Saturday, September 05, 2009

Indoor Rain

Mom heard bad dripping sounds in our kitchen, and rushed in to investigate. What she found was very bad news. The kitchen ceiling was raining water. And, there was water all over the kitchen counter and on the floor. I wanted to go in and help, but she wouldn't let me. That was just as well because I didn't want to get my paws wet, and I was kind of freaked by the whole thing myself. Mom got even more upset when she couldn't get hold of anyone responsible for the place above us...and the rain kept pouring in. Our wonderful neighbors next door, who sort of look after us and help us a lot, came to our rescue. Two of them helped mom get the water soaked up and another one helped mom move the (non-plugged in) electrical stuff. They even called their maintenance person to see if he could help, but he couldn't...but he was very nice to mom. What I hated the most was having soooo many people coming in and out of our place, even though I knew most of them. It started bothering me and fraying my nerves so I got hissy.
No one seemed to mind though. After all that mom and I were both very tired. I don't know what mom did. I took a nap. That was enough stress and excitement for the whole week!! Love, Beau

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