Smokey and Purrl

The Island Cats said...

Humans do some really strange things in the name of beauty.

Cats in trees said...

We don't mind getting dirty so much. But then we have a mom, and she will lick us clean again.

Furkidsmom said...

We don't know much about mud, but we're pretty sure we want to avoid it!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids